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  1. I didn't play the map myself yet (so we can judge if its good or not yet) however from what I've seen from the screenshots Dekkers posted, map would be kind of fitting for a proper organized event. So if it happens that clans don't like it and don't want to play it at all for the whole week, then please don't throw it away just yet but rather consider re-using it for another purpose. Dekkers has been putting a lot of work behind it I believe and I'm pretty sure there is something cool to do with this map.
  2. Yeah that's exactly my point. It is a great map but definitely not fitting the current Phoenix meta.
  3. I love VoS but often when we played it recently, it lasted two or three days before we switch to another map because too many people complained.
  4. Had 40 min of us running after the CI around the map. Wasn't really fitting for a Ep3 of the Civilian Branch Adventures so was wondering wherenever or not I should upload it and finally came up with that video.
  5. Locked upon author's request.
  6. Thanks a lot @Proton, much appreciated.
  7. Will check it out next time I'm near Jelk, thanks Termito.
  8. Pretty sure there is actually no mill or windmill near Jelkala, and you're forced to gear near Praven farms if you intend to use one.
  9. While I fully understand where you're coming from with such reasoning, I don't think there is a clear way to solve the following problematic. Yes, you could certainly extend the ruleset adding more rules, covering more areas and situation however it is impossible to cover every single potential rule-break situations happening on PW. People will always come with new ways to be 'autistic', using your words. You don't deal with those people by extending a rule-set which, while not being 100% perfect, got a decent functioning. You simply use your common sense each time it is needed as @Evilmay rightfully pointed it out.
  10. The only Lannister superiority I recognize is the one of the Civilian Branch. Joke aside if you're looking for somen HL Propaganda, Alan's video should be good ones! Alan's Youtube Channel if you don't have it yet. Let the dislikes flow.
  11. That's rather cool. If only I could have the Lannister Pack and yours, would make it quite beautiful in wars.
  12. Thanks for putting time and effort into this, that's a cool feature actually so much appreciated.
  13. DDoS server when he doesn't get what he wants, I don't care if its Native or PW, or anything other mod, it just shows how you behave and that you will never be suitable for an admin position. Also for those who have contact with known and respectable NA native players, just ask them how Andrei behaves as an admin of the NA_Duel, you might learn one or two interesting things. If you want to fuck up NA_Phoenix, he is the guy you need, otherwise, just throw this application to the archives aleady.
  14. There we go! Looking forward :)