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  1. Wouldn't it make more sense to spawn with full "doctors health" then, like 3/4?
  2. loopholing does not enable roleplay and allowing such loopholes does harm the server, in fact most public players left the server because clans abused such loopholes. And now there is a cry fest "ohh whaaaat? Where are all the pubs gone? I was so nies to them" Spare me, thanks.
  3. Ye, no. As long as people, including you, tend to loophole the rules and then be surpirsed if they get punished, aka "ohh noooo, unjust! bias! show me the rule, show me the rule!!!111!", nothing will change. And ye, just to point out, this is the same situation. Now as loopholing behavior is still continued to be used on purpose, there could be no possible logical reason to remove rules that disallow such behavior. This topic alone shows your intent to use those loopholes again. Lastly, as already explaind, these rules should fix loopholes. Removing those rules will not reenable you to use those loopholes, you will still be punished for loopholing.
  4. Hey Bride,what is now are my unbann apply Diened?

  5. Please use the given template
  6. Great topic from a great and rule conform playing individual. A bit pretentious don't you think...
  7. Luxtor, I don't want you to post an unban appeal ever again, m'kay? Stick to the rules and do not screw it up! You're unbanned.
  8. Sadly, your application is denied. Your general online apperance does not seem to be in relation with your stated age regarding your maturity. In addition to that, we do not think that your general understanding of the rules would actually profit the community at it's current stance. As therefor we do not see you fit for a position in the admin team. You may reapply in the future. Kind regards, Bridge Troll
  9. We decided that your admin app meets our criteria, nevertheless would your position for the beginning weeks be Forum Complaint Staff as this is your first time being admin in this team. That is to show you how we work as well as to see if your workflow actually goes conform with our standard. If you agree with that, I'll herefor welcome you to an interview on our teamspeak. Either poke an SA/HA or add one of us on steam so we can decide upon a suitable date and time. Kind regards, Bridge Troll
  10. Thank you for your interest in helping this community. However, your app was now online for a good amount of time, but you have still not involved yourself on the forum. We really would've loved to see some kind of involvment from your side on the online presence of this server, however it was rather zero. Your application is therefore denied. If you are going to be active here, I would invite you to re post your admin application in some time as it generally appears to be made in good effort. Kind regards, Bridge Troll
  11. Now since this is turning into a "I have unfair warnings/bans even if the reason was obvious. But they are unfair!!1!" topic, it's going to be closed. The likeliness that ban wipes will be implemented is close to zero, however we eventually will talk about a system where only bans in a certain time span will be taken into consideration as it comes to punishment. You will be informed if anything like that is implemented. Also just to clarify this again: If you feel a ban was unjust from your perspective, that is nowhere near a reason to have your ban or warning removed. You have to bring solid evidence, that is mandatory.
  12. Do you actually play on the server or are you only here to write admin complaints on Confeferate
  13. What Scorpia said was actually dismissed long time ago and is therefore not happening anymore
  14. ⊂_ヽ
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