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As requested I have provided screenshots of castles, with their armouries, I will give a little information also.


Castle 1: Oasis

This castle benefits from the city it protects and the access to local amenities or supplies if needed. An aquaduct serves this city and castle.






Two gatehouses, left with portcullis, primarily as a means to get into the town fast or in times of peace, this can be opened by attackers during a siege if they break down the doors to get to the winch.

The right gatehouse is a standard breakable gate.

Defenders are able to stand protected from the walls to try and bottleneck the enemy to slow down the attackers. This is the route to take if you have a large attacking force.

Two ladder points, one from outside the city, one from inside.

Using ladders is a fast way to enter the castle, but you must go all the way around the walls to reach the stairs to the flag or fight it out in the courtyard.

Breakable doors protect the top stairs to the keep.

Here is the armoury provided for castle 1:



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added pic

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Castle 2: Montibeil Castle

A western castle built by men from the west because why not.

This castle benefits from the nearby vinyard and abundance of wood and greenery.




A single layered castle built up high to discourage attackers.

A bridge leads to the raised gatehouse, a standard breakable gate leads you to the courtyard.

A protruding wall allows defenders to shoot at attackers breaking the gate.

Defenders can use 270 degrees of wall to rain crossbow bolts down on their attackers and make use of the towers situated in strategic locations.

The downside to this castle is the attackers can also take advantage of the towers and walls if they break the doors down.

Once attackers gain entry to the keep it will turn into an all out melee so they must be sure to work as a team to take down the defenders which may outnumber the attackers in each room.

The flag is in the standard place, in the throne room.

Two ladder points on either side, both will more than likely require shields as the towers are in good locations for shooting and are well covered.

The armoury provided to Castle 2:



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Castle 3:

This castle benefits from close proximity to the mine.

This castle was overrun by men from the west, you can see it is in partial ruins. Sand has covered a lot of the ruins underneath.

The new owners have built extra fortifications making this layer a double layer castle, but all work is not finished as the commander still sleeps in a tent!



Two layers of protection, a proven way to ensure you don't get any nasty surprises down the line.

Defenders have a protruding battlement to allow ranged weapon coverage while the gate is being attacked.

We have two initial ladder points, one on the protruding battlement and one at the side. We then have one more that allows us to climb to the inner walls, this is the fastest way to the flag but you need an engineer.

One door and a group of angry guys blocks your access to the flag.

A large tower can be used to shoot enemies approaching the castle with minimal effort.

The flag is in the inner gatehouse but you must cross the inner court if you choose to attack the gatehouse doors, this will mean 360 degrees of ranged vunerability.

The hill to the side of the castle is a major threat for defenders as skirmishers may use this to pick off or assassinate those within the walls. To combat this there are hoardings built from wood to give some extra


The armoury provided to castle 3:


Notice kite shields, not heaters. The normans definitely knew a thing or two about attacking people in the east so why change that.




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nice to see you are making maps Again? remember you made a pirate map coupple of years back if im not mistaken? anyway looking awesome and cant wait to try it :D


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Great Pyramid Sightseeing Guide: The 11 best places to visit this season!

This handy guide will ensure you get to see and find all the locations worth visiting in the Great Pyramid area.

1. The Geeza! pyramids:

These pyramids far outlast any castles, generally people don't launch catapults at them though, the middle pyramid seems to have an accessible entrance but no one has come out alive. Rumour has it you may become entombed yourself so you can chill with the pharoahs of old.






2. The Angry Sphinxter:

Near the pyramids is some weird cat? Snake? Maybe the guy who built them can't place rocks properly but you may regularly see jumpers or snipers from its' mouth. The fall is usually fatal unless you're really hard.

Tip: Why not try and get all the way on top of it's head? You will get a pretty good view of your surroundings from there.




3. Tetrastyle monument:

War is a beautiful thing, invaders a little north of the Great Pyramid left some really cool halloumi infused structures for us to explore. Change your name to Testikles and climb up to the top for a better view, jump off into the haybale at the bottom, it definitely won't kill you (cos Assassins Creed is completely realistic), even if there is 100 skeletons crushed into the bottom of it.




4. Sundial:

Before we had watches and Nokia 3210's people used the sundial to tell the time, even though you could just look up and see it's clearly day time all the time. The builder made the mistake and positioned it wrong so the shadow actually faces away from the pillars, damn. Worth a visit  to take your mind off the serf you just robbed.






5. The aquaduct:

Don't want to drink the water you've just took a shit in? What about the body of the doctor who wouldn't heal you? That's why you need an aquaduct. Good for fresh water and RDM *cough* shooting people from.

Chances are some dodgy guys will hide here and say "500 or die" but don't worry just shout "ADMIN ADMIN TP TO ME" and before you know it anubis himself will come to the rescue.






6. Asteroid Impact:

When you run out shiny stuff to mine where else to go than something from outerspace? There's some iron here, and a little silver. Why is the water red?




7. Gold Mine:

When you need a reason to include ships, a gold mine is the answer. Watch for pirate outlaws coming to sink you. The waters not that deep so if you jump enough times you might survive, but you will look really stupid.




8. Winery:

What's better than getting absolutely wankered for very little cost, well not much. Come to the vinyard where the wine is cheap and the ERP is cheaper.






9. Castle Docks:

Before your boat to Calradia returns you might have enough time to climb the stairs of this castle. I can't promise the inhabitants won't murder you, just don't preach about a god they don't like and you should be fine.




10. Shopping!:

Don't like the weird towels and turbans? Don't like anything but a t shirt with deus vult on it? Try the imported goods shops in the main town. That Pig faced Bascinet never looked so good.






11. Assassin's Hideout:

Are you a moody emo but not brave enough to kill yourself? Why not kill other people. Just stick on these long heavy robes, climb some buildings and keep burying your parents until a contract comes in.




If you read all of that you have too much patience. :D







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Just about, finishing touches really, I'm doing the armoury for the last castle and it should be good to go.


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