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  1. lol crushers ban history is worse then mine /vouch eventhough i dont mater anymore no ban plox
  2. Why not lol
  3. fuck the IRA
  4. we need new maps so why not
  5. @Proton no
  6. It fucking says it you mongoloid, autists aside Never seen you before but seem like a nice guy but im staying /Neutral
  7. do you even play anymore and are you relevant? All you seem to do is be edgy and cringey on the forums. I dont have time to read back in the comments of this edgy forum post. I put it because the only way this "problem" would be solved is that way which no one will do, so that idea shows that nothing can change for the better.
  8. why dont you have 4 more servers and then put on each one a top 5 most popular map, that way you can play on all the maps at any time!!!
  9. Nice guy but your too new to the community, you need alot more experience like years just as others who have been accepted /Devouch
  10. dont like godwins usually but hes a red apple in a bunch of shitty green ones /VOUCH
  11. ye baino ur a nies guy, but gonna be a hypocrite here and say your not mature enough i have evidence of u randoming me a matter of days ago. This shows your not mature engough sorry devouch
  12. /Devouch Abit too wild and childish in complaints from and against him and his past would be too risky
  13. Can I apply for unban mi lord HA Michael your GRACE First of His Name and First of The Grill Gamers
  14. Why is all my posts moderated