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  1. Oh boy, as people seem to want it that way and @Orc asked me to give a full response.... here comes an essay as usual. 12:10:11 - *LOCAL* [Lannister_Kachok_Durachok] cunt 12:10:19 - *LOCAL* [Lannister_Kachok_Durachok] loser 12:10:22 - Horse (KingsGuard_Pizza_Lorraine) attacked Lannister_Kachok_Durachok dealing 1 damage 12:10:22 - KingsGuard_Pizza_Lorraine attacked Lannister_Kachok_Durachok dealing 16 damage 12:10:22 - KingsGuard_Pizza_Lorraine <img=ico_spear> Lannister_Kachok_Durachok 12:13:01 - Captain_Sednan_Lorraine attacked Lannister_Kachok_Durachok dealing 38 damage 12:13:01 - Captain_Sednan_Lorraine <img=ico_spear> Lannister_Kachok_Durachok 12:14:18 - Captain_Opie_Lorraine attacked Lannister_Kachok_Durachok dealing 75 damage 12:14:19 - Captain_Opie_Lorraine attacked Lannister_Kachok_Durachok dealing 60 damage 12:14:19 - Captain_Opie_Lorraine <img=ico_swordtwo> Lannister_Kachok_Durachok 12:15:26 - Ftm_Johann_Lorraine attacked Lannister_Kachok_Durachok dealing 8 damage 12:15:28 - Ftm_Johann_Lorraine attacked Lannister_Kachok_Durachok dealing 7 damage 12:15:30 - Ftm_Johann_Lorraine attacked Lannister_Kachok_Durachok dealing 8 damage 12:15:31 - Vandal_Animeci_Okem attacked Lannister_Kachok_Durachok dealing 8 damage 12:15:33 - Ftm_Johann_Lorraine attacked Lannister_Kachok_Durachok dealing 8 damage 12:15:33 - Vandal_Animeci_Okem attacked Lannister_Kachok_Durachok dealing 8 damage 12:15:35 - Ftm_Johann_Lorraine attacked Lannister_Kachok_Durachok dealing 8 damage 12:15:36 - Vandal_Animeci_Okem attacked Lannister_Kachok_Durachok dealing 8 damage 12:15:37 - Ftm_Johann_Lorraine attacked Lannister_Kachok_Durachok dealing 8 damage 12:15:39 - Ftm_Johann_Lorraine attacked Lannister_Kachok_Durachok dealing 8 damage 12:15:39 - Vandal_Animeci_Okem attacked Lannister_Kachok_Durachok dealing 8 damage 12:15:39 - Vandal_Animeci_Okem <img=ico_punch> Lannister_Kachok_Durachok So are you telling us that you did not realize he had not been killed three times by your very own clanmates in between the killreason that you referred to and you punching him to death? You clearly tried to punch him to death and gave the following statement later: 12:17:09 - [Ftm_Johann_Lorraine] I dindu nuthin If that isn't blatant RDM - well, then I don't know what is. Your clean banhistory is rooted in the banwipe. That's still a clean banhistory as we do banwipes for a reason - but it does not protect you from being banned. You might want to go through my other verdicts in order to understand that everyone is treated equally when it comes to punishments. I actually did not go through your whole logs, but I can if you like. I was not aware of any rulebreaks taking place during these timeframes. Can you please bring up the validated complaints? Besides that: Since when can you break the rules "because someone else broke them too"? You cannot combatlog when you think you're being rdmed. The same applies to all other rules. You've been in this community long enough to know that. That's somewhat stretching reality to say the least. No. 1 You failed to answer to a complaint over several days, which led to you being banned because the logs backed up the story brought up by the complainer. We obviously unbanned you as your late defence entirely changed the situation. Yet - who's to blame for failure to respond to a complaint? No. 2 I didn't find a second admincomplaint in your history. Besides that, it doesn't really have anything to do with this case, but well..... Besides that..... just some things I found while searching for these bans you were referring to:
  2. I actually did not, which is why I decided to let it slip. But as you're bringing it up.... Today's logs: 00:48:45 - TotallyNotJohann attacked 2Rgt_SdtSc_N3oSs dealing 51 damage 00:48:45 - TotallyNotJohann <img=ico_morningstar> 2Rgt_SdtSc_N3oSs 00:48:51 - THE_MASTERSWORD attacked TotallyNotJohann dealing 55 damage 00:48:54 - THE_MASTERSWORD attacked TotallyNotJohann dealing 32 damage 00:48:54 - THE_MASTERSWORD <img=ico_swordone> TotallyNotJohann 00:49:06 - Player TotallyNotJohann (GUID: xxx981) has left the server. 00:49:21 - Meeep has joined the game with ID: xxx981 00:49:25 - Meeep joined the Outlaws. 00:49:25 - Meeep joined the MR STEAL YO GOLD NIGGA. 00:49:28 - Meeep droppped INVALID ITEM(ID: 0) on the ground. Huh? Uh, and on a second look: 20:51:02 - TotallyNotJohann attacked Bertoune dealing 56 damage 20:51:02 - TotallyNotJohann <img=ico_spear> Bertoune 20:51:02 - TotallyNotJohann killed a member of a friendly faction! 20:51:04 - TotallyNotJohann hit chest for 78 damage. 20:51:07 - TotallyNotJohann hit chest for 78 damage. 20:51:09 - TotallyNotJohann attacked Guillorque dealing 48 damage 20:51:09 - TotallyNotJohann <img=ico_spear> Guillorque 20:51:09 - TotallyNotJohann killed a member of a friendly faction! 20:51:14 - TotallyNotJohann took Glaive(ID: 278) from an inventory. 20:51:22 - Horse (Chrom) attacked TotallyNotJohann dealing 0 damage 20:52:05 - Bertoune attacked TotallyNotJohann dealing 4 damage 20:52:06 - Bertoune attacked TotallyNotJohann dealing 5 damage 20:52:07 - TotallyNotJohann attacked Bertoune dealing 46 damage 20:52:07 - TotallyNotJohann <img=ico_spear> Bertoune 20:52:07 - TotallyNotJohann killed a member of a friendly faction! 