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  1. DDoS server when he doesn't get what he wants, I don't care if its Native or PW, or anything other mod, it just shows how you behave and that you will never be suitable for an admin position. Also for those who have contact with known and respectable NA native players, just ask them how Andrei behaves as an admin of the NA_Duel, you might learn one or two interesting things. If you want to fuck up NA_Phoenix, he is the guy you need, otherwise, just throw this application to the archives aleady.
  2. That's not really hard to make you change your version of the story, maybe you don't even know yourself what you intented to do? You seem rather confused, so I won't mind it. And don't play the 'Atleast I'm aware of the rules' card, as I too have a clear ban/warning history and hardly ever got a report proven invalid. I was aware I was breaking a rule when I halted you, and I called you trash because that's what you're. You come raiding people in the morning because your faction don't stand a single chance in an even fight any other time in the day, when all of us are either serfs or doctor, and crumble as soon as a little resistance is given to you. And whenever you realise that you won't achieve nothing other than occupying our castle for a dozen of minutes before we take it back, you post a complaint, asking for excuses and refund while you effectively lost nothing other than self-respect. That I'm sorry, but I can't give it back to you. Also just to be clear. You don't 'deal' with the Lannis' superiority, you simply suffer it.
  3. 'I came back to grab my weapon and leave'. Anyone can pretend that Greek, we both know that you were just trying to find a reason in order to get another chance for a fight. If I hadn't say anything, you would have just picked your weapons, and started breaking the door again, as it was what you initially came for. If you want to find excuses on forums to justify your behaviour, feel free, but we were both here on the server at the time and know what happened and how it happened. Then again, that's not what I'm complaining about, that's how PW works, nothing new under the sun. I just wanted to highlight the hypocrisy of both you, and the faction you represent, calling others toxic and heavily complaining about people doing that sort of stuff to you (coming early in the morning with long axe to break stuff) while you're doing the exact same whenever you've the occasion (just took you several tries and outnumbering us three to one obviously). So now I just hope you won't complain to anyone whenever you find your whole castle broken, as you're a full actor of the toxicity present on the server. As I said earlier though, the rulebreak is obvious and you were right to report it, I broke a rule and I will face the punishement accordingly, there is nothing wrong with it. Sir Ilyn @Sednan proceed with the execution, will you. We both had the occasions to explain ourselves, I don't want make the hangman awaiting.
  4. Yes, and I was naked. But Paradox killed one of them the second time, naked with a scythe as a serf so I do think that sums-up the whole thing, really.
  5. I won't refund him and won't apologize, but thanks still James. Greek wanted to play the big boy (might want to learn some blocking next time) by breaking our gates early in the morning simply because he knows he can't have any sort of impact any other time in the day. I kicked your ass fair and straigh, 1v2, (do note I take absolutely no pride out of it as you're both extremly bad) and you decided to come back. To prevent you from continuing breaking our gates, I told you to leave, and you eventually managed to kill me in the back with your other friend, happy you. I do not however, contest the break-rule, I should have just killed you again when you had the occasion to. There is nothing to refund as you didn't die the second time, so I will take the ban/warning (Got no prior offense on this account I think so I guess its up to the admin dealing with the request). That being said, I do find rather funny though that the Starks constantly behave as cry-babies, calling other factions toxic, and end-up doing the exact same, aka being toxic early in the morning and reporting others when they got their ass kicked. I hope you enjoyed your little 'victory' 12v4, I know it didn't last really long but we had to taught you your place again as you seemed to have forgoten it.
  6. There we go! Looking forward :)
  7. who cares, even if she was a beauty, woudln't quite match Piotes' sexiness
  8. No anwser. Solved & locked.
  9. Loving it !
  10. Hey @Weezy Apologizes for taking so long to deal with your complaint. Logs are now gone so I can't confirm either side of the story even though it seems you're right. I will refund you 30k for your time-waste but none of the players will be punished. As I stated in some other complaints, if there is anyone to blame, that'd by myself for not solving many complaints recently and leading to this situation. Sorry again. Solved and locked. If any of the party are unhappy with the decision or feel it was unfair, you can contact me through steam so we can eventually discuss the decision. You can also make an admin complaint here. If you wish to make an unban appeal, you have to go there.
  11. Hey @Robyn Apologizes for taking time to deal with your complaint, we understand its annoying but don't bump it on your own in any case. As nobody judged worth to give you an answer, the logs are gone and as much as your video seems enough of a proof on its own, I can check if they had a potential kill-reason on you. As per consequence, you will refunded 30k by the admins, for your time and gear wasted but there won't be any punishement. If there is any blame to be taken, it shall be by myself as I was rather inactive with solving complaint lately. Hope you won't it too much, I've also removed your warning point.
  12. Hey @Johann I searched for those logs but couldn't find you with the date and time you gave me. Are you sure it was the correct one? I will give you the day to edit it accordingly.
  13. Interest wasn't lost, complaint just hasn't been handled by anyone, its rather different. Despite being rather new, it seems @Heretic Crusader understands the rules better than most people and didn't spam his complaint, waiting for it to be solved. 15k refunded from cejsmith's bank to Heretic's one. Solved & locked. If any of the party are unhappy with the decision or feel it was unfair, you can contact me through steam so we can eventually discuss the decision. You can also make an admin complaint here. If you wish to make an unban appeal, you have to go there.