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  1. http://pw-phoenix.com/forum/index.php?/forum/173-mb-warband-persistent-kingdoms-development/ whoops.
  2. Sell me both
  3. Nay. 50k Is way too cheap, you can buy it as much as u like in that case would only turn the mod into fantasy rather than fixing economy.
  4. Price reduction of baors and deers are already discussed and I believe we came to a conclusion to reduce their price by 50%, it wasnt confirmed but william may change it.
  5. Does this mean I wont be able to ask for 32000 refund when being RDMed naked on a war horse?
  6. Just transfer the banks as they are, I cba to grind my ass off again or create a server dominated clan *ahem*. I dont see how wiping banks will give a disadvantage to new players if anything it will be a positive thing as cunts will tend to halt and exploit new players for fun and now it will become for fun and money which will be a negative effect to the growth of the new mod. Also money will be a bigger thing than it already is now as I mentioned and admins would have to host "refundable siege/battles" to get the camping factions out of their castle and then the point of gathering money would be useless. blablablabla. Keep it as it is.
  7. Yes. Buff horses. Make them more expensive. Make them valuable. Also buff mountable deers and boarlets. Ty.
  8. So I assume you would need to add more resources into the game, for example coal? I feel like this gives a wider variety of choice for serfing aswell, as you could go mine coal if for instance the iron stock was full? correct me if im wrong. This would actually force a faction of 40 to retrain maybe 10 people to serf/smith rather than 1 guy going serf and 1 guy being smith which would add more realism to this game. (Not only for the resource gathering but smithing process would require more man power aswell) Maybe add 2x of everything needed in the armory since the process of smithing seems to take a while, also be sure to add something like PW LOPPEN so that all players could learn how to craft specific items. I will refrain from voting for now.
  9. Felt like I needed to quote this so it comes to last page, its a good texturepack I like that it changes almost every texture in game :)
  10. Hey you, you got some thicc texturepack making skills, any update for an upcoming one? the current ones arent really my taste and I do like ur lannister themed one but im not a big fan of only 1 themed texturepack, are u in the progress of making a new one with a wider variety of textures? :p Umm i may have quoted the wrong text... but ye u get my point
  11. I second this idea, I have spent 600k on boars and I feel like the money just isn't worth the fun, (I ran around dismounting people in war, I think I got 5 sumpter horses, 3 saddles, 1 hunter and 1 courser before wulf came and couched my ass and 200k went down the drain) 100k seems reasonable and maybe a decrease to the deer pricing aswell to perhaps 250k? My experience with the deer is that a dude with gauntlet punched its face 3 times and made it go down to 50% HP, I feel like the deer (400.000 gold "item") would die from an arrow worth 10 gold dats no fun
  12. //Vouch He is a great guy, if he thinks he's ready then you should give him the 2nd chance he deserves. I hope he understands that if he gets accepted theres no room for errors since he'll be walking on thin ice. If he feels like he is ready for the role and he can handle it then there should be no harm in giving him another chance. Although I do not know Benji so well as an individual I have seen how active admin he is in game which is always a good thing to have.
  13. I was in this war, and the war was as legal. Nothing wrong with it, they even had a real war reason (Previous hostalities). Just to get that clear with. I just have a question, if 2 factions are at war, are admins allowed to heal if theres no enemies close by? (If server is below 50 players of course). [EDIT] My main focus was the silver cart, but it wasn't the lord of our faction, he just wanned war. He had declared on a lot of other factions and simply crushed them, you were one of the last factions remaining.