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  1. Colors were simillar, but as a clan leader and an experienced player you should realise why is nobody of your clan attacking me. You were not in an active combat situation so warzone or being under stress is not a valid excuse. I agree with admin's verdict. Even if you could actually make a mistake (even though i highly doubt you did due to your steam response) you are obliged to provide a recompensation of your deed which costed me quite a lot of time and money. Due to to toxicity you made and fact that is not your first time you done this to me, I demand a 40k refund. I believe its a fair price.
  2. 1.On the video you can clearly see your members just letting me pass so stop lying about "identical colors", you and your members recognized i was not an enemy of yours you can also clearly notice the big information about our hostility against Tomato's fac. 2.Tomato died near the mountain pass when you attacked me at the ruins near brigde, where is your "runnning to a body"? How can i go and help my "clan" member when im at war with them? Its not my problem everyone who leaves Jerusalem is a "traitor pig" for you that doesnt give you the right to kill everyone on sight. If thats just a mistake then why not just admit to the rule-break and try to go for an agreement the second i asked for a reason on steam? Its because it wasnt the reason you killed me. It was just the obsession to destroy "traitor pigs", as you told me on steam.
  3. You tell me, were they? For me they werent, your clan's reaction proves my point, i was able to go through entire army without a single situation like this. When i asked for a reason on steam you claimed i was going to loot, you knew exactly i was not at war with you, but just killed me abusing various rules as you have used to do. You have clearly broke the rules here, yet you still refuse to admit that, why?
  4. Saying its not an excuse does not mean they were the same. You claimed on steam you got shadowplay which gonna make me banned for ban mongering. Show us your great video, bitching about colors is pointless, everyone can say "its the same" or "not the same"
  5. No arguments so now you are going for "you were naked" bullshit? It did not happened once, last time you did such shit, i let that pass due to your apology, now you did the same shit, but this time you are extremely cocky and salty, colors were not the same and you know it, your enitre clan was smart enough to recognize that, i doubt you would be the only blind invidiual.
  6. The same clan you say? You gotta be kidding me I had no tags on and i left Ice few weeks ago. I was going to siege hakr with pleb faction. You dont have anything which can actually prove this statement, its only trying to find an excuse Thats not an excuse, your entire clan just let me pass through, If you kill someone, for 30s loot is yours after that you gotta say no loot. I did not even try to "look into the corpse" and nobody said a word about looting. Due to obvious hostility between plebs and jeru fac, i would be a stupid person to believe you'd let me loot Tomato's shit and as i stated above it was not my intention, you cant kill me just because i might loot something.
  7. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Mighty_Wonsz The person(s) you are reporting: King_Godfrey_Jerusalem The time and date of the incident: 17:40 - 30/05/2018 (UK time) What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: My fac and Jerusalem were at war with the lancasters, i decided to come closer to an enemy castle the mountain way so the archers wont shit on me, but then, Godfrey just smacked me. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: logs will be sufficient Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  8. almost everything there is a fucking gold
  9. Instead of tp doors when u have to hold a bit before ur able to get in, you should be able to move through them by pressing f only once
  10. Regardless what the intention of this poor BOSNIAN was, you can clearly see from the ss him aiming Gunzo. Thing i cannot understand is why didnt you just enforce a refund. He did not lose much, tbh he lost nothing. Of course despite the fact that was obviously an invalid complaint.
  11. I cant hear you as well, you know, wings and shit
  12. deus vult infidel devouch