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  1. me and big @Mikeyhung hes a top lad ))
  2. france was pure banteroonies + BRING THAT MAP BACK
  3. Oh right sorry xd but was the ladder broken and did that cause you to lose the siege ?
  4. blame server then they didnt enter the water only LORRAINES AND STARKS DID
  5. they arent gonna stand still are they if you are abusing the server to get to them
  6. As there was no starks going up the ladder then why is it a problem he can hit a ladder if he wants to
  7. If im correct he goes by the name of dewclaw?
  8. transfer it from my bank admun ples
  9. he clogged and i could have had his plate ;-;
  10. who r u
  11. Benikeh is hungarian and is a bit of a goon and he doesn't have a forum account from my knowledge, how much would the refund be? Futhermore I am sorry for his mistakes.
  12. adek come steam i need to message you
  13. my nan walked up and down the stairs 10 times this complaint can be solved now
  14. more relevant then you