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  1. 1. Please update your post with the proper template: 2. Your name is not listed in our database, please provide your guid or a real name you have used on the server.
  2. @Pepsi Please wait until the related admin answered
  3. Hagaron is acutllay right in this one. If you state a demand or an insult without specifying a name, everyone within hearing range can use that as a killreason against you. That is because as soon as you see a demand popping up in local chat, you cannot be sure whether it is directed towards you or towards someone else, as no name was stated, therefore the previous statement. Let's have a look at the logs again: 1.These are the two players he killed beforehand. Yet you cannot just assume that someone rdmed because it shows in the logs or because you saw it that they were killed. There are numberous killreasons that do not show in the logs. So unless those two players file a complaint themselves, action won't be taken, as we would need their side of the situation anyways. Not knowing whether they are on the forum or not, that task is impossible. 18:17:40 - Kobe_Bryant[GS] attacked ahmet_aydin dealing 14 damage 18:17:40 - Kobe_Bryant[GS] <img=ico_swordone> ahmet_aydin 18:17:42 - Kobe_Bryant[GS] picked up Money Bag(ID: 439) from the ground. 18:17:44 - Kobe_Bryant[GS] used pouch containing 122 gold. 18:17:44 - Kobe_Bryant[GS] picked up Nordic Long Sword(ID: 247) from the ground. 18:17:48 - Kobe_Bryant[GS] attacked ZoloToq dealing 54 damage 18:17:50 - Kobe_Bryant[GS] attacked ZoloToq dealing 38 damage 18:17:50 - Kobe_Bryant[GS] <img=ico_swordone> ZoloToq 2. 18:49:08 - MachineGunIt put Huscarl's Helmet(ID: 70)into an inventory. 18:49:09 - MachineGunIt put Haubergeon(ID: 155)into an inventory. 18:49:11 - MachineGunIt put Mail Chausses(ID: 203)into an inventory. 18:49:12 - MachineGunIt put Gauntlets(ID: 215)into an inventory. That is the only time you dropped armor, yet they did not attack you around that time. Do remember when that supposedly was? 3. Same as in point one. You are not a moderator. If someone apparently get's rdmed, you cannot report for him as you only assume that it was rdm. Brother_Aap has to report on his own. 18:58:04 - Kobe_Bryant[GS] attacked Brother_Aap dealing 4 damage 18:58:07 - Kobe_Bryant[GS] attacked Brother_Aap dealing 5 damage 18:58:31 - MachineGunIt attacked Kobe_Bryant[GS] dealing 34 damage 18:58:31 - MachineGunIt <img=ico_blunt> Kobe_Bryant[GS] 18:58:44 - Tyrone_Tyson[GS] attacked Brother_Aap dealing 97 damage 18:58:44 - Tyrone_Tyson[GS] <img=ico_headshot> Brother_Aap 18:58:49 - *LOCAL* [MachineGunIt] rdm 18:58:53 - MachineGunIt picked up Money Bag(ID: 439) from the ground. 18:58:54 - MachineGunIt used pouch containing 1073 gold. 18:58:57 - Tyrone_Tyson[GS] attacked MachineGunIt dealing 58 damage 18:58:57 - Tyrone_Tyson[GS] <img=ico_crossbow> MachineGunIt Tyrone killed you, not Kobe, this was a valid kill as they were in a commoner group, signalized by their tags. 4. Already explained. This is what you wanted to see before you were halted for the first time. Tyrone_Tyson[GS] attacked you, not kobe 18:18:26 - Horse (Tyrone_Tyson[GS]) attacked MachineGunIt dealing 0 damage 18:18:26 - Tyrone_Tyson[GS] attacked MachineGunIt dealing 60 damage 18:18:30 - Horse (Tyrone_Tyson[GS]) attacked MachineGunIt dealing 0 damage 18:18:32 - MachineGunIt attacked Horse (Tyrone_Tyson[GS]) dealing 33 damage 18:18:48 - ZoloToq attacked Kobe_Bryant[GS] dealing 5 damage 18:18:50 - Kobe_Bryant[GS] attacked ZoloToq dealing 11 damage 18:18:51 - Kobe_Bryant[GS] attacked ZoloToq dealing 34 damage 18:18:57 - ZoloToq attacked Tyrone_Tyson[GS] dealing 0 damage 18:18:59 - ZoloToq attacked Tyrone_Tyson[GS] dealing 0 damage 18:19:01 - Tyrone_Tyson[GS] attacked ZoloToq dealing 33 damage 18:19:02 - Tyrone_Tyson[GS] attacked ZoloToq dealing 34 damage 18:19:02 - Tyrone_Tyson[GS] <img=ico_blunt> ZoloToq 18:19:03 - Tyrone_Tyson[GS] droppped Spiked Mace(ID: 228) on the ground. 18:19:03 - Tyrone_Tyson[GS] picked up Money Bag(ID: 439) from the ground. 18:19:04 - Tyrone_Tyson[GS] used pouch containing 412 gold. 18:19:05 - Tyrone_Tyson[GS] picked up Spiked Mace(ID: 228) from the ground. 18:19:56 - MachineGunIt attacked Horse dealing 44 damage 18:20:54 - Tyrone_Tyson[GS] attacked MachineGunIt dealing 40 damage 18:20:54 - Tyrone_Tyson[GS] <img=ico_crossbow> MachineGunIt
