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  2. Feature Name: Erotic Roleplay Category (Website/In-Game): What? Porn site? Detailed description of your suggested feature: Make graphical content of completely nudeness: Tits and dicks. Erect nipples and dicks etc. I could finally ERP with Rowan, Tavington, Bawo and Glopaxi this way.
  3. LONG LIVE ARRYNS I am a sick guy. Formerly known as EthemP. Unfortunately with all my greatness I quit Phoenix and all other casual PW servers a while back and can now only be found as a hardcore roleplaying nerd.
  4. I am a hardcore roleplayer.

  5. Zoltan and Vile Beggar (Makis), we 3 were the original Lannisters and founders m8 (Eu Union) I believe only old Tismirrs would remember Zoltan.
  6. Not sure who he is, haven't seen him. 1/10
  7. Shoutbox ban. Why you think you were banned: I told Avenger to leave my shoutbox. Why you should be unbanned: I recognize Avenger as the one true king of House Shoutbox Any other information that might be useful: It's a Gamble to ban me
  8. Lets fuck in Ikea
  9. King Gamble of the House Arryn demands your oaths of fealty, or thee shall all be thrown through the Moon door!
  10. Name: Gamble Age: 18 Nationality: Dutch Steam Profile URL: Nanshanker9000 Do you have a microphone/TS3?: Yes Have you been in any previous clans?: Yes Why have you chosen to join the House of Godwin?: Glopaxi married me
  11. Really? You really think I'd dismount and sacrifice myself and a plate for a pleb just so he could escape? No. If I wanted to attack then I'd have fought back, instead I went back on my horse and went to ride away. I however got stopped by Arno and then dismounted by Ellis. Instead of playing ''cut and paste'' with your gif post the entire conflict.
  12. Hadn't read the 2nd page or seen your gif, but you can clearly see me not even attacking an attack whatsoever, simply mounting my horse to ride away. Whilst I was riding away you intercepted me by dismounting me however. Coincidence you didn't show that part? Didn't even try attacking or I'd have weapon and shield out no?
  13. I dismounted from a distance to see if there was a fight going on. I saw the fight, so I mounted back on and went to ride away and not getting involved, but you guys just straight away attacked me. You even said yourself that I tried to go away but you dismounted me. I never helped him, I didn't even run towards the fight. You guys went straight after me when you saw the plate.