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  1. It’s not like the mighty clans steal their resources when trying to make money.
  2. old school Oasis. Bohemia etc.
  3. Anyone miss the coalition faction that always sits in Sargoth on Realm Divided & Great Divide?
  4. 3 ways to the banner point now?
  5. As Roy isn’t able to see this. Could you possibly add the banner of House Blackfyre for NA? It’s the only notable clan on Na so they should be allowed to have their banner added.
  6. @Sofo better get ur legs moving
  7. No offence; but Lorraine’s are literally the tumour of PW. You guys are so toxic lol. Lorraine’s were alright at first years ago, bellator would be disappointed of what his clan has become xd
  8. Update 0.3.5: Ypres Tower PART 2 Unsatisfied with Ypres Tower, I began work on it again to try and improve it. This is the end result. I added a wooden village outside it, a serf haven i guess. Hopefully this looks better and will be fun to siege. I dont know if people still look at this topic lol. @William said it was something he hasn't seen before but idk D:
  9. Hi can you show some of the new castle props that you are adding? Tyyy
  10. Who gets robbed by a doc, how bad are you at melee William wtf
  11. God Pharis, u r hilarious
  12. Update 0.3: Ypres Tower Restarted work on the map after a months break dealing with IRL stuff and another project. - Began Construction of Ypres Tower (Haven't done ground textures or terrain around it, so it may look a bit odd. Designed the castle to be very open, a nice place for a cav battle or somethin. Ladders needed to be added as well. Still debating if i should scrape the castle and remake it or try to improve it. Hopefully this will look better in the PK mod which makes the graphics look better. Next update, I will probably start Faction 4 then work on terrain improvements, then start working on Faction 5 & Faction 6.
  13. Will continue this on Thursday. Been very busy and worked on another project recently, (Byzantine Empire TP). Will be created for the new PK mod.
  14. As a small request, is it possible to add special armour? Like the Kings Guard Armour from GoT? So everyone can see the special armour? This can be brought on the shop and can only be found on GoT maps?
  15. Some armour suggestions from my Byzantine Empire TP: My Texture Pack, Medieval Byzantium Theme:!S59jHAwb!xGSNg_rMZTY4k6v6jC1RHYI0iKwMmARWvPryuNxskVM Edit: I also have that mustache helmet in my TP x)