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  1. If this is going to be a thing I'll gladly forward news from the admin meetings towards you. Would spare me the work to update the phoenix news and you could fill your newsletter with additional content.
  2. As long as you have valid evidence it's probably best to ignore those kinds of players as they only ruin your gameplay for the time being. If they report you, you can uncover their banmongering by presenting the evidence. Also for other players who read that, always tell the admin to check the global or local chat in case it shows that this particular player is indeed aware of the situation, as shown in the chat here.
  3. I didn't read through the full text, however if someone banmongers or is lying in the complaint he get's a harsh punishment. As strange as it sounds, you should've reported him for banmongering. In the complaint he would've been asked "did you aim at him", in case he said no you could provide the evidence that he did, which results in him lying, especially since it appears that he clearly remembers aiming at you. If you just let go of those players your whole wall of text has zero contribution to improve that problem, as those players will most likely continue this kind of behavior.
  4. I'll send you a pm with some further steps
  5. Here are the logs: 00:19:01 - Knight_Ethelred_Mercia took Spiked Mace(ID: 228) from an inventory. 00:19:06 - Knight_Ethelred_Mercia droppped Spiked Mace(ID: 228) on the ground. 00:19:09 - Knight_Ethelred_Mercia picked up Spiked Mace(ID: 228) from the ground. 00:19:21 - Knight_Ethelred_Mercia droppped Spiked Mace(ID: 228) on the ground. 00:19:23 - Knight_Ethelred_Mercia picked up Spiked Mace(ID: 228) from the ground. 00:19:38 - Knight_Ethelred_Mercia droppped Spiked Mace(ID: 228) on the ground. 00:19:42 - Pascal_The_Nies picked up Spiked Mace(ID: 228) from the ground. 00:19:49 - Knight_Ethelred_Mercia attacked Pascal_The_Nies dealing 35 damage 00:19:49 - Knight_Ethelred_Mercia <img=ico_blunt> Pascal_The_Nies 00:19:49 - Knight_Ethelred_Mercia killed a member of a friendly faction! While placing loot on the ground for someone to pick up only to get a killreason is described has killbaiting; dropping a weapon in order to pick something else up or to give it to someone still leaves the ownership of that weapon by the one who dropped it. For instance, all inventory slots are full and you want to take a money bag. You drop your spiked mace to get the money bag. Now someone took your spiked mace. You now have a killreason on him for stealing. Therefore the complaint is invalid.
  6. @Benji do you have any sort of time frame when it happened ?
  7. 14:58:10 - Player ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine (GUID: 1254159) has left the server. 18:06:26 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine has joined the game with ID: 1254159 18:06:36 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine joined the Kingdom of Lorraine. 18:07:02 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine droppped INVALID ITEM(ID: 0) on the ground. 18:07:07 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine picked up Two Handed Sword(ID: 262) from the ground. 18:07:43 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine mounted a Saddle Horse 18:10:10 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine attacked Radomir dealing 90 damage 18:10:10 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine <img=ico_swordtwo> Radomir 18:12:24 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine attacked Vanguard_Slayer_Saxony dealing 8 damage 18:12:28 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine attacked Vanguard_Slayer_Saxony dealing 7 damage 18:12:37 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine attacked Vanguard_Slayer_Saxony dealing 10 damage 18:12:43 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine attacked Vanguard_Slayer_Saxony dealing 3 damage 18:12:49 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine attacked Vanguard_Slayer_Saxony dealing 24 damage 18:13:05 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine attacked Vanguard_Slayer_Saxony dealing 14 damage 18:13:06 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine attacked RCC_Crow_of_SHK_True_Badass dealing 2 damage 18:13:07 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine attacked RCC_Crow_of_SHK_True_Badass dealing 58 damage 18:13:07 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine <img=ico_swordtwo> RCC_Crow_of_SHK_True_Badass 18:13:07 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine killed a member of a friendly faction! 18:13:13 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine attacked Vanguard_Slayer_Saxony dealing 9 damage 18:13:28 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine attacked Vanguard_Slayer_Saxony dealing 16 damage 18:13:28 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine <img=ico_swordtwo> Vanguard_Slayer_Saxony 18:13:28 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine killed a member of a friendly faction! 18:13:33 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine put Leather Armor(ID: 133)into an inventory. 18:13:34 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine took Plate Armor(ID: 176) from an inventory. 18:13:35 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine put Fur Helmet(ID: 51)into an inventory. 18:13:38 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine took Great Helmet(ID: 83) from an inventory. 18:13:39 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine put Old Hide Boots(ID: 184)into an inventory. 18:13:40 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine took Iron Greaves(ID: 207) from an inventory. 18:13:41 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine took Gauntlets(ID: 215) from an inventory. 18:13:45 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine attacked Huscarl_Knud_Saxony dealing 70 damage 18:13:45 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine <img=ico_swordtwo> Huscarl_Knud_Saxony 18:13:45 - ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine killed a member of a friendly faction! 18:13:54 - <img=ico_headshot> ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine Is there any additional evidence that shows JH in a direct combat situation before he jumps off? As right now, the logs only show that every hostile action has enden which would mean that the loot would not belong to anyone/"no loot" has to be called.
  8. You were riding around, attacking everyone in your sight without any killreason. I'm pretty sure that you are not aware of the server rules. It appears as if you were a new player, yet you still have to know the rules. Go ahead and read the rule set and then write again on this appeal
  9. Hi!
    Can you check it? Thanks


  10. As it has always been like that, you cannot justify a rulebreak with another one. The skirmishes you are refering to are in most of the cases started either by halting someone from the faction or executing a killreason on someone followed by the faction members joining in to help, creating a skirmish zone. That is the proper way to do it, not just attacking everyone in the faction before a skirmish is even started. From now on, please follow this way of starting a skirmish or any other valid way, yet don't just attack everyone from the enemy. The following Starks seem to be the casualties of the skirmish 18:50:20 - Huscarl_Jochen_Saxony attacked HighLord_Harry_Stark dealing 110 damage 18:50:20 - Huscarl_Jochen_Saxony <img=ico_couchedlance> HighLord_Harry_Stark 18:50:20 - Huscarl_Jochen_Saxony killed a member of a friendly faction! 18:50:33 - Huscarl_Jochen_Saxony attacked Bannerman_Zino_Stark dealing 277 damage 18:50:33 - Huscarl_Jochen_Saxony <img=ico_couchedlance> Bannerman_Zino_Stark 18:50:33 - Huscarl_Jochen_Saxony killed a member of a friendly faction! 18:50:39 - Vanguard_Arjen_Saxony <img=ico_axetwo> Levy_Timm_Stark 18:50:39 - Vanguard_Arjen_Saxony killed a member of a friendly faction! 18:50:40 - Militia_J4mes_Saxony <img=ico_blunt> Archer_Gustafson_Stark 18:50:40 - Militia_J4mes_Saxony killed a member of a friendly faction! 18:50:43 - Vanguard_Arjen_Saxony <img=ico_axetwo> Archer_Dewclaw_Stark 18:50:43 - Vanguard_Arjen_Saxony killed a member of a friendly faction! 18:50:47 - Ftm_Hodor_Saxony <img=ico_axeone> HighLord_Ragnosos_Stark 18:50:47 - Ftm_Hodor_Saxony killed a member of a friendly faction! A 15k refund will probably not be enough for what was actually lost yet we on't want to overdo it as apparently the situation was unclear for the Saxonys at times. 7.5k per player will come from your bank and the other half will be refunded. That will be 45k from your bank. I transfered the money. Next time be sure a skirmish is already happening before you attack players because of a skirmish...
  11. Awesome picture hahaha