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  1. unreal hahaha
  2. it's allowed. Also, just out of pure common sense, if you do something you can be killed for, you gotta be carefull. End of story. More rules -> more complaints -> more punishments = less players. And don't tell me that "I didn't know I was kos". If you do shit in game, you know that you will be persecuted. That's how it works. You can also not loophole the NRR rules with a kos. It is not allowed to execute a kos if you were previously killed by the target. It is crystal clear in the rules. There is also nothing like "PW Basics". PW is a mod, it does not come with a ruleset or a main server. People can host Mount&Blade servers that offer PW as a mod, they have, again, their own rules. Some are roleplay like, some are more arcade like, leaning in a more fast pase direction, like Phoenix. Also you should not announce any sort of kos or bounty in global chat. The whole act of killing someone for a bounty revolves around the fact that the target is unsure of when or where the assassin appears, he only knows that it might happen. You would take away this essential gameplay mechanic, which would quite frankly erasing a big potion of fun for a lot of players. What you want is to take the players hand and guide him through the whole server, not letting him go, restricting him in a way that goes beyond simple rules. The player should not be the all knowing entity. There has to be surprise, frustration and joy, otherwise you would kill the server and the mod.
  3. Well, you had some time to explain this on the complaint made on you Also it seems as if you did not tell us the whole story, you already got attacked ;))))
  4. the texture pack looks nice, but the ground textures look off and in a pretty low resolution, should've used the native textures.
  5. I mean these demands are easy to execute. For instance, you could still argue that if you demand someone to toggle his helmet while being halted, he is easier to kill in case he runs off or attacks you. Also almost everything(that is allowed of course) that stops the player from asking for help in faction chat seems reasonable, like telling someone to rear his horse.
  6. Not disappointed
  7. Tiny update to 0.3 for the stats on Enabled the search for community members again, just type in the name. Already started for the next upcomming bigger update, which will implement a duel mechanics. Everyone on the stats has an numeric integer ID. The idea I have so far is that you can duel by just using the id they have on the stats. This means you just type "stats:duel ID rounds" into local chat. ID would then be replaced by the number the opponent has on the stats. Your opponent himself has to type the same, yet using your own id to "accept" the duel. After that, the next kills, regarding the amount of rounds you both have selected(has to be equal) will only be relevant to duel statistics, no matter which typ of kill it is(same faction, friendly faction, etc.)
  8. Really gotta say, this map is very beautiful. It is a feast for the eyes just to ride around the map and look at all the details. Good job. Might need to tweak the castles a bit, but that's standard procedure by now
  9. Your admin application was a joke so it was denied. Get over it.
  10. We did not enfore this as NRR, at none given point. There was never a complaint that was ruled invalid/vaild because of this to my knowledge. Anyways, please don't be a dick towards the staff while you know how straightening out the work of an admin is. You should have some distance to the game itself and an degree of maturity that should let you have a civil communitcation instead of provocating the situation.
  11. It's not nrr to call someone out as kos after you died. Since Metagaming is not forbidden, you could call someone as kos via Steam and Teamspeak as well. Since it is impossible to determine that this is done after or before your death, how would you enforce NRR on that. You can't.
  12. Yes, already added that teamkills are recorded, onlys need to be displayed, but "teamdeaths" or dying by the hand of a teammate is a good idea, gonna do that. Just gonna play around with it a bit, there might be a small problem with players dueling with their own faction, would add a lot of teamkills that were "intentional" which should not be the purpose of actual teamkills. If I add this I would need to implement the duel recognition simultaneously to solve this problem of determining whether it was an unintentional teamkill or a duel. So this might take some time, not really sure how difficult that will be. But gonna try it, good idea.
  13. The current database structure seems to be stable and efficient. The next goals are to implement the recording of official wars and that players can duel with each other, being recorded in an extra special duel database. Should be as easy as it gets, you just put 'stats:duel playername rounds' into localchat. The player you duel needs to put the same into chat as well to accept the "duel" request. This would offer general duel statistics that really only show how 2 players compete and would also enable mad players to solve ft7 faggotry on the spot by doing duels for 7 rounds. Other than that, would really like to hear your opinions on the stats system. Any suggestions or additional stuff you want to have recorded on the statistics?
  14. My ban list is gasping for new entries. Please, proceed, there is nothing more satisfying than to click on a button you have made yourself to ban someone
  15. Right, gonna implement a banlist for the stats as well since some gaggle of glue sniffers apparently log in with another key from themselves to farm kills. *cough* KingsGuard_Jaime_Lannister