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  1. imo losing 75% for basically playing the game is beyond stupid
  2. Don't break rules and there won't be a chance for someone to ask a ban for you. I mean it happens, but if it a small mistake, you will get a warrning (just like that stark guy did) otherwise a ban. It's his choice if he wants gold or his ban.
  3. Don't offer it then. It makes sense to be a kill reason since you are litteraly offering to kill me and putting me in a potential death situation. It's a simple and logical rule.
  4. Far too large and with too much of open space. Good for cav but for wandering commoners not so much. Looks nice tho.
  5. Even that, would make total sense. All other factions are able to stick together, except commoners. So, the very least thing is to make us able to team by stating the team members in the admin chat, which was implemented into the rule set. Thank you very much.
  6. Thankss m8
  7. How does Cysgod have that custom crosshair?
  8. Thank you considering this, do let me know.
  9. What is your suggestion: To make it possible, like on all servers before, to have commoners be able to team with other commoners. Hence they won't need to say help to help each other. Why did you bring this up: Having this taken out for no obvious reason makes the Commoners underpowered in comparison to other factions. They are meant to be warriors, that is why there is combat training for commoners. However, commoners don't have stronger classes such as sergeants and men at arms, so being able to help each other is beyond fair. It wouldn't mean that all commoners can help each other, only those who state the group in admin chat. In the worst case, let us help eachother if we have the same tags. Anything else: This was an option in the first servers I've ever been to. This option causes no trouble, and just makes commoners more fun to play to people who play them.