20:52:07 - TotallyNotJohann has been outlawed! 20:52:10 - [TotallyNotJohann] cunt // then there's a lot of doorbreaking and chestbreaking going on 21:05:27 - <img=ico_headshot> TotallyNotJohann //woops, accident? 21:05:43 - Player TotallyNotJohann (GUID: xxx981) has left the server. 21:05:46 - TotallyNotJohann has joined the game with ID: xxx981 21:05:49 - TotallyNotJohann joined the Outlaws. 21:05:49 - TotallyNotJohann joined the Team Submarine. 21:05:53 - TotallyNotJohann droppped INVALID ITEM(ID: 0) on the ground. Besides that: 2 days are a typical punishment for blatant RDM (and yes, the logs show that it was blatant).
  3. Added: Banmongering is not tolerated. This includes any attempts to gain wrong refunds out of making invalid complaints on purpose. Lying in complaints, forging or withholding crucial evidence when making a complaint will be punished harshly.
  4. That's the point of what I was saying, contradicting earlier "let's make boats buildable from scratch"-ideas
  5. Clan Name: House Baelish (rather plebish/personal banner, I really like the design of a brown mockingbird on beige/white ground) Banner Description&Details: See pic 1 for the bird-motive and pic 2 for the colours Banner Image (Optional):
  6. I don't really think infinite amounts would be practical anyways, we usually consider carefully where to place how many boats - and infinte boats might be abused to block passages or turn the server into a laggy nirwana. So in general: What Dekkers said
  7. Sounds interesting, I still think that buildingboxes that can spawn a certain boat at a certain place which are ID-linked as sceneprops might be more practical and would make boats valuable because you would need to rebuild it from scratch if it sinks though.
  8. Would require a timer though to avoid making boats some kind of "throwaway-thing".
  9. Like half of the map will be rebuilt from scratch and everything else reworked to fix this shithole map for the new modrelease. It's hard to break it any further, so I suppose it's necessary lol..... Saltklippen --> Talmberg Hakrholm --> Sasau Springvale --> Removed Praven --> Enlarged + given a second Hold like Rattay Merccamp --> will be moved somewhere else Bredby --> dunno Iron Abbey --> will think about sth
  10. You propably can't build a "random" boat because they are mapprops and need to be placed correctly - there would be a lot of possible glitches if you could just build them form scratch. However, it might be possible to have a "boat-buildbox" at the port which is linked to a certain ship, so if that ship is destroyed, you can rebuild it.
  11. 15:30:54 - [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] benji 15:31:02 - [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] you have some sort of problems in the head 15:31:05 - [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] with refunding 15:31:25 - [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] Benji 15:31:38 - [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] You didn't refunded tips0s rdm 15:31:42 - [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] but you solved it 15:31:45 - [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] and took 15k from my acc 15:31:52 - [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] gut job man 15:33:24 - [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] Benji 15:33:33 - *PLAYER* [Kingdom of Jerusalem] [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] Henricius or someone? 15:33:55 - *PLAYER* [Kingdom of Jerusalem] [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] Any admin online? 15:34:02 - *PLAYER* [Kingdom of Jerusalem] [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] or do I have to make an admon complaint? 15:34:59 - [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] benji unmute yourself on ts 15:36:18 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] where is benji man 15:36:39 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] man 15:36:40 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] where is benji 15:36:45 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] I search him for some admin stuff 15:36:54 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] BENJI HELO 15:36:58 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] ENABLE MIC 15:37:00 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] on ts 15:37:03 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] unmute 15:37:09 - *LOCAL* [Levy_Sak_Jerusalem] have stuff to talk about Are you even serious? You insult an admin by saying "you have some sort of problems in the head" and make an admincomplaint afterwards for a "fuck off"? Use the PM-system before making another admincomplaint: I'm sure you can wait a little bit longer than a few minutes for 15k to be transferred, considering the fact that your bank is full.... Removed the 15k from Sak's bank again + added a warning to the account.
