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  2. captain magnus, my comrade in arms, you have always been a reliable and fierce ally. i believe you will be more than capable for this role! i've seen you grow from such a small little scrotum to a big hairy ball sack. it always brings a tear to my eye.
  3. atleast i don't put stories of the gym on snapchat just act cool infront of our MY princess @Glopaxi
  4. one of the pack goes down we all go down When you a dawg you a dawg for life (Ride or die) My dawgs feel pain from love (See eye to eye) Give us one shot at life (Let us fly) Come on niggas (We dawgs for life)
  5. nah man do you think it's funny to call somebody an earth bender fuck sake thats just well tight over the damn line. holy shit i can't believe you just said that you and you're family are going to prison and then straight to hell fuck you i'm a fire bender for life u water bending cuck
  6. my admin app is better u gay
  7. Please take your shit posting toxicity else where. ty.
  8. better than the rest of the leadership
  9. I told you to sheathe look at the logs and i have shadowplay footage :))))
  10. I told you to sheathe but you didn't, gave you more than 10seconds.
  11. Honestly, Andy, this means a lot coming from you. As you said we've been companions for years now. Side by side through thick and thin. We have many good moments but some down moments too. I work to be the best every day so together we can achieve greatness! Brother of battle, Brother of war, Brother of conquest, I salute you, marine!
  12. First of all - it's un-serious! Secondly - You just linked an invalid report on me proving I know to rules, thanks for showing everyone that I'm a rule-abiding member of this community My third point - Not taking a report I KNEW was invalid seriously doesn't mean I lack common sense. It's the opposite, really.