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  1. Sick acting
  2. Hmm in the corner i think the one replace by Fjorgyn i think
  3. I think hes speaking the one when its was Lannister Lorraines against stark and normandy in HH
  4. Its not like we were holding a plebs faction with a castle and interfere in the event.Its was still 1v1 even with some plebs in the faction. Always been like that back in the days too. We just wanted to have some fun like everyone and play the game.
  5. no thx no more rules :)
  6. Pro baratheon levy
  7. Its not because the leadership of some clans dont want to play on it; that some members of this clan can't play on it to try it.
  8. Pretty sure if we take Iron Abbey on Great divide people will say its op !!!
  9. How u can know that monti is op u didnt even try to siege us lol
  10. nvm
  11. Yeah bro
  12. Plebs ez
  13. Tbh people asking new map, and when we got new maps they dont want it .
  14. No that map is nice