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  1. The ignorance is almost humorous at this point. You lack logic. Eve was in spectator not joining. You don't question why we were talking in faction chat not fighting when I was patiently waiting at the spot they logged out? Again regarding 'I reported this' I refer to the rule clarification regarding spelling. This one is more of a miscommunication I understand. As for the comment regarding healing, it's clear you're very triggered by this, another undesirable trait for an admin. The case is simple. As an admin you should allow things to take their course and make the necessary corrections after just as a player should rather than combat log if they think they're being randomed. Eve was not in some haven in a complaint as sometimes players are. They freshly spawned in as we still waiting by their spawn point and as they did we attacked. You interfered unjustly and swayed the result.
  2. The combat log was not mentioned as I hoped to kill him and obtain the gear. This excuses a lack of punishment but doesn't justify the interfering. Again you came and responded to my complaint. Eve was not even in the server at this time. When they logged back in I went for them. They did not make a complaint and they were not part of the complaint. I understand if you're 'worried' about the other player as they should learn the rules. You can explain the rules to them afterwards instead of interfering and aiding a player. It's as simple as that. As stated in the complaint rules if you are not part of a complaint don't reply or commment. It will just earn you warning points. If it's unclear who is randoming heal them both? You clarify who is in fault and punish them and make sure the necessary corrections are made for the victim such as a heal. You don't heal the randomer mate. As Cappy stated, this wasn't the case anyway.
  3. Your decision would of only made sense if Eve had been the one reporting. As the player who made the complaint I am completely justified to leave when I feel it is resolved especially if it is so i can take my opportunity before a player escaped or combat logs once more. You say that you wanted to ask if either of us have any questions? I wasn't allowed to go because I might of had questions? If I leave of my own accord I clearly don't have any questions. You also wanted to ask if Eve had any questions? Eve had not made a report of any kind. Apply that logic elsewhere, you see a fight, the player being attacked hasn't made a report but you stop it anyway and say do you have any questions about how you're being attacked? When a player thinks they are being randomed they should never combat log as it could be the case it is legal. You allow things to take their course and report it later and if needs be you would be refunded. This is also the correct admining procedure. You allow things to take their course and if a report is made it can be reviewed and the corrections can be made. What you have done is the admin equivalent of combat logging when you were halted but don't see it in the chat. You interrupted a legal fight and interfered by healing.
  4. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Hassan_Al-Djezairi The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin: TA_Cappy The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely): Approx. 19:40 GMT 21/01/17 What you claim the admin has done: Incorrectly handled my complaint and dealt no punishment to the offender The full story: I halted a player 'Eve of Asgard' but I misread and said 'Halt Eva'. As seen in previous cases slight spelling mistakes are allowed as long as its clear who the intended target is. Abdul_Al-Djezairi and I cornered Eve and attacked but they combat logged. I reported this to Cappy and he agreed Halt Eva was fine as it was clear and a single letter mistake. Eve logged back in and I attacked but Cappy ran over telling us to wait. I stopped and typed 'He said wait' following Cappys instuctions. Eve continued to attempt to kill my horse before Cappy got in the way. He gave us both heals and said start again in 10. Originally Eve was cornered and couldn't escape. Eve used the 10 seconds to mount up and escape and was able to kill us later. The issue here is: Why were we originally stopped and why was Eve healed? It was perfectly legal as stated and this player just broke a serious rule. Either allow the completely legal fight or ban Eve for breaking the rule. What logic went into healing a player, to full health, that had only been attacked legally. Why allow them 10 seconds to escape? I informed Cappy he had handled this incorrectly to which he simply said no. I asked if we could discuss it rather than just saying no but once more he said no. This is shabby behavior from an admin and I am suprised he hasn't learned his lesson regarding healing from previous mistakes. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): Cappy should validate what I have said and if not logs will suffice.
  5. It used to always be the admins decision if just a refund or ban was necessary, not the players. It is my opinion it should still be that way.
  6. What's with people saying Vote? This isn't a democracy, you don't get votes, we're not keeping a tally. You can just Vouch. The bloody language barrier.
  7. Actively solved complaints correctly, it's as simple as that. As for questions of loyalty, was a member of Oasis first and so displayed loyalty rejoining.
