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  1. This or keep Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones is the only map that makes the server is brim with people
  2. the 'wtf rdm' matches with your screenshot as well
  3. Wow, really? Now I will post a screenshot that proves that it is the same situation because you yourself said that you said RDM. Also I urge the admin that solves this complaint to punish Katerine for blatant lying and banmongering , or I will just make a separate complaint.. It is the exact situation you reported, logs will even show that moments after this you said how you will report me and that I should go to the forum. You are pathetic and sad, have no understanding of the rules and should be banned for good. Here is the screenshot: :
  4. Going to ignore the fact that you were caught lying in a complaint, just trying to get us banned? I loved how in your full story you made yourself the victim, you are disgusting and should be punished. But hey, Richfieldians spewing nonsense...standard. Not going to respond anymore this whole complaint is a joke. Also at 15:55 I didn't shoot you from the roof, I have no idea what are you talking about. Give me the whole situation.
  5. Also, a screenshot of Freya aiming us before Kobe killed her, just in case and my demand.
  6. Myself, Kobe and Wojak were breaking the item chest in the Richfield shop. Freya,Doran and you came into the shop and surrounded us with your swords out. Freya attacked us and got killed and you are standing there aiming at us. I don't understand what did you expect was gonna happen when we are surrounded by 3 of you, killed one of your members and you are aiming at us. We knew we were going to get attacked and we killed you. The way you said it, sounds like we just blatantly RDMed you and it's not the full story. As for the shot at 15:55, you are going to have to be more specific, I can't remember everything. Proof of you aiming at us:
  7. You are not relevant, and it seems your whole clan think that complaints need to be filled with the PW and PK history, personal and opinions and much more. You are irrelevant so stop posting. The rule breaks happened in another life, in which you aren't even present, so stop spamming my complaint please. You personally never killed me, you hypocrite.
  8. Could you refrain from posting such stupid comments and actually wait for an admin? You aren't even related to this complaint, shoo. First off I think you never even killed me big boy, secondly I didn't halt anyone at all today, I was just at Richfield getting halted for no reason, except the fact that you two were so butthurt that you called up the whole Sanguine clan just to halt us, thinking it would change something.
  9. who tf are you to tell us what we are going to do in the game? You just initiated hostilities because you are butthurt
  10. What kind of real argument do you wish to have when the only thing you said is hur dur you are toxic and il take my punishment. You didn't even point out the details of the situation and the reason why you killed me. You are one of the biggest hypocrites and tbh just a wierdo waiting for admin
  11. You haven't protected yourself against arguments, so why do you lie? 90% of your posts are your opinions about us and about how we are these toxic bullies who prey on new players and that's not related to the complaint. Don't talk to me about hypocrisy when you are a member of the clan that is filled with hypocrites, was funny to see myself and Kobe get halted 5 times in a row, harrased, rdmed and imprisoned by the Sanguine even tho you preach against our behavior, which in reality is much less toxic than how you've behaved today.
  12. I use the DX9, I prefer the look of DX7 for some odd reason but since DX7 displays my old man gray moustache as brown , I have to use DX9.
  13. Why does everyone want to make horns more expensive? imo they should be cheap af, it's just an instrument or is there something I dont know about them
  14. You are littering this complaint, I have no idea and I don't care if you have other complaints, I'm talking about this one. I keep my complaints short and easy and don't talk about my feelings and opinions about people who I report, I just report/respond to the rulebreak. I don't know why did you quote my two sentences and put a lot of ?????????? which means absolutely nothing. You only played for a minimal amount of time and got to know me and Kobe only 2 days ago, so if you cold refrain from connecting some imaginary dots and making up conclusions about us in your head, that would be nice.