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Demanding a person to dismount his horse while not an outlaw:  Several days ago I clarified that it was allowed to make this demand however, it was brought to my attention that there was an already set precedent which I had no clue about. It is NOT a valid demand to ask a person to dismount his horse while you are not an outlaw.  I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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Admin meeting summary



Activity: Several admins have been removed and the rest of the inactive have been issued warnings.

Maps:  Westeros has been put on the map test server. Please go and check it out and report any bugs here.

Complaint discussion:

Everything that people need to know is in the complaint.

Admin Changes: 

Cheese promoted to GA.

Secan resigns from the Staff.

Yuki forcefully retired for inactivity.

Onward forcefully retired for inactivity.

Rest of the admins that have been inactive for the past 2 weeks have been issued a warning.

Admin complaints: None worth mentioning



Admin recruitment:

We are actively searching for new admins. If you feel that you got what it takes write an application and post it in the proper section. We will provide proper training and guidance until you feel ready. The amount of applications has gradually lowered over the last 2 years to the point where no one wants to apply. I fully understand how tiring the job can be. The staff is currently made out of 13 people. Yes it is not the lowest number of admins we have had but it still poses a threat. We are nearing the holidays and a lot of people take time off. So again if you feel that you have the time and willingness to be an admin feel free to apply.


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