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  1. Thanks for putting time and effort into this, that's a cool feature actually so much appreciated.
  2. Name: Tardet GUID: 87821 Dustin vs. Antonio Betting on: Dustin Amount: 100k Mozart vs. Pepsi Betting on: Pepsi Amount: 100k
  3. Could be interesting if properly organized, good luck with that man.
  4. DDoS server when he doesn't get what he wants, I don't care if its Native or PW, or anything other mod, it just shows how you behave and that you will never be suitable for an admin position. Also for those who have contact with known and respectable NA native players, just ask them how Andrei behaves as an admin of the NA_Duel, you might learn one or two interesting things. If you want to fuck up NA_Phoenix, he is the guy you need, otherwise, just throw this application to the archives aleady.
  5. There we go! Looking forward :)
  6. Loving it !
  7. Issue has been discussed, thanks for bringing it up Dante. Locking it.
  8. Always the same struggle everytime ^^ Other than that, looks really great, specially from the overview, looking forward to play a new map.
  9. Was cool to have you around.
  10. Bye.
  11. I give you two weeks before you get banned for not following the rules. You litteraly came out of nowhere and expect people to agree with your ideas or like your suggestions while it seems you clearly don't understand how the server currently works. Yes it is toxic. Yes the factions might contribute to it to some extend but its the way the server is and its no big surprise if all the other servers who have tried to compete with Phoenix and claim offering a 'different experience' pathetically failed. (Probably also with the help of @Chris Christie and @Ragnosos ) From what I've understood, there is a RP server which has always being around but never had close to the amount of players on Phoenix. Maybe you will find peace and hapiness here. Thanks for sharing you amazing maturity which consists of being uncapable of accepting critism, making retarded and pointless suggestions and getting triggered because of it. Try understanding the place where you play before proposing changes next time. Locked and moved.
  12. There is not many people I would see fitting the position more than James. Vouch
  13. Might bad, scratch what I said then, probably read something too fast.
  14. From the screenshoot only, the maps itself looks absolutely splendid and I can't wait to play it, honestly. The real challenge will be to make it liked by clans because they tend to complain a lot with maps which don't fit their standards, but quite frankly, they all pretty much asking for new maps so with yours, and Dekkers' one, should be adding up some novelty to the current map rotator. Shame Proton got banned again, his map was looking quite cool aswell and it would have certainly made a fine 3rd addition.
  15. If Tav considers you as mature, that's enough for me. Plus your application is well written and show an evident effort. Vouch