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Staff Application Template

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First of all, only apply if you are sure you have enough time and willpower to fulfill your duties in the role you have chosen to a good standard.

Please note, all Staff Applications will be reviewed every admin meeting on Saturday.

 - Ingame Admin- You will be required to be online a good amount of time and solve complaints primarily ingame.
 - Forum Complaint Staff- No ingame powers. You will 'only' be responsible for solving forum complaints.


What should I apply for?
All tasks are relatively time consuming. If you have no experience and are in a clan, it is best to apply for forum complaint staff, as it will give you experience in dealing with complaints and will prove you are unbiased in decision making.
If you already have experience with admining, especially PW, then feel free to apply as ingame admin. However, be aware that most applicants will be asked to spend a while as Forum Complaint Staff before progressing in-game.
However, in all these positions it is required that you have no strong affiliation with any clans.
It is up to you which position to apply for, but keep this information in mind when choosing which position to apply for.




Your in-game name:


Are you currently a member of a clan?:

What position are you applying for?:

Have you ever been banned from from the server? If so, why?:

Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words):

Link to your steam profile:




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