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  1. No fuckin clue who you are but you play dota /vouch
  2. Good lad /Vouch
  3. No need to write essays lads. Nobody and especially the admins dont care. Never seen him and the ban has been from over two years so who tf cares. This is the part which i show my support for this application (or not) but since the admins don't care and shouldn't care about our opinions of us r3tards, i wont do it.
  4. You are a Godwin, and all, but i think, you are not, admin material. But hey, they accepted @Secan so i guess it doesn't matter at this point.
  5. Seems to be on par with the current admins /vouch
  6. Holy Roman Empire more like Holy Roman Caliphate
  7. Fuck the whites. Black power!
  8. Dude prob has to enable updog.
  9. Phoenix already had a test server i believe. Prob using that one
  10. VoS yet all the clans take shitty hill castles very far away from the middle. Very fun indeed
  11. Back to NW with you
  12. Pls add this for the lyre
  13. Makes you kos regardless. Blame the Byz lord for it. But im pretty sure you guys asked them to kick you. However i cant porve this. It's just a wild speculation