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  1. My loyal smith foetuspuncher and I attempted to ninjacap Nordheim twice today, but although we built the ladders and went all the way to the bannerpoint without being detected, some dirty Levy spawned in and handed out headshot, resulting in the tragic failure of these honorable attempts of taking the Lannisters' homelands away while they were fighting abroad. To you I shall say "well played!"
  2. Judging from how this whole complaint is made up I somehow don't believe that this is meant serious. Locked.
  3. "just now" is no time. On which server did it happen?
  4. Your screenshot shows nothing, the logs show you logging off during a hostile situation + Rowan saw you jumping when logging off. Feel free to post a ban appeal with a video proving the contrary, this admincomplaint is invalid.
  5. We should just roll a dice for every complaint, if it's a 1, 2 or 3 the complaint is valid, if it's a 4, 5 or 6 the one complaining gets banned.
  6. "Where the memes hold all the power" Admin meeting 23.07.2017 Attending: Tommy, Ted, Oldpilgrim, Mallador, Sofia, Stalin, MrDutch, Berick, William, Nazi Doge, Pepsi, Scorpia Public Announcements Current situation With BridgeTroll having retired and Hagaron being away, the staff council currently is in charge of the server. Staff applications, suggestions and other daily occurences will be dealt with by the Senior Admins after having heared the staff members' opinions. Regarding recruiting Recruiting members for a clan which mainly plays on another server will be considered advertising. Overview maps With spectator having been removed, we'll start creating overviewmaps to simplify navigation. Harboring banevaders Harboring banevaders will at least result in a ban until appeal and a partial bankwipe. You are responsible for your own keys, don't give them to people without having checked their legal status.
  7. What is the difference between running through a fight and running through a halt? Both are hostile situations.
  8. So are we going to gain a killreason for every nearby fight/halt now because someone aimed some weapon at someone outside of the fight at some point? There actually is this line in the rules as well:
  9. lol Wanna know what? You are hereby banned until appeal for banmongering until this has been solved, it's quite funny to see that I always get reported when being mild. Go and use the time to read the rules, thank you in advance.
  10. Wasn't this map supposed to be a meme?
  11. Just a small announcement here: Purposely spoilering GoT S.7 will be considered trolling and punished accordingly. This does obviously not apply to any information given within spoiler-tags: [SPOILER] [/SPOILER] Alternatively: This is the appropriate thread for GoT-related discussions: Please make sure to follow these simple rules as well: Enjoy the season!
  12. And that's the story of how Mrxenon drowned his charger due to spawning under water
  13. Sometimes I wonder why the staff is still doing any work when looking at the toxicity of this community. I really can't say anything else. I understand that there are multiple reasons to report an Admin, I made mistakes myself. But reporting a staffmember for helping one of your guys while saying this is.... I really don't know what to say. Locking this to avoid any further triple- and doubleposts. Everybody calm down, the thread will be unlocked again in one hour or something. Unlocked again at 5.20pm.
  14. 15:07:17 - [Watlelele] ez 15:07:18 - [Watlelele] mate 15:07:23 - [Watlelele] EZ 15:07:25 - [Watlelele] EZ 15:07:26 - [Watlelele] EZ 15:07:26 - [Watlelele] EZ 15:07:27 - [Watlelele] EZ 15:07:27 - [Watlelele] EZ 15:07:28 - [Watlelele] EZ 15:07:28 - [Watlelele] EZ 15:07:29 - [Watlelele] EZ 15:07:37 - [Watlelele] NAH 15:07:39 - [Watlelele] u are 15:07:41 - Watlelele is kicked.