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  1. Hello phoenix community, Rowan and I came to the conclusion that we want to inform all of you better about what we actually decide/change and/or talk about in our admin meetings. Now, we won't promise you a weekly "Phoenix magazine subscription". We do only give you updates when there is something to talk about. That also means of course, that even if we discussed something, it might not show up here since it is about internal or confidential affairs. Also be aware that you do not have a voice here, the suggestion section is for that, this topic is for output only. Kind regards, Bridge Troll
  2. No thank you
  3. which textures are white? Can you post screenshots please. Also, which directx version are you using, 7 or 9 ?
  4. Hello there folks of Phoenix. If you have any sort of performance problems, this guide is for you. It will show common fixes and work-arounds to get the best experience out of this game. Even though I hope something here will help you, none of the below have any fixed or guaranteed impact on your performance. It can get better, worse or just nothing happens. You know of any furthur bugs, issues, possible fixes or errors in this guide? Feel free to post suggestions below so it can be added/altered. Safety note As it comes to modifying game and system data through external sources, be sure to backup all affected files before you apply any kind of patch. If you are not sure about a step or how to perform certain actions, please ask here or someone who can help you. Symbology for the settings Performance increase No impact on performance Slightly to average performance impact High performance impact Information needs confirmation from more players Launcher Settings To start, let's first have a look at the settings you can select from the launcher. The DirectX version will change your overall visuals. Since it is older technology it will look worse than DirectX 9. Using the older version does not always mean an instant performance increase but it is quite likely(#) A Pixel Shader will determin the quality of surface and material properties. This will have an impact on your GPU(#) Starting the game in windowed mode can give you the ability to experiment with resolutions. Try different ones and see how it affects your game(#)(#) V-Sync basically stops your GPU from updating the seen image on your screen while the previous image is still building up. Should be enabled if you have high fps in general as it can prevent screen tearing and other screen-related issues(#) Load Texture On Demand won't affect you in a big way. If enabled it loads the textures needed for the scene as you join the server, if not it will load all textures as you start the game. Either way, it will create workload on your GPU and CPU only once.(#) Texture detail should be clear. Try different values(#) The maximum framerate should be set to 60. This should be the most stable framerate, actually setting it to higher/different values can result in undefined behavior, however my guess is that M&B does not have any frame-related events that would affect any gameplay mechanics.(not confirmed) Antialiasing does look nice, but it takes a lot of resources. Switch it off and you should get a great fps increase(#) Shadow computing creates a lot of workload. Switch it to Low and you should see some fps going up(#) In-game Settings Monitor Gamma changes your brightness. Should not have any effect on your performance(#) Shader Quality determines quite a lot of effects in-game, in general effects that have to do with vertex and pixel/fragment manipulation. Lightning, Water, Materials and so on(#) HDR or High Dynamic Range is about the lightning quality in the scene, expecially the brightness of reflections(#) The High-contrast Tonemap setting apparently dims the effect of HDR to an more acceptable value, surface reflections no longer burn your eyes that much(not confirmed) Depth effects blurs objects which are positioned far away from the players camera(#) Instancing is a efficient way to create multiple copies of one object without any big impact on performance. Should actually increase performance in scenes that use the same object several times.(#)(#) Grass Density is exactly what it says(#) Shadow on Plants does not have a big effect, yet still takes some resources(#) Tree detail changes the level of detail model for all of your trees(#) Character and Character Shadow Detail are self-explanatory(#) Number of Corpses and number of Ragdolls both affects performance greatly, especially in a battle(#) Dynamic lightning has not too much of an effect from what I saw. There are almost no objects that cast a shadow which would need dynamic shadow computing. There are only carts and trees, but their shadow gets only updated after a certain time periode, so nothing "dynamic" there(not confirmed) Character Shadow should be self-explaining(#) High detailed Particle System has a big impact on performance, as particles overall take quite some resource to be displayed(#) Anisotropic Filtering affects the texture quality of far afield textures/ textures that are stretched on the seen surface due to the degree the players camera looks at it. Has a very high visual effect at the cost of a small resource amount(#) Fast Water Refelctions should also improve your performance(#) Persistent World LoD patch There is a small, sort of patch that adds in some Level of Detail models for objects. You need two downloads, first, the patch itself and secondly the actual objects which feature LoD. It can be found here,160403.0.html under "Optional player client downloads:" 4GB patch mb_warband.exe is a x86 (32 bit) architecture application. Normally the maximum amount of RAM it can reserve is 2GB. This small programm can change that to 4GB, even if it is not a x64 application. But be warned, it worked for me, but as M&B already runs on the highest settings without issues, I could not see any increase or decrease in performance. And yes, as this is something that modifies your game remotely, your game might get unstable to play. Process/task settings You can always try and set the amount of cores used by the application as well as the priority. Setting the amount of cores only give the application the allowance to use them, I'm not sure how well M&B is with multithreading on multi-core CPU's. However from going to TW forums and from gathereing results by myself it is quite likely that M&B utilizes 2 cores. If setting the process affinity and priority is not possible with your current Task Management Program, try using different ones like Process Explorer or Process Hacker. Game is crashing when tabbed out For some players, if you tab out of the game using either "Alt+Tab" or "Windows Left+Tab" the application crashes. One solution to that is, instead of using the "Alt+Tab" hotkey-combi when in fullscreen, first switch to windowed mode by pressing "Alt+Enter", wait until the game is visible as window and then use either the mouse normally or the "Alt-Tab" keys to switch to your desktop. Reset your warband config To do so, go to "C:\Users\WINDOWSPROFILE\Documents\Mount&Blade Warband"(replace WINDOWSPROFILE with your windows profile name) and delete the rgl_config.txt Additional notes As always, make sure you have the latest driver packages installed Close other applications while you have M&B open do reduce the workload on your system As far as possible with your rig, try overclocking your processing units (If you don't know anything about it, don't do it) Kind Regards, Bridge Troll
