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  1. can we have some kind of map overview labelling where mines are etc ty
  2. In avalon war bows don't have a crafting refund fix pls ty
  3. he's 13
  4. something has been forced upon young isaac again well, at least it isn't tommys willy this time
  5. Lag

    As I said, it was simply an idea which could in practice prevent such a swarm of people complaining about the lag. I agree that people should, and do at the moment, donate independently and of their own volition but evidently, as mentioned in one of the threads Lord Lord Avenger made, that isn't enough. I want to again repeat that this was just an idea that cropped up in my mind but which could easily be altered / changed around if the issue became more serious.
  6. Lag

    I assume some of these changes align with a recent lack of donations? If so I'd like to see a clan-donation system implemented in which each member commits 50p or something along those lines meaning that for an example major clans of 100 people £50 could be raised and donated towards the server upkeep. This idea may be an utter failure but as a basis I think it could be a decent idea.
  7. who won
  8. admin rap battles
  9. hello the mob has spoken
  10. yeah lol didn't understand how Stefan could've voted 9 times
  11. A tad hypocritical don't you think considering a large proportion of complaints regarded as "banmongering" come from members of your clan?
  12. On top of this banmongering is where you pick up on any hint of a rule-break and report it whilst fondling a 2 inch winkle that you can barely see under rolls of fat. People seem to enjoy posting needless complaints in order to seem more popular "online" when at the end of the day the only reason you do it is because your social life is non-existent and no one wants to see your quadruple chin.
  13. Agreed. I find it autistic when people report for that sake of it rather than just getting on with life/the game.
  14. fuck me
  15. "I don't use social media" priorities lol /vouch