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  1. no, imo everything is fine as it is right now.
  2. Keep up the good work
  4. How many banner slots do you have left?
  5. Persistent Kingdoms
  6. Your name: Sharp Steam: Do you have any modding experience?: Yea, helped make some single player mods (none really worth mention), fairly good with the module system, i know how to add items armours etc. With what task(s) do you want to help? (choose numbers from the tasks below): Adding new items (armour / weapons / horses) Replacing existing items (armour / weapons / horses) Adding new banners (or creating new ones) Adding new music
  7. update?
  8. cunt
  9. lol why would you?
  10. Not really, just announce it on the TW forums and create a 'Phoenix - PW4.5' on ModDB. You can also make Admin announcements when the server is populated. Honestly, i think it would be a great idea to add new stuff to the module. Word would get around, and make an announcement everyone has to read when they log on the forum if this gets implemented. I see no harm in this, might even attract old PW players to try out the new stuff.
  11. Item: Brigandine Suggested price: 7.5K Item image(Optional): Why would you like this item added to the shop: A good mid-high tier armor that’s very easily affordable.
  12. Wow onward, I honestly did not expect this, can’t believe I called you one of the “better” admins. Shame.
  13. Cuz he isn’t in a irrelevant clan that can’t get more that 25 ppl!!!111