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  1. I have never seen any single admin online in the early hours of the day, its not and insult, its the truth, show me that you are active and I won't say it. People are complaining in the all chat in game about rule breaks and there is nobody online. Example, Today around 50 + players and there was not a single admin on. Nobody is insulting, im just pointing out the truth
  2. I have no idea, completely no idea, where you read me writing "i am smarter than others". People again, Before saying something at least fucking read what you are responding to :D:D:D cmon! even this shows how amateur you can be. You are only proving my points, I only said I was here to help not that I was smarter :D:D:D srsly guys, no offence but this is too much. Get your shit together and text after please. Im waiting for someone serious to respond something actually useful other than accusations with no real background
  3. Oh and Btw i won't bother making "i" capital, I don't think thas the end of the world
  4. Hey buddy, Big fan btw of your play style, What i mean is, lets say I halt someone, they say help, I do not know who they help to, I am out of the chat range, I do not know who is around and if there is someone, Out of the faction, I believe that the Aggressor should know about it. Today I got killed by a very random person, who somewhere, sometime said help. I believe that the person has to be in range and see who the victim said "help" to. I might have attacked 1 person, but when someone completely random suddenly kills you, i think its a bit unfair.
  5. Aight buddy, not gonna be a part of a childish argument :) have your "victory" hope it makes you happy :)<3
  6. Please correct me if i made a mistake, I am no native speaker, though i have been studying in English since 8th grade, middle school, high school, and 3 years of university. I will never be able to get everything correct and i believe that it is not very nice from you to chase me over all my mistakes :) I believe that would be the right way to go instead of being a little cunt :)
  7. Okay, lets start from the very begging shall we? 1. The rule I would love to change are the "someone is KOS i said help and we can now all kill the guy" one. I have not once been a victim of an unknown person randomly killing me because someone somewhere said help, this should be defiantly changed and the person should be aware of who is hunting them outside the faction they are KOS for. If I am making a mistake with the rules, please inform and I will tell you who to ban. 2. I have no intention of flaming anyone, if there is criticism towards some rules it does not mean I am flaming, It means that the criticism should be taken and you should at least take a look at what you are being criticized for. Hiding form it and saying that its all blaming does not mean its actually flawless, Be a grown up and at least take a look at what you are being criticized for, flaming on the other hand would have been if i said "these rules are bullshit, put it in your mommas ass" which i clearly have not said, neither have I intended to. Behalf of the "lacks effort" part, yes I defenatly agree, I have not put more than 50% of what i could have in the application. Reason for this would be the fact that ATM, when I play the mod All i see is people complaining about rule breaks, and i'm pretty sure that you yourself, meaning the admins, know that the server lacks attention in the early hours of the day. I do not mean to offend or insult anyone, But I believe at this moment, im not the one asking for the help, I believe it is the players of the server who lacks admins. 3. Pharis, oh my dear Pharis, I do not know what i have done to upest you so much, We used to be friends once. Thing is, when you get out of your men cave ( I mean everyone ) and look at the world, look at how people are, you will understand that there are people who are under your standard level of intellect, you can tell me that I am a dick, I am a terrible person who discriminates others and guess what? I am completely fine with that, and the reason behind is, the truth won't change. there are people who lack intellect, common values and common knowledge of behavior. I will always try to make sure that those kind of people (those not in a bad way) know of it, they need to know, and they need to progress. The reason why I have always asked for a higher position is so that those people have someone who will tend to them instead of shout at them. I believe that should conclude all your doubts and questions. FYI pharis, your quote is wrong. Im not trying to be bitchy, rather helpful when I will tell you that you should get your facts/quotes right before you decide to use them. Just some advice, no harm intended <3
  8. Your in-game name: Squire_Alera_of_Godwin Age: 21 Are you currently a member of a clan?: godwins What position are you applying for?: Game Admin Have you ever been banned from the server? If so, why?: no Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words): I believe that PK is a very decent mod but really lakes admins, every morning I get on the server and there are no admins, I can change that, Also i see a lot of gaps in the rules which i would really like to change and I am planning to climb up in the system and make sure that they get changed, I know advanced english and some of russian, i can be a valuable member of the crew, a crew that i personally have never seen in game Link to your steam profile:
  9. Hagaron thanks i guess anyway, I joined arborea because a friend asked me not because i watend to troll around and as hagaron said me being an arborean does not reflect on my personality, I have been an admin on other servers but i had to quit since i had no time now that i have finished my work i have time and i would love to help the ppl on the server since i see a lot of rulebreaking every signle day
  10. Fixoy What critics are we talking about? That I am an arborean so i can't be an admin and that im immature? cmon srsly? The guys don't even know me
  11. Im not a lorraine Lol thats Aleria not Alera
  12. Do I really need to bring all the ppl here who is going th vouch? ....
  13. Your in-game name: Alera / Arborean_Alera Age: 19 Are you currently a member of a clan? Yes, but for fun only What position are you applying for? Prefer In-game, I believe that server lacks in-game admins especially when i have free time, in the mornings Have you ever been banned from from the server? If so, why? Yeah im currently banned for 1-2 more days for RDMing but i strongly believe that it is a misunderstanding and that what I have done was not going against the rules. Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words) I am suitable for the Admin position for several reasons. Firstly i have been an admin on many other servers, I know how it goes and what to do. Secondly i do not like unfairness, I love the truth and i value truth so my decisions are always as fair as it can be in a given situation. lastly, I would punish my friends more for a mistake then others since I would like people next to me to be perfect. Link to your steam profile: