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Found 3 results

  1. First map I've done in the past couple of years. Hope you enjoy. Will add more pictures over the next few days. :) Hopefully it will be up to standard and have a chance at being on the server.
  2. Game of Thrones map i created a while ago i had to get a new computer and could'nt find it again but it didnt work anyways for some reason planning on recreating it but dont want to put a lot of time in if it wont work does anyone want to collab with me on this map. I need help with the Scripts and overall check over. Here is what the map used to look like. If you want to help please let me know would be really appreciated Mar of Warwick
  3. Here is a map I made recently. It had problems with too many props which are now removed and it all works now lol. Overview: (note Berwinwic is not view able on the map, I didn't add it when I took the screen shot and Brack is removed) Berwinwic Castle (middle), Hollow Bastion (Left), Bredby Castle (Right): Hollow Bastion Hold: Kildevakt: (if you ever played witcher 3 its based on crows perch) The Arena, Imperial Legion (Town Watch) & Avalon (commoner town): Pordisett Castle: Wheat Fields: (I managed to get them to work without the prop being visible) These screenshots have more flair/ added eye candy than in game for performance reasons. I also replaced my Rhodok textures with brick. Thanks