[DENIED]Refund Request - Benji

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Your GUID and name: 2687161 Ftm_Benji_Saxony

Reason for refund: Horse spawned in an inside spawn room.

Date & Time: 09/07/2018 11:56

Did you take a server crash refund (if applicable):-

Link to the complaint (if applicable):-



Estimated amount: 15k


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 12:51:19 - Ftm_Benji_Saxony has joined the game with ID: 2687161 
 12:53:04 - Ftm_Benji_Saxony joined Chosen 12 - 0 Crusade (5). 
 12:53:04 - Ftm_Benji_Saxony had these items: H:115, B:218, G:323, F:338, HO:495, 1:486, 2:412, 3:393, 4:-1 
 12:53:26 - Ftm_Benji_Saxony has dismounted a Silver Horse (AID: 137). 
 12:53:28 - Ftm_Benji_Saxony has mounted a Steppe War Horse (AID: 96). 
 12:53:35 - Ftm_Benji_Saxony has dismounted a Steppe War Horse (AID: 96). 

You had a silver horse when spawning in. 25% of your bank wiped for trying to loophole the refund system.


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