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  1. I still need to do the interiors of one castle and all the scripting, but besides that it's fine in my opinion.
  2. I just couldn't resist That's the pleblife! No worries, that's not going to happen. Thank you for the support Uh
  3. I've tried to add translations in brackets, however these insults - which actually fulfill a ridiculous amount of criterias defining certain criminal offences in the whole German-speaking area of Europe - are too extreme and severe to be represented in modern English. They also include blatant personal harrassment. Still, I've tried my best. 17:19:40 - *FACTION* Coronas Ibéricas [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] fick deinen vater [fuck your father] 17:19:42 - *FACTION* Coronas Ibéricas [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] du huso [you bastard] 17:20:20 - *FACTION* Coronas Ibéricas [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] HEIL HITLE 17:22:36 - [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] YORKICK YOU ARE A VIRGIN DU DUMME MISTGESTALLT [yorick you are a virgin you idiotic cripple] 17:22:50 - [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] deine eltern sind brüder [your parents are brothers] 17:22:53 - [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] du judensack [you fucking dirty jew] 17:26:14 - [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] DU DUMME FOLKESSON JUNGFRAU [you idiotic folkesson virgin] 17:27:04 - *ADMIN* [Ted] > [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] Stop abusing the globalchat 17:27:10 - *PLAYER* [Commoners] [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] me ? 17:27:25 - [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] TED YOU CANT STOP MY CHAT //Guess what? I can, read the rules. 17:27:28 - *ADMIN* [Ted] > [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] No, the other guy that just received an adminmessage 17:27:42 - *PLAYER* [Commoners] [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] alright then iam keep on 17:27:45 - *PLAYER* [Commoners] [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] doing it 17:27:49 - *PLAYER* [Commoners] [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] thx for answer //literally announcing to disobey an admin's order 17:28:17 - [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] and why am i not allowed to call someone a virgin ? //in the meantime, players asked me to tell you to change your name, I spoke to Henricus about it, he gave green lights 17:35:14 - [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] 'HITLERDIDNOTHINGWRONG 17:35:36 - *ADMIN* [Ted] > [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] Change your name 17:35:49 - *PLAYER* [SS Legion *Kicking Fagbatheons of this fac*] [Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron] iam angry that the server is full then 17:35:57 - Player Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron (GUID: 454857) has left the server. 17:35:57 - <img=ico_headshot> Heinrich_Himmler_Ifeqevron 17:36:31 - Ted_Ifeqevron has joined the game with ID: 454857 17:36:41 - Ted_Ifeqevron joined the SS Legion *Kicking Fagbatheons of this fac*. 17:36:55 - *FACTION* SS Legion *Kicking Fagbatheons of this fac* [Ted_Ifeqevron] hi 17:36:58 - [Ted_Ifeqevron] hi 17:37:38 - *FACTION* SS Legion *Kicking Fagbatheons of this fac* [Ted_Ifeqevron] fucking ted forced me to change my name 17:40:32 - [Ted_Ifeqevron] ICH HASSE AUCH ALLES [I hate everything] 17:40:37 - [Ted_Ifeqevron] WAS AUS DEM OSTEN KOMMT [That's coming from the east] 17:40:44 - [Ted_Ifeqevron] DIESE MENSCHEN SOLLTEN KEINE RECHTE HABEN [These people deserve no rights] 17:40:53 - [Ted_Ifeqevron] ES SIND ALLES MINDERWERTIGE TIERE [They are nothing but wretched animals] 17:41:33 - *ADMIN* [Ted] > [Ted_Ifeqevron] You are banned 3 days for impersonation and abusing the global chat 17:41:40 - Ted_Ifeqevron is banned temporarily. 17:41:40 - Admin Ted (1356574) temporarily banned player Ted_Ifeqevron (454857). 17:41:41 - Player Ted_Ifeqevron (GUID: 454857) has left the server. 17:41:41 - <img=ico_headshot> Ted_Ifeqevron 17:41:57 - *ANNOUNCEMENT* [Ted] Ted_Ifeqevron banned three days for impersonation and abusing the global chat The rules that you broke: The guideline that you just went against with this very complaint: There are certain individuals that aren't contributing anything positive to this community at this point, but are here for the one and only reason of taking the piss out of the ruleset, other players and the staff - one of these persons is you. However, I have been very forbearing towards you for quite a while, especially considering certain offences that would have led to you being banned and bankwiped right away if it wasn't for our mercy. This ends today. In accordance with the rules and the guideline quoted above you're hereby banned until appeal and bankwiped, your accounts are reseted. I strongly advice you to read the rules, especially considering your banhistory. @Henricus
  4. Huh, as a lot of people are actually keen to see it on the mainserver I'll do some armouries today. I fear that it might end up like Dekker's Osthill, but well....
