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  1. Can we get red ones too?
  2. Are you able to remove the knockdown? then it just would be a better horse than a charger. - It will be like the boars some people will buy them buy after a while nobody uses them, the price is too crazy.
  3. The simple answer is this server isn't mainly populated by Roleplayers the 90% of people on the server want to fight each other all day.
  4. The argument you present is that he is toxic in global chat do you really think he will solve a complaint of yours and flame on your thread as an Admin? Do you think he will come online as an admin and spam global chat or even admin chat with toxic behavior? I have not seen one Admin go crazy in-game or on the forums, everyone adapts to their position so will Monsnic. The ones calling Monsnic out for having a toxic behavior are the most toxic people I've had to meet on the server at a certain point in time.
  5. This image represents my feelings after reading their reply's. @British_Samurai @Secan
  6. How about an event where we let our monkey admins fight each other and the winner gets the applause of the plebs.
  7. You should limit the arrows and bolts for both teams, it will make the event more fun.
  8. What is this cancer thread? just wait for an admin. Maybe the logs show a more clear story
  9. From what I'm getting is that he's always been a good Admin, I've yet to see one person say that he was terrible as an Admin on Phoenix. Apart from one incident which has already been dealt with quite a long time ago and thoroughly explained by both sides. Having more Admins on the server is a better option for all of us there are currently over three unsolved complaints. @Benji Apart from the one incident that's already been discussed and dealt with is there anything else? @Tywin Instead of trying to be funny, you could actually give constructive feedback to not only help Monsnic, but also the Phoenix staff team. I hope that your next reply to this thread is more serious as we all know that the Phoenix staff team needs more help solving forum complaints.
  10. Does anyone actually have a valid argument to not re-make him an Admin or are we out here to throw shit whenever we can? @Rythos
  11. I remember this used to be a meme to put VoS back on but now it has become a reality. The meme has become the dream. Give Dekkers upvotes he's producing meme art.
  12. wrong section. Second of all message @Scorpia
  13. Will this server be overlooked by Phoenix or by @Michael
  14. Why did the first rust server go down anyways? Was it because you would get banned on Phoenix if you did lactose intolerant stuff in Rust?
  15. Rust needs a no rule zone, it's where we can let our autism out.