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  1. Your pictures are lame
  2. #JeSuisRamsay
  3. There's already mods in warband where you can destroy entire walls in warband and even use siege weapons in singleplayer. The GK mod allows for siege weapons in multiplayer native and also allows for walls to be destroyed with catapults. If it's possible to do it in warband, it'll probably be much easier in bannerlord imo
  4. From the progress that Taleworlds has made so far, it seems as though that they will release multiplayer with a rerelease of bannerlord just like they did with warband. Multiplayer is likely the least of their concerns which might make for some rushing on the server executable to make deadlines.
  5. Even if the population limit was 500, a lot of the current warband servers don't have the hardware to manage that.
  6. They never said anything officially about multiplayer or server population limits
  7. Its been found out before that going over the 200 player slots on pw tends to make the server unstable. 5 slots sure... more than may cause a lot of issues