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  1. Last time I checked this is about a illegal war not clan counselling. We are not here to talk about clan politics. So please don’t derail. Well don’t join in a pub war if you don’t want to be attacked by our faction. Pretty simple imo. I offered my refund and I will wait for an admins decision.
  2. Look you can take the refund out of my bank if we were 6min over the allotted cap time if it is such a heartbreak to lose your tin that you bought for a pub war repeatedly. I am normally the one on for these wars and we do it to get some action on the server and at least get some population. Most of the time we lose money and stocks fighting these wars so if your going to report any type of discrepency in a pub war we won’t partake in them as we gain nothing from them. Apart from only your tin it seems.
  3. When you admit to Banmongering I didn’t pick that comment as I mute global. I’m still willing to offer a refund due to a genuine mistake if I get a ss of the gear.
  4. I was in plate i did not care about your tin. I killed you as i thought you were in the enemy fac as your fac banner was the same as our enemies. If you have a ss of your gear i will refund the amount of your gear.
  5. Sorry thought you where part of the fac we were at war with. Your fac colours were the same. Ill offer a refund of 50k which is more than enough for your gear.
  6. Item: Meat Pie - 425 Suggested price: 2.5k Item image(Optional): Why would you like this item added to the shop: Could be a good addition for just everyday use.
  7. I was involved so plis no hurt. Now at first Hagaron you did say you where going to force a refund did you not in which we talked about how it was blatant mass rdm. We moved to a separate channel and then explain his side of how it may of been an accident and then continued to force a refund of 300k. Even at the end of the discussion you where doubting your decision and view of this situation after you seen dante's video of our half health ship sinking, there was no accident to him pulling his ship out right in front of ours to destroy/ break our boat. There was no bias or whatever it was just not looked into enough before you forced a refund, as you where surprised this was crushers final, final, final, final warning before perm ban.
  8. *Posting in behalf of kreativity as banned for being naughty* Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Krea_PW The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin: TA_Cappy The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely: 19:18pm gmt What you claim the admin has done: Spawning In plated chargers The full story: So he spawned in plated chargers and was running around o them and he died so I took it and he killed it. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation screenshots or video footage for example: logs screens if needed
  9. This map was nies on conquest would be great to see it again.
  10. /Vouch, got complaints solved quick and quite active in game.
  11. /Vouch @Avenger should be lucky to have such an application made by our all powerful and benevolent Baino. Baino as admon will strengthen pheonix more than ever. If you don't accept him, well rip pheonix.
  12. Jealous of his england speaking.
  13. Makes good pidgeon noise /Vouch.
  14. Vouch - A true gent.
  15. He's my senpai at cav, hopefully he will notice me. /Vouch