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  1. Can we just name a castle '' poopy castle ''
  2. Buy a second key, it's really cheap. or give it to me I'll store it for you.
  3. Who is the biggest meme developer that made that shield? hahahaha
  4. Also, did you forget this mod is populated by clans? You think a pub can serf without getting robbed in the first two weeks cause everyone wants money?
  5. Do you see how all the poor plebians are complaining? Imagine actually serfing or smithing on PW for once you lazy critters.
  6. I'll send out @PrawnCracker to fight you he's the mascot of our old KG you will never slay him mr mapper.
  7. I meant clan, everyone knows having multiple clans in one faction is horrible. I'd rather have a single 60 unit clan than 90 people in three different clans. You're right the lorraines were a lot better. Prove me wrong.
  8. You need a balance within the mod, if there's no equally strong clan to fight the strongest you'll have a one-way war which results in winning 9 out of 10 wars. Seeing how the equally strong clan got forcefully removed from the server, you now have a one-way war resulting in them winning 9 out of 10 wars. And limiting clans itself to a certain number is obviously quite bad, PW will balance itself out it always has done that.
  9. What glue sniffer voted 60+
  10. I will only watch if we get @Kloney @Noimar and their meme stream
  11. @Henricus I feel that both sides were wrong, however, one side has been punished severely in my opinion. While the other side laughed and got no punishments for being even more Toxic.
  12. I hate when people solve complaints in Teamspeak thus not allowing the second party to defend itself. Or when you message an admin on something important which you discussed and they never care to reply towards it. Seems like nowadays it's more a status thing and a way to make money fast without really doing anything. But at this point, we're not even trying to remove somebody who actually randoms on purpose, it's about who can ban more members of the enemy faction. - I have about twenty video's showing RDM, NRR, griefing, Combat log, loopholing and whatever else. But I don't report these people because they're active players and I only enjoy being toxic in-game not by actually banning people, unlike others. But the people I hate the most are those who report somebody when they died naked. It takes more time to write and reply to a complaint then actually making it back to your location and re-gaining what you lost. I really hope the admin team will say ''fuck off'' for once and denies the complaints that are clearly there to just get somebody banned for something little.
  13. @Shrek @Turin I didn't mean for a class to be 2M+ maybe a slight stat increase but it will cost you 150k to train. The class is pretty much permanent anyways and people would want the best thing to win wars. Maybe make it so certain armors could only be worn by the expensive class?
  14. Will there be something to sink money into? I know the boars and deerlets sank a lot of money from people. But will there be something that insanely expensive and only a few could afford? 2M+ Maybe a slightly better class then MS, MAA, Sergeant, Serf but to train it is a lot more expensive? Maybe I should just make a suggestion topic.