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  1. yh I bought 5 tickets for 25k and my bank decreased by 100k lol
  2. admin rap battles
  3. hello the mob has spoken
  4. yeah lol didn't understand how Stefan could've voted 9 times
  5. A tad hypocritical don't you think considering a large proportion of complaints regarded as "banmongering" come from members of your clan?
  6. On top of this banmongering is where you pick up on any hint of a rule-break and report it whilst fondling a 2 inch winkle that you can barely see under rolls of fat. People seem to enjoy posting needless complaints in order to seem more popular "online" when at the end of the day the only reason you do it is because your social life is non-existent and no one wants to see your quadruple chin.
  7. Agreed. I find it autistic when people report for that sake of it rather than just getting on with life/the game.
  8. fuck me
  9. "I don't use social media" priorities lol /vouch
  10. im white ???
  11. Agreed. wasnt there something a while back where everyone's ban history was wiped afresh? Would be nice to implement that again.
  12. @MercerTheSwellGuy
  13. Are you really this special?? I suggest you offer a refund before I change my mind.
  14. Trying to whip out the warzone excuse won't do you any justice. It's clear that there was no fighting in our local vicinity and I did not loot the body, even after God had told me I could.