  5. The word "story line" might not be a good phrase to use for the current kind of PW Having all the elite armorstuff really cheap in one castle won't work out, the clan that owns that very castle in the morning would literally steamroll all the others. Anyways, you might want to make some smaller scenes for Native siegeservers etc first to get used to the Editor, a PW-map is much more difficult to set up than smaller scenes.... start with easier things and figure your way up to PW-mapping
  6. No You need to place every single object by hand That's half of the fun
  7. This would require me to access my mainpc which I Can't right now because I'm in an other city
  8. We've recently observed a new peak of banmongering/retarded complaints due to a rise of toxicity between certain clans. Let it be clear: Those will not be tolerated any further. The staff is a neutral institution meant to enforce the server's ruleset. Any attempt to undermine that neutrality by purposefully harrassing staffmembers out of anger, either ingame or on the forum, is going to have consequences. It's our job to stay neutral, but continued actions against our staffmembers do put that neutrality at risk. We're not meant to be drawn into clans' toxicity, so keep our persons out of it. Clear attempts of banmongering or abusing our complaintsystem (be it player- or admincomplaint) due to personal/institutional hostilities will be punished serverely, including bankwipes and bans according to the punishment that would have been issued if the complaint had wrongfully been validated as well as according to the admins' time wasted. Let it be clear that the staff consists out of volunteers who have lives besides PW as well (that's what I hope at least) - wasting our time is unjust, rude and unacceptable. We're always open for discussions (PMs!), but challenging every single decision made due to personal reasons will not bring any good to you. We do reserve the right to not answer immediately to every problem, so if you don't get an answer within 24hrs don't run to HAs/SAs immediately in order to complain. We have other things to do as well and can't be available day and night. If your complaint is retarded - don't post it. Use your brain before posting a complaint and make sure to read the rules. Remember: You are entitled to nothing. Consider yourself warned.
  9. If he can't just inform his very own members in facchat or TS then I do actually start to doubt the existence of his brain. Your arguments are rubbish, you can't just log out in the very middle of a skirmish to change your name. Did you actually read our rules? Your arguments actually make me doubt that as well.
  10. 16:04:09 - Levy_CCheese_Lannister attacked Horse (Miracle-) dealing 67 damage 16:04:09 - Levy_CCheese_Lannister attacked Miracle- dealing 0 damage 16:04:11 - Horse (Levy_CCheese_Lannister) attacked Miracle- dealing 0 damage 16:04:26 - CI_Infante_AlfonsoM attacked Miracle- dealing 10 damage 16:04:28 - CI_Infante_AlfonsoM attacked Miracle- dealing 13 damage 16:04:59 - Player Miracle- (GUID: 1745137) has left the server. 16:04:59 - <img=ico_headshot> Miracle- I actually had to defend my decision of banning him two days only for that extremly blatant offense to certain members of the community. I wonder why all the reports going up at me are done whenever I'm lenient.... Let me be clear: He combatlogged by logging out in the middle of a skirmish while being KOS. He received a two-days-ban, which is the minimum banlength when it comes to combatlogging. Now you're making an admincomplaint against me claiming that this action was unjust. You obviously have no idea what the word "harsh" means. The only thing being unjust here is what Dune did and how you react to me being lenient. @Henricus
  11. Needs more appletrees, definitely!
  12. Why haven't there been any news about the Lannister supremacy for two weeks
  13. We all know that Taleworlds aims to bring a good crafting system to Bannerlord, so we might want to consider the possibility of having a special mastersmith-class besides the typical smith which can be used to craft custom weapons. We could even limit the amount of mastersmiths who can craft customized weapons and introduce some kind of application-system for it, making this "highest" kind of smithing an actual ressource and working market. In order to make that work properly, these mastersmiths should actually play as smiths and there should be some kind of timer (losing the permission to be mastersmith after having been inactive for a while etc etc). It would also allow a lot more diverese and specialized fighting styles to emerge, where we would have literal waterdancers with extremly light swords making your life hell when swinging a slow axe or 2-hander, but also brutal berserkers with the heaviest weapons taking the piss. Of course, there are some turn-offs as well: - might be unbalanced when one clan just buys away all the smiths who can customize weapons - mastersmiths might form a monopoly and have insane prices. But well, isn't that something that we would expect from an actual persistent system? And wouldn't that bring a whole new world of economy to the game? Note that they would still need serfs to get ressources - so there's a lot of economic possibilities with actual guilds etc. - might interfer with the performance (due to much more different weapons having to be loaded by each player) - might be difficult to implement in a multiplayer persistent context However, I think that it would be extremly useful to have this feature as it would make the whole art of crafting much more interesting and even more valuable - you will actually have to find someone making your favourite sword for you unless you want to go with the "standard" items. Note this: https://www.taleworlds.com/en/Games/Bannerlord/Blog/32 What do you think?