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  1. Item: Strange sword Suggested price: 500k Item image(Optional): Why would you like this item added to the shop: It's never been seen on PW and not much difference than a heavy bastard sword. People won't cash out 500k for it but it could be pretty fun.
  2. good insults, keep it up!
  3. if u saw my team mate lol i find it funny how ur entire personality is just warband hahahaha
  4. why are you all crying about maxi? just kill him and bring a sweat of ur own lol
  5. I mean, there is one key word here and it's "civilian". It makes no sense that either class would be able to cap.
  6. I think the main issue with light horses are primarily around coursers. They simple not worth what they cost anymore, however, before the update I agree that the courser spam was more than cancerous. I think the best thing to do in to increase courser HP by 25% whilst leaving the rest of the light horses the same. (Maybe the silver horse should get a buff.)
  7. People can change it on their own accord, doesn't need to be a defined feature. Personally I prefer default textures.
  8. Town Watch can be fun if it's played right. Roleplaying is fucking gay but TW vs Outlaw would actually be a fun past time for PW... When there is no wars on factions could go outlaw or tw for some combat. This'll also stop cancerous naked "raids" that disguise griefing.
  9. Shit kid lorraines and starks get members to vote for a certain map. Another reason why EVERY clan should disband.
  10. please delete this map
  11. Well Gibby, a lot of people think he's, including ur old pal Wotsit. I see your argument, don't get me wrong. I believe it would've helped if there was more evidence. We could do this all day but it's the choice of the admin team at the end of the day. I genuinely hope Mokka gets un-banned if he's innocent, if he isn't he deserves the ban.
  12. I'd also like to point out the fact that this isn't the first time Mokka has been accused of autoblocking (a while back maybe on Oasis). And we all know that the download link has been through the Lorraine ts as multiple members of their clan have been accused of it.
  13. The difference between you and Mokka is that he has 2.2k hours. You on the other hand have spent countless hours training on Native. You said to Wotsit "If you want to because a native player, you need to spend at least 3hours on ludus and IG Battlegrounds a day," Unlike you I highly doubt Mokka spends his day like that. How ever, I do agree that it'll help if we saw some intense feints...