  12. Well, I suppose it's time to get into what has (always) been enforced here, but seems to have arisen a certain amount of interest considering the latest problems. You are free to discuss, mention or talk about the matter (=free speech) as long as you follow some simple restrictions which have been part of the rules for ages. a) Don't indicate that you yourself are pirating a certain game. We do not care what you do off this platform, just don't take it to this platform. I really don't seen what's so difficult to understand about it. This is not only due to legal issues (which are not only a matter in Germany, but basically in every civilized "digital" country), but just coherent considering that we basically had Illuminati removed from the gamecommunity for "stealing" our maps. Arguing "but there are torrent-websites" is pointless, we definitely won't follow the bad example. b) You must not spread links to pirated software, encourage others to do it or promote it in any other way. Let me just point out that this has happened some times, the users in questions were talked to and everything settled down fine. However, this was not the case in what I will give some information about below. c) Please come forward with any case where this happened (without the two points mentioned above involved) so we can take care of it. As it is right now, posts violating what has been stated above will be hidden + other actions will be taken depending on the case. Everything else and possible changes to the interpretation/enforcment of these points are being discussed directly with Avenger and with all those involved being heared. d) I don't really remember why we had Proton banned in the shoutbox in the first place, I don't even know wether it was me. You might want to supply time and date of the ban so we can actually take care of that matter. People are not restricted from posting anywhere as long as what has been explained above isn't involved. Therefore - considering what you yourself said ("I've just called someone a power whore and snowflake.") - I suppose you got restricted from posting in the shoutbox, especially considering that you broke the two points mentioned above as well in a different topic, for a culmination of abuse of our platform's abilities in several cases. Let's face it here: If people would stop acting autistic, we would propably not have to mute or restrict anyone, and everything would be much easier. But it seems that this is something out of range at the moment. Now on piotes: The very same thing that I've explained to several community-members over the last few days but what has either been dismissed or ignored. Piotes' case is a completly different matter besides this and will not - as I've explained several times and will continue to do so - discussed with those not involved without having spoken to Avenger first considering that he is involved as well. Believe me, spamming Avenger every single day will not fasten up the process. I really do not see how that is so incredibly difficult to understand. That means that it's of literally no help to have people being sent forward into discussions who are not involved but decide on their own to be. There's just no point. Now, let me just point out that the first ban was lifted after he was talked to, but his behaviour and actions afterwards - basically neglecting the whole point of the talk - let to a secondary ban. Besides that, I will not block an unban as soon as the matter has been cleared. Believe me or not, but I really don't enjoy taking volleys after volleys due to the case, so I would be more than pleased to have it over and done with. If people can't accept that I as "senior" staffmember give advice, obey and respond to the SO - well, nothing much that I can or will do about it really. Having this position obviously means as well that my opinions do have a (sometimes defining) part in decisions being made, however these decisions are always made for reasons and - that's at least what I'm convinced of - bearing in mind the good of this community and the interests of those taking the responsibility for this forum, the server and everything coming with it, nothing else. However, we can and will not discuss every single matter in public - that would literally render the whole administration crippled. Believe it or not, but that's what we're meant to do though - and I'm definitely not enjoying being stoned for a decision, but if that is how it goes then I will definitely not break down because of that. The very reason why I decided to go "uncommunicative" was due to people simply not accepting that what I was telling them didn't follow their own point of view - including simply deleting me in steam after I wrote whole essays trying to explain the matter or basically blocking off the whole point of "we don't discuss everything with not-involved persons" on TS. I'm trying to respond to the best of my abilities, but it's rather difficult when people literally block off what you're saying and voice the main concern of me "not talking to them" while I was literally sitting in Teamspeak with them or "not answering my questions" while I was literally typing whole essays regarding their questions via steam. Besides that: what Henricus said.
  13. There seems to be a misunderstanding here: "No plated charger." wasn't meant as discussion-over-statement, but as my personal opinion. My bad, could have formulated that differently
  14. Just a small reminder that sharing your accounts puts them at risk - harboring banevaders has never been and will never be tolerated. Do not share your accounts when you can't be sure that the person you are sharing with isn't banned/about to be banned. So, in general: just don't.
  15. "some dumb cunt" is no name, I can assure you that. Anyways, we'll look into it.