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  1. Hello everyone. For the past 3 months, I have been working on a map, kind of undercover, but telling a few people here and there. The map's name is Winter. It is based on Game of Thrones, and I believe it is nothing like the other maps in the community (other than the North map the EU's use). Here are some photo' - Overview of entire - Winterfell, has a faction for a clan and also a faction for the shop. Also has some secrets in there as well. (My favorite creation) - Dreadfort, House Bolton's home. Great defense castle, but some flaws - Last Hearth, House Umber's castle in the series. A square and dependable castle. - A ruined castle, yes, it is a faction. It is actually better than what some may - Queens Crown, merc camp. Teleport - Bear Island, I know it isnt really an island, but I did my best and it is another one of my favorite castle' - The Wall, accessible in Castle - Castle Black, Town Watch Headquarters. Not capable, but raid-able for - Crasters Keep, outlaw faction. (Wildlings)