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  1. wow dont leave me, i'll pay u big time! UNITED CTF OF AMERICA
  2. i'd gladly add u on steam, but i can't add people on steam...
  3. K
  4. Can't u tell? im mad ! crazy bout that love, not war! just wanna play!
  5. A single pouch/kick, An extra day banned, i had nothing to do with he's first death, Knerk doesnt even play much so he dont give's a fk who he kills I seriously wanna play and have fun, still i dont think i did nothing wrong and have nothing to do with hes deaths. UNIT CTF
  6. Knerk rdmed him not me , if you look at the logs you will see that I did not touch him until he comes to ask about the refund , and I had nothing to do with his first death . !!!!!!!!!!! So in pounch him how much i want l0l0l0l0 !!!!!!!!!! 1 AGAIN THIS IS SOOO WRONG FKIN # DissmissBRIDGE4eva
  8. This is not respected , serious I might hit once so what? It is not RDM l0l , this is damn wrong! Knerk wrong did not me! bridge , I understand that you hate me , but what the hell, embarrassing as hell , embarrassing! Someone who agree this is not RIGHT? HAHAH embarrassing! CTF UNIT 2K7!