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  1. At some point the threshold to gaining performace is bottlenecked by your acutal hardware. It would be insane to expect to fix performance just by adjusting settings and software. What are your specs?
  2. A system like that requires an enourmous amount of resources and administrative effort if it is not implemented in an automated way. So either way, first there needs to be an examination whether this is possible within a realistic amount fo time to create such a system. As for the system itself, money should have no role in this. It should rather be like a ticket system. You start off with an amount of tickets. Everytime a complaint of yours is invalidated you lose such a ticket. If you have no more tickets left and still post an invalid complaint, then a sort of repercussion can be set into place. For instance an exclusion from posting complaints for an amount of days/month/permanent or a ban from the server for an amount of days/month/permanent. Tickets can be refilled, yet that has to be very balanced and dependent on every factor mentioned above and more. Like in which time span has the player posted invalid complaints, how many tickets has he already used, what is his ratio from valid to invalid complaints etc. Taking these facts into consideration the player can get a new ticket after a certain amount of time since his last use of a ticket + you need to have posted a certain amount of valid complaints after your last invalid complaint to receive a new ticket + you can only have 2 or 3 tickets at once max to avoid hoarding/using them to try and get someone banned. While it can be argued that a lot will end up without any tickets very quickly, a player has all the choices to get new tickets by doing something "good". And in the end that seems to be what you want ultimately, that players think before posting complaints, as they know any sort of shady reasoning behind a complaint could get them a punishment fairly quickly. This does not need to be applied to all, but a list can be set up which you join automatically if you posted too many invalid complaints. Therefore only those are affected for whom this system would be intended to be in the first place.
  3. I honestly want to know what you actually think about 3 other people watering down the whole complaint instead of you actually defending yourself, staying on topic, staying on clear evidence. This kind of behavior will in no way benefit the complaint: @Leech @Rythos @Stefan consider this please finally. 2 screenshots were posted, the first one by Rythos which had no value as it was not even related to the complaint since he could not wait with his complaint invasion before the admin posted the logs, and the second one, this one to be exact shows nothing and has no value. There is no chat that can be backtraced, can be easily forged if you just disable your internet adapter at any point and there is no proof which module was used. Also, you are obliged to inform yourself about complaints about yourself. The circumstances of your clog are mostly irrelevant. The current presented proof is against you which are by now the logs only. Where is your proof that you did not clog?
  4. Can be added and actually makes more sense to select ones own country and time. Tommy and me will have a look.
  5. yes
  6. Ok, no, Warnings include not always actual warnings in relation with rule offences, but also notes for admins. This essential point absolutely zeroes your request. No. your warnings will not get deleted.
  7. Yis, rdming your feelings
  8. Denied.
  9. Is there any form of evidence showing you were ready and prepared for the war. Our decision will be based on this. If one faction is not lined up and ready to start the war/siege and only declares to post such complaints, counter action will be taken. Only and only evidence should be posted, anything else will result in a forum ban. This topic is littered enough.
  10. Don't unless you got a backup. Otherwise put it in the folder of which module you play in.
  11. Why are you creating these complaints now? They are ages old? Flavius can handle this himself, stay out of this complaint please.
  12. Everyone is joking about every religion, race, politics and ideologies. No one gives a single fuck. No on is trying to indoctrinate any of the said ones to you. And even if that would happen, you should be metally stable enough to handle it, if not then you will have trouble in the real world as well. You mentioned that there are children here. Very likely, but maybe parent's should not allow their children to play in online communities?
  13. The ban got deleted from your history.
  14. Bridgey Trolly troll

    Michael cheated on your for a bunch of roleplayers!