  5. Asking that as an admin yourself is quite retarded, how about asking for it within the admin team and not chip away at the admin teams integrity *facepalm*. That is because "extended ruleset for admins" is named incorrectly, which you would know if you would've plainly asked. These rules you are talking about are not "rules" as per se but are guidelines for admins how to use the already existing rules in certain situations and how to extend them in order to conduct a complaint correctly if the circumstances are not default. This is also the reason wHy ThEy ArE CaLlEd "ExTeNdEd RuLeSeT fOr ADmInS". You do not want to disclose every details on how complaints are dealt with from your side to the public to avoid loopholes. The ruleset is not perfect and will never be, that is why admins try to get a consensus on certain cases so you and everyone else do not complain about more common sense stuff that you already do. That means: You have a ruleset that is for the public, easy to understand and as less loopholes as possible You have consenses and guidelines on the admin side to help the deduction of complaints, not accessibly to the public to prevent loopholing, caused by yourself, the admin, which is the least you want. Good one, yet not your fault probably, you should've been taught that in your trial pahse of admining on this servers or maybe the admintraining quality level as hit rock botton ;))))
  6. That is hardly an argument, even those 40+ players might still need an administrator.
  7. perfect
  8. True art
  9. Exceptional good admin, has the common sense and calm mindset many admins lack these days.
  10. Not sure if that will happen anytime soon, unless someone from the team wants to do some lovely css
  11. How does it feel to support the community for the first time?
  12. 1. Add greensleeves to the playable songs on the lute/lyre - absolute banger 4. Add some more non-armour clothing 6. Make horns far more expensive 7. Add horse vendors to all merc camps 4/10
  13. Ok. Now be silent.
  14. you made that yourself?
  15. the whole point of fighting is to risk your own possesions in order to gain more than you had before. The thrill is that you either get out with way better gear and more gold or the opposit. Otherwise where is the motivation to create risky but also entertaining situations on the Server? Its not a disadvantage, it's a chance or a risk, however you want to see it. And I do not understand the point you made about clans sitting in their castles the whole day. If they use it, they have to pay for it no matter if they fight or not. Death should have a consequences, otherwise you could horde stuff all the time which exactly not what we want
  16. Something like this is already in the planning, but not specified so far. The online inventory has to be balanced anyways, for instance you have to pay with your in game money every week a certain amount of money, depending on how much inventory slots you have used up or a upkeep tax/cost depending on the item, respectively, good armor costs more money to have stored in the inventory etc. Or if you die there is a n% chance your online "manor" or whatever gets raided and you loose random items and so on. It certainly shoulded be a 100% proof safe for your items, otherwise it is going to be abused. All these systems are pretty nice ideas as long as they are tweaked and balanced enough.
  17. no, it's about all of them as I said.
  18. You need to be mentally healthy(not gay) to access it.
  19. Dear roleplaying folks of Phoenix , we still haven't come up with a name for the upcomming mod. Therefore we dare to ask around in the community for any viable names. Please keep non serious suggestions to yourself.
  20. Two admins already confirmed that you combat logged, quite clearly proven by the logs. It does not matter a single bit at this point whether you did it intentionally, by reflex or whatever. The rules clearly state that you cannot logout during or directly after a hostile situation, which you clearly did. You did break the combat log rule. Not sure how many offences you already have on your history, but I imagine Burgundy is well capable of chosing a reasonable ban length that fits your history. Power Abusing: Not sure how? The complaint is still pending and he is actually watching your defense and awaiting evidence from the players you accused. Ignoring my defense: The evidence is overwhelmingly clear, whether you defend yourself, honest or lied, doesn't really matter here. Exaggerated punishment: Depends on your history, how often have you combatlogged so far? Also again, the complaint is on pending, just ask the admin for extra log parts if they support your defense? You didn't even do that, exsde. What I am really fond of is your arrogance to ignore the opinion of two admins, including an SA and just post an admin complaint anyways. Great stuff, keep it up.
  21. 0.6.1 Fixed ssl encryption layer for cdn and api server Only one exe for download, autoupdater get's downloaded Launch button will work reliable once the path is set correctly Necessary fixes for version 0.6.2: At one point the path can be set to an invalid location but only catches a log error and is not asking for manual validation of the path, find where and change Some ui bugs with centered/justified locations and sizes Systems with big font settings(blind little shits) cut the e in Update once it's flashing to indicate an required update
  22. Hello, I need a small group of people that would take the time and effort to test the Launcher I made. That includes testing new versions when updates are pushed out and reporting back the experience in high detail including functionality, errors/bugs and user experience. Please post your steam profil here so I can add you.