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  1. WTF, -370 REPUTATION???

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      Come back, we miss you!


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      He is perm banned lol

  2. Yeah terrorism is soooooooo fuuucking fuuuuuuuuuuuuunnyyyyyyyy!!! It's the funniest subject for funniest jokes, because what can be funnier than epic explosions where families with kids are dying in agony? So let's make some fun ingame! Write "ALLAHU AKBAR" on chat, because it's funny and stupid n00bs won't understand this smart controversy. I know this topic is a joke, but joking about terrorism and spamming "ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!!111" is not so funny or even mature. Everywhere on internet u can find people writing "ALLAHU AKBAR" and making fun of terrorism, because they didn't lose their friends or family in explosions. I don't ask you to stop, because I don't give a shit, but u guys are just stupid.
  3. Do you think that I'm so dumb to blackmail admin for serious? Mad Villager don't like phoenix and he is happy that he got ban, so I'm happy too! I know that threat is not ok, but I really don't know what is terrible in telling other ppl about glitch, because this one is not so simple that everyone can do it. Anyway tell why you permbanned me?
  4. Yes, I said that Mad_Villager didn't gave me money, because he didn't tell me about it, so I thought I have those 600k not from him. I didn't told you about duping because u said that u already speaking with Mad on TS. Involvement because I didn't told admins about duping? Is it my duty to tell admins about every rulebreak I see? You banned me for duping, but u know that I didn't dupe any money. DId I hurt anyone. server will die beacuse me?
  5. Hi, I said to Scorpia that I will tell others about this glitch, because I was bored and wanted to see his reaction. It won't destroy PW anyway, cuz it doesn't mean that everyone will dupe money. U can't ban ppl, who just knows how to glitch. I didn't tell others about it, because I don't have any deal for doing that, I admit that I was wrong, when I told admins that Mad_Villager didn't gave me 600k. He does without telling me long time ago, when I left pw for some months, I thought that I got this from stealing money from the chest and looting corpses. I really don't know what rule I broke.