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  1. To fill up your food bar it would require an entire cart.
  2. It's actually a magic spellbook where if you combine a herb and carrot you'll be able to heal with the book open. This is really rare to find though, hence why you probably have never seen it. Good luck finding the carrot though it's extremely hard to find, but 100% worth it for the healing spell.
  3. Both Henricus and Techno already told me you were a good admin before you were ''kicked'' There's no reason to even consider denying you unless it was a biased issue from other members of the staff.
  4. Admins voting no
  5. @Zareno The rules we're playing with have been in place for years the community playing on the server doesn't want more rules to be added to protect players. Perhaps if you keep making suggestions or having new idea's (which is always appreciated) they might be looked at and be implemented, however, when it comes to big rules like these they won't change. As for the economy, the majority of people aren't looking to Roleplay they play this mod to fight each other and prove that they're better in fighting than the faction they're fighting. Think of the mod as a controlled environment where people get to flame each other all day long and fight each other without the need to having to always fight back?
  6. Thank you, i didnt actually know this a thing. Makes it a lot easier.
  7. Dropped by complainer. [automated message]
  8. Pending. From now on involved community members have 24 hours to provide any additional evidence or hints that could be useful to the admin. Refrain from posting unless you add newly found evidence or a reasonable defence towards the complaint itself if you are the accused player. If you fail to follow the complaint rules admins reserve the right to give out warning points accordingly. [automated message]
  9. Let me get this right, you're currently reporting them for giving Pyroz 500G to change his banner? If not you need to re-explain your story as I can't make sense of it.
  10. Friday main server event On Friday 16:30 GMT the Swann faction will be attempting to defend the arena from the entire server. Defending numbers depend on the servers population. The defenders will have gear of their own choosing, and be refunded 25k to those that died and participated in the event. Techno will join the defending side with plate armor & more. When a Swann dies in the arena they will not re-join the fight, however, attackers may always rejoin the fight. After 20 minutes both the Defenders and Attackers will get admin heals, there is to be no breaking or raiding against any of the clans castles participating in the event. Rewards: Armor from the event held by the Swann faction Techno & Jacko bounty: 150.000 each Alan: 100.000 Highlords 75.000 each Lords: 50.000 each Serjeants: 25.000 each Castallen: 20.000 each Kingsguard: 10.000 each Send a screenshot of you killing the player(s) via the forums or Steam to @Cheese to claim your bounty reward. If you wish to add into a bounty reward or put a name up feel free to comment or PM me to add them into this list. Sunday event server On Sunday 17:30 GMT the Phoenix team will host an event on the Phoenix_Event server there will be no password required to get in. As of currently, it's unknown to the number of people that will show up to the event I cannot tell you as of yet to who's attacking or defending. The Map 'Viking Conquest' will be put up, anyone is allowed to join this event. When entering the event server please lineup at the walls including pubs as you'll be directed on what faction to join. If you have a clan that has at least 15 people PM @Cheese in order to work things out for the event. Selected players from each clan will Admin on the event server looking after their own clan in-case they're in need of help or guidance. If you wish to Admin during the event server(s) give me a private message and we can talk from there. Clan admins @Ari - Brandenburg @Chinkilla - Swanns @Himura - CI @Beano - Thorns Server admins @Foxy @Henricus @Cheese @Hermes
  11. Riduculous, this isn't a competition to who can solve the complaint the fastest. Plus why are you saying admins are only there for complaints? Walex could add a lot to the team were he to be accepted, more than just solving complaints.
  12. You would deny people because the admin team is already active? The more competent people helping the server the less stress overall on the admin team. I will vouch yes, i've never spoken to you for a long duration, but when i did you were great.
  13. Himura has always been active within this community and for those who have spend time around Himura, they know he's a mature and competent person.
  14. I'm saying to resolve this between the players quickly we could agree on a refund (250k) about 1/4 or 1/5 of what they made. Because most likely for glitching there isn't going to be a forced refund from the admins and more likely a ban were the complaint to be validated. Can we at least agree that pushing somebody with a cart would be considered glitching no matter the situation? @Vhasj