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  1. Your in-game name: Duke_Tilko_Toulouse Age: 18 Are you currently a member of a clan?: mhm What position are you applying for?: Head admin,owner if possible Have you ever been banned from from the server? If so, why?: I think a year ago.Not in the ban history anymore tho Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words): I want this job because I feel that I possess all the necessary qualifications, qualities and skills, to enable me to be successful. I believe that I fit the person specification perfectly.As I have detailed in my CV I am able to work independently or as part of a team. I use my initiative and do not need to wait for others to tell me what to do. My people skills are highly developed and I have a good record of being able to bring out the best in others. I am confident in dealing with people at all levels of responsibility and should the need arise I am comfortable with members of the public.The job will also allow me to develop the skills I already have and acquire new ones. I see this as an opportunity for me to progress my career development. The challenge that the job presents, is something that I will enjoy tackling. I am at my best when faced with problems that need to be solved quickly and successfully. I am certain that I can make an impact and bring benefit to the organisation and to myself. The job is a logical step forward for me and if I was appointed then I feel you would not be disappointed Link to your steam profile: