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  1. Your faction obviously griefed Saltklippen. I told you multiple times to stop, you continued. I announced in adminchat two times that you have to stop destroying everything in Saltklippen, you continued. Although I was wearing Adminarmor and standing inside Saltklippen, you continued and even attacked me multiple times although I clearly was on duty. The Lorraine Lord even announced "Buy all saddles from Saltklippen!" in factionchat, clearly showing that your intention was to grief everything. You therefore griefed, ignored Adminruling and attacked an Admin on duty, making my massslaying of all griefers absolutely legal. Tbh I should have banned you all right away. @Tommy , @Benji
  2. 14:23:00 - BearGuard_Zilent_Mormont has been outlawed! 14:38:47 - *LOCAL* [KingsHand_Tarkin_Lorraine] oi 14:38:53 - *LOCAL* [KingsHand_Tarkin_Lorraine] halt mormont 14:38:55 - *LOCAL* [KingsHand_Tarkin_Lorraine] zilent 14:38:57 - Horse (Livvakt_Faxe_Waereger) attacked KingsHand_Tarkin_Lorraine dealing 0 damage 14:39:00 - Levy_Will_Stark attacked KingsHand_Tarkin_Lorraine dealing 6 damage 14:39:01 - *LOCAL* [KingsHand_Tarkin_Lorraine] show pouch 14:39:01 - Thane_Anabolika_Waraeger attacked KingsHand_Tarkin_Lorraine dealing 2 damage 14:39:03 - KingsHand_Tarkin_Lorraine attacked BearGuard_Zilent_Mormont dealing 47 damage 14:39:03 - Ftm_Border_Stark attacked KingsHand_Tarkin_Lorraine dealing 52 damage 14:39:03 - Levy_Will_Stark attacked KingsHand_Tarkin_Lorraine dealing 5 damage 14:39:05 - *LOCAL* [KingsHand_Tarkin_Lorraine] oi 14:39:12 - KingsHand_Tarkin_Lorraine attacked Thane_Anabolika_Waraeger dealing 47 damage 14:39:12 - KingsHand_Tarkin_Lorraine <img=ico_swordtwo> Thane_Anabolika_Waraeger 14:39:12 - KingsHand_Tarkin_Lorraine killed a member of a friendly faction! 14:39:12 - Ftm_Border_Stark attacked KingsHand_Tarkin_Lorraine dealing 51 damage 14:39:12 - Ftm_Border_Stark <img=ico_blunt> KingsHand_Tarkin_Lorraine 14:39:12 - Ftm_Border_Stark killed a member of a friendly faction! 14:40:25 - BearGuard_Zilent_Mormont joined the Commoners. 14:40:27 - BearGuard_Zilent_Mormont joined the House Stark & Mormont. Seems as if they indeed illegally helpen an Outlaw. 24h to defend themselves, as always.
  3. Easy solution: Slaughter every Stark you see before he can Clog.
  4. A_pleb_called_Jeb banned without appeal for Clog on all his GUIDs (Used an Alt-Account to Clog, has an insane banhistory on his regular account).
  5. 17:19:17 - Hamilcar_Barca attacked Horse (A_pleb_called_Jeb) dealing 31 damage 17:19:18 - Player A_pleb_called_Jeb (GUID: xxx) has left the server. 17:19:18 - <img=ico_headshot> A_pleb_called_Jeb Quite obvious, will keep this open a little longer though to give him a chance to defend himself.
  6. Banned until appeal for massRDM and massClog ingame.
  7. Did you actually read the logs? Our last fight was 16 seconds before you died and I was still chasing you when you died. God, your posts really trigger me. I posted the logs to give you a chance to see what you did and defend yourself properly, instead you keep bitching about a help which doesn't exist (because I was not in a hostile situation when you suddendly attacked me) and keep ignoring the facts. I will not accept refunds as you obviously seem to be either stupid or stubborn.
  8. Prohibiting the use of ranged weapons is a fool tactic used by capitalist richmen to stop Juche from spreading. The use of bow and arrow is going to be mandatory in the DPRP and those who voted for the prohibition will be sent to workcamps for reeducational purposes, thank you.
  9. I didn't say I killed you, I said: You fought against me, got killed by a facmember of mine. Then you came back and attacked me without ANY reason. That's what I call RDM and NRR. Let me also break down the rules for you: You can't just run up to someone and start attacking him for a KOS which you gave ten minutes and one death earlier, reasoning "it wasn't him who killed me". That's initiating a hostility with your previous assailant and therefore invalid. Let me just give you the logs on this matter to give you time to defend yourself properly until another staffmember takes this up: As you see you interfered in a skirmish between us and the Richfield-Faction, got killed in the end. 16:12:59 - Levy_Arcann_Stark attacked Horse (Ted_of_Godwin) dealing 73 damage 16:12:59 - Levy_Arcann_Stark attacked Ted_of_Godwin dealing 0 damage 16:13:00 - Ted_of_Godwin attacked Levy_Arcann_Stark dealing 49 damage 16:13:17 - *LOCAL* [Ted_of_Godwin] doc horse pls 16:13:19 - *FACTION* House Stark [Levy_Arcann_Stark] ted kos 16:14:28 - *LOCAL* [Ted_of_Godwin] Arcann I propose peace xd 16:14:30 - cianos attacked Levy_Arcann_Stark dealing 12 damage 16:14:30 - Levy_Arcann_Stark looted a corpse. 16:14:32 - cianos attacked Levy_Arcann_Stark dealing 10 damage 16:14:32 - *LOCAL* [Ted_of_Godwin] Better for everyone 16:14:32 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Arcann_Stark] i dont 16:14:34 - cianos attacked Levy_Arcann_Stark dealing 15 damage 16:14:39 - Levy_Arcann_Stark attacked Ftm_Leafa_Lorraine dealing 145 damage 16:14:39 - Levy_Arcann_Stark <img=ico_couchedlance> Ftm_Leafa_Lorraine 16:14:39 - Levy_Arcann_Stark killed a member of a friendly faction! 16:14:53 - Levy_Arcann_Stark attacked Horse (Ted_of_Godwin) dealing 33 damage 16:14:58 - Horse (Levy_Arcann_Stark) attacked Mirmint dealing 3 damage 16:15:06 - Horse (Levy_Arcann_Stark) attacked Knight_Baum_Lorraine dealing 0 damage 16:15:20 - Levy_Arcann_Stark attacked Knight_Baum_Lorraine dealing 125 damage 16:15:20 - Levy_Arcann_Stark <img=ico_couchedlance> Knight_Baum_Lorraine 16:15:20 - Levy_Arcann_Stark killed a member of a friendly faction! 16:15:30 - *LOCAL* [Ted_of_Godwin] wut? 16:15:46 - Abysswalker_Speedy attacked Horse (Levy_Arcann_Stark) dealing 85 damage 16:15:54 - Horse (Levy_Arcann_Stark) attacked Reginald_Sapchide dealing 0 damage 16:15:55 - Horse (Levy_Arcann_Stark) attacked Dimitry dealing 0 damage 16:15:57 - Abysswalker_Speedy attacked Levy_Arcann_Stark dealing 62 damage 16:15:57 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Arcann_Stark] h; 16:15:59 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Arcann_Stark] help 16:16:05 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Arcann_Stark] cia 16:16:11 - cianos attacked Levy_Arcann_Stark dealing 20 damage 16:16:13 - cianos attacked Levy_Arcann_Stark dealing 20 damage 16:16:15 - Ted_of_Godwin attacked Reginald_Sapchide dealing 181 damage 16:16:15 - Ted_of_Godwin <img=ico_couchedlance> Reginald_Sapchide 16:16:15 - Ted_of_Godwin killed a member of a friendly faction! 16:16:15 - cianos attacked Levy_Arcann_Stark dealing 20 damage 16:16:17 - cianos attacked Levy_Arcann_Stark dealing 6 damage 16:16:19 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Arcann_Stark] horse 16:16:19 - cianos attacked Levy_Arcann_Stark dealing 20 damage 16:16:21 - cianos attacked Horse (Levy_Arcann_Stark) dealing 16 damage 16:16:23 - cianos attacked Horse (Levy_Arcann_Stark) dealing 13 damage 16:16:24 - Ted_of_Godwin attacked Roz dealing 74 damage 16:16:24 - Ted_of_Godwin <img=ico_spear> Roz 16:16:24 - Ted_of_Godwin killed a member of a friendly faction! 16:16:26 - cianos attacked Horse (Levy_Arcann_Stark) dealing 13 damage 16:16:28 - cianos attacked Horse (Levy_Arcann_Stark) dealing 3 damage 16:16:30 - cianos attacked Horse (Levy_Arcann_Stark) dealing 15 damage 16:16:32 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Arcann_Stark] ty 16:16:55 - *FACTION* House Stark [Levy_Arcann_Stark] speedy kos 16:17:42 - Abysswalker_Speedy attacked Horse (Levy_Arcann_Stark) dealing 500 damage 16:17:47 - Levy_Arcann_Stark attacked Horse (Abysswalker_Speedy) dealing 39 damage 16:17:57 - Horse (Ted_of_Godwin) attacked Levy_Arcann_Stark dealing 2 damage 16:17:57 - Knight_Baum_Lorraine attacked Ted_of_Godwin dealing 6 damage 16:17:58 - Knight_Baum_Lorraine attacked Levy_Arcann_Stark dealing 22 damage 16:18:01 - Knight_Gomez_Mormont attacked Horse (Ted_of_Godwin) dealing 1 damage 16:18:03 - Ted_of_Godwin attacked Horse (Knight_Gomez_Mormont) dealing 11 damage 16:18:03 - Knight_Gomez_Mormont attacked Ted_of_Godwin dealing 0 damage 16:18:05 - Levy_Arcann_Stark attacked Knight_Baum_Lorraine dealing 50 damage 16:18:05 - Levy_Arcann_Stark <img=ico_blunt> Knight_Baum_Lorraine 16:18:05 - Levy_Arcann_Stark killed a member of a friendly faction! 16:18:05 - Ftm_Leafa_Lorraine attacked Levy_Arcann_Stark dealing 0 damage 16:18:06 - Ftm_Leafa_Lorraine attacked Levy_Arcann_Stark dealing 10 damage 16:18:10 - Ftm_Leafa_Lorraine attacked Levy_Arcann_Stark dealing 28 damage 16:18:13 - Ftm_Leafa_Lorraine attacked Levy_Arcann_Stark dealing 42 damage 16:18:13 - Ftm_Leafa_Lorraine <img=ico_axeone> Levy_Arcann_Stark Btw, you might notice that the last interaction between us was 16 seconds before you died - because I chased you. It's always amusing to see people lieing on complaints. ^ This is a blatant lie and you know that. After that you simply came back and attacked me without any reason or interaction: 16:20:35 - Levy_Arcann_Stark attacked Horse (Ted_of_Godwin) dealing 58 damage 16:20:35 - Levy_Arcann_Stark attacked Ted_of_Godwin dealing 6 damage 16:20:37 - *LOCAL* [Ted_of_Godwin] wut 16:20:44 - *LOCAL* [Ted_of_Godwin] nice nrr? 16:20:53 - *LOCAL* [Ted_of_Godwin] dat nrr 16:20:56 - Levy_Arhaikos_Stark attacked BLeX dealing 110 damage 16:20:56 - Levy_Arhaikos_Stark <img=ico_couchedlance> BLeX 16:20:56 - Levy_Arhaikos_Stark killed a member of a friendly faction! 16:21:01 - *LOCAL* [Ted_of_Godwin] NRR my friend 16:21:01 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Arcann_Stark] u didnt kil me 16:21:10 - *LOCAL* [Ted_of_Godwin] lol 16:21:12 - *LOCAL* [Ted_of_Godwin] proceed then 16:21:12 - Levy_Arhaikos_Stark attacked Ted_of_Godwin dealing 17 damage 16:21:12 - Horse (Levy_Arhaikos_Stark) attacked Ted_of_Godwin dealing 0 damage 16:21:15 - Horse (Knight_Gomez_Mormont) attacked Ted_of_Godwin dealing 0 damage 16:21:15 - Knight_Gomez_Mormont attacked Ted_of_Godwin dealing 3 damage 16:21:17 - Levy_Arhaikos_Stark attacked Ted_of_Godwin dealing 18 damage 16:21:18 - *LOCAL* [Ted_of_Godwin] rdming an amin 16:21:19 - Knight_Gomez_Mormont attacked Ted_of_Godwin dealing 23 damage 16:21:19 - *LOCAL* [Ted_of_Godwin] nice 16:21:20 - Levy_Arhaikos_Stark attacked Ted_of_Godwin dealing 10 damage 16:21:20 - Horse (Levy_Arhaikos_Stark) attacked Ted_of_Godwin dealing 0 damage 16:21:25 - Horse (Levy_Arhaikos_Stark) attacked Ted_of_Godwin dealing 0 damage 16:21:25 - Horse (Levy_Arhaikos_Stark) attacked Ted_of_Godwin dealing 0 damage 16:21:30 - Horse (Knight_Gomez_Mormont) attacked Ted_of_Godwin dealing 0 damage 16:21:30 - Levy_Arhaikos_Stark attacked Ted_of_Godwin dealing 0 damage 16:21:31 - Ted_of_Godwin attacked Levy_Arhaikos_Stark dealing 28 damage 16:21:31 - Ted_of_Godwin attacked Horse (Levy_Arhaikos_Stark) dealing 34 damage 16:21:35 - *LOCAL* [Ted_of_Godwin] help 16:21:39 - Levy_Arhaikos_Stark attacked Ted_of_Godwin dealing 119 damage 16:21:39 - Levy_Arhaikos_Stark <img=ico_couchedlance> Ted_of_Godwin 16:21:39 - Levy_Arhaikos_Stark killed a member of a friendly faction! Btw, just noticed that I hit Gomez in the process of chasing Arcann, he therefore had a valid killreason on me and actually survived the mess (the only one who survived though, no skirmish). Erase Gomez from this complaint. Anyways, I'm out of this as I shouldn't deal with my own complaints after all (you now, bias etc).
  10. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Ted_of_Godwin The person(s) you are reporting: Levy_Arcann_Stark, Levy_Arhaikos_Stark, Knight_Gomez_Mormont, The time stamp; date of the incident (in GMT+1, anything else will be ignored completely): 4.20pm What you are reporting them for: RDM The full story: Well, Arcann died after fighting against me, he simply came back and blatantly RDMed me. I even told him it was illegal, he decided to continue together with his friends. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/97228916907140518/C3C441E0114AC5B445442C7F8E8C42DD171930E7/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/97228916907141351/BFFB3CF559E5E52645A05FD178FDFD23147CF52B/ Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: Lost 100k (Lost a silverbar together with my gear), however all three have an outstanding banhistory so I suppose a ban wouldn't be wrong at all. Wipe and ban them
  11. Update After some excessive bugtesting the map is now ready to be played. Here's an overview for you, however I have not marked all places. There's a variety of "secrets" which I want you guys to find yourself.
  12. @macapaca @Coen As you've already defended yourself with and I do not see any reason to let this complaint stay open any longer. macahildr is banned two days for RDM. Coen_is_Ninja is banned three days for RDM and illegal imprisonment. ~Ted