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  1. No thank you
  2. which textures are white? Can you post screenshots please. Also, which directx version are you using, 7 or 9 ?
  3. Asking that as an admin yourself is quite retarded, how about asking for it within the admin team and not chip away at the admin teams integrity *facepalm*. That is because "extended ruleset for admins" is named incorrectly, which you would know if you would've plainly asked. These rules you are talking about are not "rules" as per se but are guidelines for admins how to use the already existing rules in certain situations and how to extend them in order to conduct a complaint correctly if the circumstances are not default. This is also the reason wHy ThEy ArE CaLlEd "ExTeNdEd RuLeSeT fOr ADmInS". You do not want to disclose every details on how complaints are dealt with from your side to the public to avoid loopholes. The ruleset is not perfect and will never be, that is why admins try to get a consensus on certain cases so you and everyone else do not complain about more common sense stuff that you already do. That means: You have a ruleset that is for the public, easy to understand and as less loopholes as possible You have consenses and guidelines on the admin side to help the deduction of complaints, not accessibly to the public to prevent loopholing, caused by yourself, the admin, which is the least you want. Good one, yet not your fault probably, you should've been taught that in your trial pahse of admining on this servers or maybe the admintraining quality level as hit rock botton ;))))
  4. That is hardly an argument, even those 40+ players might still need an administrator.
  5. perfect
  6. True art
  7. Exceptional good admin, has the common sense and calm mindset many admins lack these days.
  8. Not sure if that will happen anytime soon, unless someone from the team wants to do some lovely css
  9. How does it feel to support the community for the first time?
  10. 1. Add greensleeves to the playable songs on the lute/lyre - absolute banger 4. Add some more non-armour clothing 6. Make horns far more expensive 7. Add horse vendors to all merc camps 4/10
  11. Ok. Now be silent.
  12. you made that yourself?
  13. the whole point of fighting is to risk your own possesions in order to gain more than you had before. The thrill is that you either get out with way better gear and more gold or the opposit. Otherwise where is the motivation to create risky but also entertaining situations on the Server? Its not a disadvantage, it's a chance or a risk, however you want to see it. And I do not understand the point you made about clans sitting in their castles the whole day. If they use it, they have to pay for it no matter if they fight or not. Death should have a consequences, otherwise you could horde stuff all the time which exactly not what we want