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  1. Solved & moved. The complaint was solved by the admin and his verdict is the final judgement. If you have evidence that the verdict was given upon wrong proof, you may dispute the verdict by posting a ban appeal, message the admin on the forum or posting an admin complaint in this order. If you feel you were handled unfairly without valid evidence you cannot dispute the verdict. [automated message]
  2. As you did not wish to answer to my question to why the refund is 175k I go off based on what I know. You did not lose anything, Miss_Canada dropped his complaint, dabbingbeast lost 25k worth of stuff. I will put a refund of 25000 (from Robbes account to yours) for the damages caused to dabbingbeast (valued by yourself) and also issue a warning for NRR on Robbe as I was looking through logs I saw more than one occasion of NRR. (first offence)
  3. Accepted & moved. [automated message]
  4. Accepted & moved. [automated message]
  5. Denied & moved. [automated message]
  6. I see nothing in logs in regards to you having a horse that you dismount. Feel free to re-do your refund request with the correct name and/or date. Or poke me on ts and we can solve it there (I'm always on the phoenix ts)
  7. Accepted & moved. [automated message]
  8. Your GUID and name: Unknown (Ftm_Unknown_Swann in logs) Reason for refund: Plated Charger stuck in Spawn Date & Time: 2019-03-20 around 16:40 Did you take a server crash refund (if applicable): - Link to the complaint (if applicable): - Screenshot: Will put if needed but logs should due Estimated amount: 75000 I typed "123123" twice in logs it was around that time you can check logs for the plated charger
  9. Pending. From now on involved community members have 24 hours to provide any additional evidence or hints that could be useful to the admin. Refrain from posting unless you add newly found evidence or a reasonable defence towards the complaint itself if you are the accused player. If you fail to follow the complaint rules admins reserve the right to give out warning points accordingly. [automated message]
  10. In the logs I posted earlier you can see the NRR. The players who are allowed to return and rejoin fight since the skirmish is still on-going. However he is not part of their faction so any aid they would give would be RDM/NRR and/or illegal help. I will wait for Robbe's respond if he wishes to refund. Why is the refund 175k tho? You are only allowed to ask for a refund equivalent to what you lost.
  11. Dropped by complainer. [automated message]