  8. Firstly I would like to address what I'm certain you know are clear lies. 'Ancient then comes on TS with me and starts asking why he was killed. And I explain why I did it, he laughed and called me bad admin then he logged' What is this? This never happened. In the past I've looked for a TS IP for Olympus but I am certain it is not even on their website where it should be due to the shoddy nature of the entire server. Again, what on Earth is this? I've never admined in game on this server. Instantly disproving this bullshit. I am honestly amazed by the length of nonsense you've written here. You were not banned for any instance on another server, I've never spoken to you on TS and these past occurrences never happened. You were banned as I was informed an Olympus admin was on the server spreading propaganda and randoming. As I knew you were an Olympus admin it was reason enough for me seeing as I myself was instantly banned when I joined Olympus for being from here.
  9. Bridge Troll has already spoken to Prawnatron in teamspeak yesterday and he will tell you what I told you. Drawing a weapon after being halted is a hostile action, cycling through weapons with no enemies around when being told to stay is not, do you even know the definition of the word hostile? To try and exercise my lack of common sense, when I halt someone and they have a weapon out I can't just instantly kill them, I would have to tell them to sheath their weapon. The demand was illegal anyway but this was without a doubt simple kill baiting.
  10. Good afternoon, Firstly, drawing a weapon after being halted is a hostile action as I've outlined. The player in the mentioned case did not do that. He was told to 'Stay there' a player must follow the most recent demand given to them e.g. telling a player to follow after being halted you can't kill them for moving. Cycling through weapons when your attacker is nowhere in sight is in no way hostile. Cycling through weapons is also distinguishable from drawing a weapon. Secondly, telling him to remain was an illegal demand anyway. Once you are done robbing a player you cannot simply tell them to remain. The rules in place to safeguard against this are the imprisonment rules, as I cannot rob a player and tell them to remain still for an indefinite amount of time. It was not Prawnatrons land and so he could not imprison him. You may only imprison people who are trespassing on your land. In the case of imprisonment, all demands formulated to the prisoners MUST BE reasonable. Demands may not be used to abuse the system and to bait for kill reasons. Admins reserve the right to decide if a demand is reasonable or not. 'Demands may not be used to abuse the system and to bait for kill reasons'. Literally all this was, or perhaps I'm an excessively stupid edgy memester.
  11. Are you voting for Trump or for Hillary?
  12. Think you may have me mistaken with someone else as I have a even have a video of myself robbing Palfer back in the Nexus days and we were never in the Lannisters at the same time. It's also unlikely as I would only ever admin as Ancient and I played purely as Chad of The Animal Kingdom on Nexus.
  13. My personal view is combat logging is never the correct response. Firstly, you can never be sure if it is RDM. If I'm ever randomly attacked I don't assume RDM, I assume I missed something in the chat or a past combatant had asked for help. Even in the case of RDM, as an admin I would always punish both the randomer and the combat logger as the correct way to deal with the situation would simply be to report it and be refunded. In my particular case, I was fairly certain due to the nature of the attack it wouldn't be reported as the culprit wouldn't want to admit their RDM and I had been through a bit of a long day not wanting to deal with a long report and waiting period so simply Alt+F4'd. Unfortunately, as sometimes we all are, I was wrong.
  14. Your in-game name: Ancient / Ftm_Ignatius_Lannister Age: 20 Are you currently a member of a clan?: Yes, Footman in House Lannister What position are you applying for?: Game Admin Have you ever been banned from from the server? If so, why?: Yes. Once a few months ago when I killed someone for holding an attack and did shadowplay it but due to inactivity didn't even notice the ban and once very recently for combat logging which is quite out of character for me and hasn't happened in years (Mistakenly thought it was RDM). Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position?: After a long period of sporadically playing I have became active again for some time and have seen the dire need of admins ingame. I was also quite recently encouraged by Hagaron to make an application. I have quite a lot of experience as an admin first on Nexus for about a year, as Head Admin on Oasis for about a year and as admin for quite a brief period on Phoenix. I have dealt with a very wide variety of cases over a number of years and my decision making is better for it. In game and when using the logs there are a few methods which must be known for an efficient performance of which I am quite capable. I am a extremely competent and logical person and do not have any particular positive or negative opinions of any players to cause any bias. Link to your steam profile:
  15. lol rip hunter