[PK] Great Pyramid: A Map by Gwae

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Hey guys a map update showing castle 7 and the layout for the commoner town.


Firstly the main town with labels:

This doesn't show everything, just the main points and a few others. Commoner classes can be found opposite the spawn point in front of the house. Flax can be harvested near the clothing point, to give players an alternate job and draw more players to the town.

Wheat is outside the small gate. Fountains are used in the town instead of wells but have the same function.

Explore the area and see what you can find, theres rarer items inside some of the houses, not good quality but you don't usually see them.

The castle attached to this town will have good money making opportunities if it allows serfs and general public to shop and craft here without robbery as most things are taxed to the chest. This is why the castle has only one layer and a straightforward siege. I want it to be fought over.



Castle 7:

You can attack this castle by sea or by foot. The farm area will provide an intricute battleground if the defenders choose to sally out. The low wall walkway to the castle will try and coerce attackers into the bottleneck so smaller factions can fight against larger factions. Of course you can just jump over them.

The front gate is guarded by a protruding battlement which allows defenders to shoot enemies breaking the doors and climbing the ladders.

Two ladder points, on each side. One to the wall, and one to the inner keep. You could of course just break the gates down. From there you must cross the courtyard and go up the stairs as the flag is in the inner gatehouse blocked by another set of doors.


The boat route could be an option but you should have shields as the defenders can shoot you as you climb the stairs up. Two doors hold this back door. You must break both to gain access to the inner keep and from there you must climb some more stairs onto the walls and to the gatehouse.






The armoury provided to castle 9:

Smaller shields, to go with their fast and strong horses.






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24 minutes ago, Teddy said:

Paki Map, don't like it.

Your mom doesn't like you


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10 minutes ago, Dekkers said:

Your mom doesn't like you

And I don't like this PAKI map.


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