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  1. Prob want to change the name of London to Shariz
  2. Idk why ya'll are sayin Godwin admins when most of the Godwins are inactive anyways. Fucking pleb bias tho. /vouch
  3. @Orc should be admin /vouch
  4. Anyone gets accepted nowdays. I would prob be accepted as well if i made an admin application. /vouch
  5. Man how low can you sink when you get roasted by a Bulgarian Turk.
  6. Man i really miss the old Nexus / Oasis tincan skirmishes. Clanmembers were allowed and able to roam the map and instigate fights. It felt like there was a general enjoyment playing PW in peacetimes which you don't really see anymore. Castle camping too common when Phoenix matured. Everybody started with a lower ammount of money and you weren't able to pay for in-game gold with donations. Now your clan has to win or you had to work for tincans. Natural non-server organized fieldbattles were also more common. The bridge battles that happened were the most fun i had in PW. However on the bright side Phoenix brought us more advanced and organized sieges. Clans became more organized, developed and adopted new tactics. Mostly developed by our SO king of the Lannisters @Tywin. EG: Spawnkilling, Spawncarts, Arrowcarts, Organized Heavy horse chargers, Killboxes, etc. Anyways, Phoenix is still a better server by miles and armor robbing will make the fashion conscious individuals castle camp a lot more. Also this shit is highly abuseable. You can join the server in the morning and join the enemies faction to halt and rob them of their armor when they spawn in.
  7. No fuckin clue who you are but you play dota /vouch
  8. Good lad /Vouch
  9. No need to write essays lads. Nobody and especially the admins dont care. Never seen him and the ban has been from over two years so who tf cares. This is the part which i show my support for this application (or not) but since the admins don't care and shouldn't care about our opinions of us r3tards, i wont do it.
  10. You are a Godwin, and all, but i think, you are not, admin material. But hey, they accepted @Secan so i guess it doesn't matter at this point.
  11. Seems to be on par with the current admins /vouch
  12. Holy Roman Empire more like Holy Roman Caliphate
  13. Fuck the whites. Black power!