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  1. There was a big skirmish going on between HRE and the beaufort faction . Some of the plebs in the faction came out to fight and a big skirmish broke out. Beauforts kept camping in tin in their castle ofc. You were probably in the other "red" faction and crossed the skirm. Its fine an admin can just take the 10 k from my bank.
  2. There was a big skirmish going on . Do you have any screen or something to proof that you didnt participated ?
  3. can we get more logs pls . I am quite sure we halted him or something otherwise i wouldnt have set him kos. Also check if i asked neos if he needs help. I remember a similar situation on that day when a commonor asked me for help to kill a templar. Could be him.
  4. I am pretty sure we halted you or told you not to loot or something like that. Can an admin post the logs pls ?
  5. Its not like we camped in our castle and didnt give you an opportunity to fight. We sieged you like 3 or 4 times and wiped you out but you kept coming back and capped a castle to keep us online. You even admited in chat to keep the war until hh in mercs is over. You should be banned for this behavior tbh.
  6. if this isnt an insult natty what is it than ? Randomly dropping "your mother" or what ? He clearly ment to insult crusher. Especially in this context its an insult . Even without the context which crusher has just provided think about it how easy its gonna be to run arround the map and killbait people with randomly dropping "your mother" in local chat. The rules apply to use common sense after i got already killed by someone after i ignored his demand not to loot i, shouldnt approach him again referring to his mother cause i can expect him to take it as a provocation and an insult.
  7. finish the map . And then lets test it playernumbers are already low would could go wrong. And some new maps could be nice and bring some fresh wind.
  8. You can post them on your own if you want i dont mind. Will help the admin taking this case to get this done faster. I mean its not like its bias you are not taking this case you would just post the logs.
  9. I couched him cause i didnt notice the war was over. An admin can check if it was too late to count but after checking the logs myself i am pretty sure it was longer than 10 secs. I am fine with refunding natty but i think 65000 Gold is too much. But I leave it to an admin to decide if the refund he is requesting is appropriate or not.
  10. Whats about the griefing thingy you tried to bring up when you notice the rdm that might be invalid. And how do you expect someone accepting a mistake if you dont let him the choice to refund . Ofc he will try to avoid getting banned. @MrOtto Could you pls just solve it make it invalid or punish me . Das hier führt zu nichts mehr.
  11. ok narcomanndo let me explain you some basic shit. This complaint is on me not on anyone else. Only what I did matters. You can barely see me in this video. I am not trying to get you banned or anything i dont even get what you said. Your video shows ci guys constantly picking up weapons and rushing the gate thats exactly what i claimed you also see that people who dont want to take part in the skirmish waited in the second courtyard. You are a banmongerer you try to get HRE members banned whenever you can. The sad thing is you helped me with your video more than you think and you proofed to be a banmongerer when you tried to bring up the topic of the gate when you noticed the rdm might be invalid. First of all this is 5 days ago you cant report that anymore second that wasnt me.
  12. the video shows that you keep running with weapons to the gate and that you guys keep looting. And the kills on you cant be seen clearly on the video so yeah its not helping you at all.
  13. well this video isnt proofing anything of the situation between me and fillipo. It actually supports what i said earlier after we got into the first courtyard people who are not fighting back are getting ignored. Narcommando you banmongering so much you dont even read the complaints carefully. Also you are arround 10 hours too late sadly otto seems to support your ban mongering by leaving the complaint open.
  14. as filipo stated we raided them. There was s skirmish going on at the gate. And as long as we broke the gates CI guys stormed us and constantly attaked us so we killed everyone in that gate area. He knew there was a fighting going on but he still went there . As soon as we broke in and the fighting was more clear we didnt kill anyone anymore who didnt clearly took part in the skirmish . But at the gate it was hard to see if someone is taking part in it or not. Its normaly common sense to not go into a skirmish area especially not a gate house. Its not like it was impossible to leave that castle if you didnt want to take part in the skirm . Vhasj got out of it cause he just waited until the gate fight was over and left the castle when the skirm zone moved into the courtyard. But constantly charging into the gate house and getting kiled there looks like ban baiting to me. As you can see he tried to make the third one look like there were no enemies arround but some of them jumped over the walls and attakced us from behind. So yeah this situation was hard to oversee. Can an Admin additionaly post the logs pls.
  15. It doenst matter which clan he`s in. This app is about him not his clan. And even if the clan would matter its a clan with an inactive leadership. He is a nice person who has proven several times that he goes his own way. /vouch