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Found 8 results

  1. First map I've done in the past couple of years. Hope you enjoy. Will add more pictures over the next few days. :) Hopefully it will be up to standard and have a chance at being on the server.
  2. Avec le changement de carte, quand je me connecte, je me reproduis en dehors de la carte, quand j'appelle un administrateur dans le jeu, personne ne vient J'ai besoin de ton aide, j'ai 26k trucs, je ne veux pas tuer et perdre tout mon équipement! Je ne sais pas où mettre ce poste, je l'ai mis ici j'espère pouvoir aider rapidement! Mon nom dans le jeu: FrenchGuards_Kobalos capture d'écran:
  3. Game of Thrones map i created a while ago i had to get a new computer and could'nt find it again but it didnt work anyways for some reason planning on recreating it but dont want to put a lot of time in if it wont work does anyone want to collab with me on this map. I need help with the Scripts and overall check over. Here is what the map used to look like. If you want to help please let me know would be really appreciated Mar of Warwick
  4. Schziphren made this map and he asked me to make a topic for that map. He is making maps since 2011 and he made this art(my opinion) in 2 day. Map size 630 kb. Steam: SogukAteS I m not creator he asked me to make a topic. Some screenshots: NEW SCREENSHOTS (İNSİDE OF BUİLDİNGS)
  5. Hello there. I made a new map. want to examine it? - War of six kingdoms The map was too heavy. but I can reduce it if you want. - Protestan - Catholic - Nord - Orthodox - Tavern - İslam - ASIA - VİLLAGE - MAP VISUAL WAITING YOUR COMMENTS
  6. Greetings. I think I should continue with this. What do you think ? Write your thoughts and comments.
  7. Hello everyone. For the past 3 months, I have been working on a map, kind of undercover, but telling a few people here and there. The map's name is Winter. It is based on Game of Thrones, and I believe it is nothing like the other maps in the community (other than the North map the EU's use). Here are some photo' - Overview of entire - Winterfell, has a faction for a clan and also a faction for the shop. Also has some secrets in there as well. (My favorite creation) - Dreadfort, House Bolton's home. Great defense castle, but some flaws - Last Hearth, House Umber's castle in the series. A square and dependable castle. - A ruined castle, yes, it is a faction. It is actually better than what some may - Queens Crown, merc camp. Teleport - Bear Island, I know it isnt really an island, but I did my best and it is another one of my favorite castle' - The Wall, accessible in Castle - Castle Black, Town Watch Headquarters. Not capable, but raid-able for - Crasters Keep, outlaw faction. (Wildlings)
  8. Here is a map I made recently. It had problems with too many props which are now removed and it all works now lol. Overview: (note Berwinwic is not view able on the map, I didn't add it when I took the screen shot and Brack is removed) Berwinwic Castle (middle), Hollow Bastion (Left), Bredby Castle (Right): Hollow Bastion Hold: Kildevakt: (if you ever played witcher 3 its based on crows perch) The Arena, Imperial Legion (Town Watch) & Avalon (commoner town): Pordisett Castle: Wheat Fields: (I managed to get them to work without the prop being visible) These screenshots have more flair/ added eye candy than in game for performance reasons. I also replaced my Rhodok textures with brick. Thanks