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  1. Is Helheim spawn being changed to make it actually viable, even if it would be something like just raising the spawn to not have to walk up a ladder.
  3. I guess similar with serfs too, since im pretty sure they can do ladders too, just really slowly(like they can repair gates)
  4. Give horse archers shitty riding skill so that they can at best mount saddles/desert horses, therefore making light cav useful by using their speed to chase down horse archers or something along those lines.
  5. What would be possible and what would be likely to change, even if there were a group willing to do this? I mean I like the sound of the idea but it might turn the mod into one of the shitty copies of PW with too many gimmicks.
  6. more rules = more loopholes just exacerbating the problem you are trying to solve
  7. You want THE MOST ACTIVE ADMIN the other admins to spend like 5-10 mins going through logs for something that only takes a single click??????????????????????????????????????????
  8. okies, other than that though the map looks very nice, will be good to hopefully see it added to the rota
  9. 8k is abit cheap for chargers if I am not mistaken? 16k for chargers is the average price that I remember.
  10. This list is so that mappers have a checklist they can put their map against to make sure that it is functional and will meet some basic community requirements Serfing facilities (What each castle will somehow need access to) Iron Mines Salt Mines Enclosure for cows/boars Flax Wheat fields Water well Mill/horsemill Cuttable trees Brewery Vineyard Grape Presser Items required for serfing in every castle/farm Woodcutter's Axe Mining Pick Scythe Butchering Knife Bucket Wheat Sack (Import) Tavern Bed Item chest Oven Preserve table Serving table Stockpiles for salt, salted meat, salted fish (only if you have fishing enabled), beer/wine Armoury Workbench (for processing wood) Forge Anvil (optional) Spinning wheel Loom Leather tanning Leather/Linen cutter Item chest Stockpiles for leather roll, linen cloth, wood branch, wood block, iron ore Weapons Bows/Xbows Arrows/Bolts Standard One-handers, e.g Spiked Mace, Military Hammer Shields for infantry and cavalry Surgeon's Scalpel Repair Hammer Banner Horses Sumpter Saddle Horse (or equivalent) Courser/Hunter Heavy Horses Stockpile for wheat Saddles, Horse armor Place to rest the horses Misc Training If you believe anything is missing please do put it forward
  11. oki, fixed topic name
  12. Rename it(We already have a map called "The North"), and contact a SA+ on steam, to try and get it on the test server?
  13. Go play on an rp server for shit like this. Even if people wanted it at the time, It shouldnt be built into the mod, it just wouldnt work in every situation and forcing people to do labour in a game is autism.