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Reykjarvik (bay of smoke), is my newest bias scene. Do you hate PW and want to hide inside a castle all day? This map is for you!!!

  • FPS (without players): 60/60 (Intel i5-6500 / Rx480 8gb)
  • Size compared to other PW maps: Relatively small
  • Bias (yes/no): Yes
  • Factions: Commoners / Outlaws / 6 Fighting factions
  • Gold/Silver: Just gold
  • Amount of banks: 3, could add more in the future


Super well made, 100% real ancient map




Halmar (faction 2) This faction is the main faction and this is the biggest town you'll find in the map. It has a mead hall, a market (armoury) and docs. It can be attacked from two directions: from the land, where the tiny forest is and from the sea, where the docs are. There is also a portcullis so the defenders can sally out and attack Hellwood Hold, which is nereby. Halmar also has acces to two boats.




Hellwood Hold (faction 3) This faction is the faction located next to the main faction. It is a small hold, which is both a pro and a con for the defenders. You don't have to spread your forces thin, but the walls are low. Hellwood Hold has acces to two boats.




Durifell Outpost (faction 4) This outpost is located near the center of the map. Those who controll it can easily attack any of the  factions nereby without having to travel that far. This also means it can easily be attacked by several factions at once. However, its high walls and well positioned keep will make it a bitch to take. Unless you're a Wolfguard, then it'll be ezpz




Berwinwic Castle (faction 5) One of only two castles built with stone, Berwinwic is one of the most difficult castles to capture. Berwinwic is located in one of the corners of the map. Its isolated position makes it hard to attack for most factions, as they'll have to travel quite far. There are however some things that help the people who attack this castle; such as a pre-built siege tower and the cliffs, which they can use to take cover at.




Hollow Bastion Hold (faction 6) This wooden fortress, located at the coast, just like the capital, is one of many nordic factions. Attacking this fortress via the front gates is nearly concidered suicide, however, its walls are not that high. Hollow Bastion Hold can also be attacked via its port. Hollow Bastion Hold gives you acces to two ships.




Kildevakt Castle (faction 7) The second two stone castles and without a doubt the most isolated one, is arguably the most difficult castle to take. However, with two destructible gates you might find yourself surrounded if the attackers outnumber you. Kildevakt can be accessed through the mountain pass or by the side where the farms are.




Commoner spawn and outlaw camp (faction 1) The commoner spawn and outlaw camp are pretty close to each other. Here you can find the following commoner classes: crossbowman, militia, serf, doctor, traveler and sailor. In the outlaw camp you can find both archer, footman and all the outlaw classes you see on other maps, like ruffian and brigand. In this are of the map you can also find several tunnel entrances, these tunnels can bring you from point A to B without the possibility of getting attacked by cavalry. However, these tunnels can be confusing aswell.




The island (no faction) On the island you can find the arabian/sarranid gear. You can also find the iron staff, the siege crossbow and the 'wizard hat' on this island. The island can only be accessed by using boats.




Some random screenshots




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All maps from Vikings are fuking awesome and this one looks very nice with nordic environment, keep doing it !!!


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Worked on it a lil' bit


Added a church near the non-viking factions


Started working on one of the mines


Adding a little mountain-ish pass by the coast


Going to add gold or silver here later, so that there's a point in sailing. I might add some stranded ships or some other things later.


I am not sure about the weather yet. Most people prefer a clear sky and daylight, but I think clouds and fog suit the scene more. We'll see about that later, though.



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