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  1. I am all for fair treatment in complaints. Do you have any particular examples where 24 hours would've been necessary but were not given on a complaint?
  2. The whole mod is open source and public available, same for the launcherAPI and the launcher desktop application, so the launcher wouldn't be able to restrict the mod to it's usage even if we wanted to. The idea of the launcher is pure convenience, no login mask or server restricted stuff etc. It automatically updates your gamefiles, you don't have to download the full mod if there is an update. We can easily deploy smaller updates for the mod, like bugfixes or small additions and it would be convenient for people as they could update and start the game within seconds and would not need to download the new mod files and extract them themselves It will offer some small gimmicks at some point, like the forumshop in the launcher or a playeroverview like on the server tab You can select past versions of the mod in case a server uses an old version of the mod However the modfiles are available as is, just as for any other mod, you can download and add them completely manually and there is no drawback or whatever. It's just pure convenience, that's all.
  3. In my opinion the music should accompany the gameplay for most parts, meaning a rather calm and quiet music. Something like this might be more fitting as calm background music: (from the youtube audio library) Naturally Minnesang or in later eras somethin like lansquenet songs would be something to consider, sadly it's hard to get your hands on stuff that is royalty free. But just to set the mood, for example:
  4. ye, no. The left black one is the master and only the blue integration branch is in contact with it, nothing else.
  5. Tommy fucked something up probably
  6. ez
  7. Dear roleplaying folks of Phoenix , we still haven't come up with a name for the upcomming mod. Therefore we dare to ask around in the community for any viable names. Please keep non serious suggestions to yourself.
  8. You could emulate building the the boat. For instance, you have all starting materials and then you could attack up with the building hammer or type "/build boat" in chat and it would spawn a broken boat which you then can repair with the wood you have. The question here really is if that is actually desired. The respawn script would be a bit more complex as to check whether the boat is currently used and therefore not respawn it. In addition, if you go to a gold island trip, how would the respawn script know when to reset the used boat. At the end people get stranded on the gold islands because the boats respawn.
  9. I will invade your shit hole country and enslave your people in designated camps. The will concentrate on labour.
  10. :(
  11. If you insult an admin to his face with no reason at all, a kick, warning or tempban is the right way to handle it, especially if you apparently didn't know a rule and he told you to re read them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. I still fail to see why Ted is allowed to remain silent when it comes to the slightes demand for explanation? It is beyond me why a Senior Admin is not able to defend his actions against profound criticism of said actions. I am not saying you have to put out a full press statement for every action that get's questioned. But if you permanently ban a player from the community, it would be in everyones interest to at least openly unveil what he has done wrong. If you are at service to this community and a part of it is affected severely, you should be keen and respecting enough to tell what's going on.
  13. Let's see if he get's avenger to solve it for him or actually explain himself. I mean if the ban was not your decision and you just executed an already in place punishment, just say it, where is the problem. Otherwise maybe explain what happened?