  4. Unbanned. Nevertheless, be more carefull in the future. We don't want to have you on a ban appeal again, don't we.
  5. The unbanned players will be banned again. As the person I discussed the bans with felt the need to brag about it towards the victims of why the ban was put in place, the unbans will be reverted.
  6. I don't want to see a report on you again.
  7. Both players were banned for massive rdm/kicking multiple players to death, until appeal
  8. The problem I see there, that's why I did not force a refund, is that you already have 4 RDM offences and 2 NRR offences on your account, now your 5th/3rd. And yes, some happened a few months ago, some quite recently. But regardless, after such an extended ban history, you should know such an easy thing, that you cannot kill your previous assailant for demanding you not to loot. It doesn't get any clearer than that. It worries me how lightly you took this situation, at least it appears like it.

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      Bridge Troll

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  10. Loot_Ped banned 1 days for rdm
  11. 1. 16:16:25 - *LOCAL* [Hagaron_of_Whiteroses] Outlaws halt. 16:16:30 - *LOCAL* [Sivy_of_Whiteroses] Halt. 16:16:43 - *LOCAL* [Hagaron_of_Whiteroses] Halt york. 16:16:47 - *LOCAL* [Victoria_of_Whiteroses] halt yorks 16:17:04 - Danker_of_Dankington attacked Sam_miller dealing 34 damage 16:17:04 - Danker_of_Dankington <img=ico_swordone> Sam_miller This still stands open as there is no screenshots of sam miller aiming at Danker 2. 16:41:30 - RobbeTheWanderingVigilante attacked Sivy_of_Whiteroses dealing 0 damage 16:41:30 - RobbeTheWanderingVigilante attacked Sivy_of_Whiteroses dealing 16 damage 16:41:31 - Horse (Canis) attacked Jade_of_House_Webber dealing 0 damage 16:41:34 - RobbeTheWanderingVigilante attacked Sivy_of_Whiteroses dealing 14 damage 16:41:36 - Horse (Bil) attacked Tommy_of_Destroyer dealing 0 damage 16:41:40 - Sivy_of_Whiteroses attacked RobbeTheWanderingVigilante dealing 43 damage 16:41:40 - Sivy_of_Whiteroses <img=ico_blunt> RobbeTheWanderingVigilante RobbeTheWanderingVigilante attacked first, either a soft hit or a kick/punch 3. 16:44:39 - Sivy_of_Whiteroses attacked RobbeTheWanderingVigilante dealing 31 damage 16:45:21 - [Ben_Carter] degenerate This appears to be rdm 4. 16:48:06 - [RobbeTheWanderingVigilante] you morons he died(killed himself) 16:52:49 - Tommy_of_Whiteroses attacked RobbeTheWanderingVigilante dealing 81 damage 16:52:49 - Tommy_of_Whiteroses <img=ico_headshot> RobbeTheWanderingVigilante Insults over global chat are still killreasons 5. 16:57:07 - *LOCAL* [Sivy_of_Whiteroses] help 16:57:08 - *LOCAL* [Victoria_of_Whiteroses] help 16:57:29 - Hans_von_Blackroses attacked RobbeTheWanderingVigilante dealing 23 damage 16:57:31 - Hans_von_Blackroses attacked RobbeTheWanderingVigilante dealing 50 damage 16:57:31 - Hans_von_Blackroses <img=ico_spear> RobbeTheWanderingVigilante Help was said several times. This means Sivy_of_Whiteroses and Danker_of_Dankington are still on this complaint. @Old Pilgrim will you pay the refund of 30k? You might want to inform Sivy of this complaint.
  12. Other than that, it looks like combat log. Kevin even said in local chat 16:33:35 - *LOCAL* [SS_Kevin_Von_Holland] xerxes 16:33:37 - *LOCAL* [SS_Kevin_Von_Holland] get ready 16:33:41 - *LOCAL* [SS_Kevin_Von_Holland] they are here But then both decided to go: 16:34:52 - *FACTION* Kingdom of Lorraine [SS_Kevin_Von_Holland] im off 16:34:53 - Player SS_Kevin_Von_Holland (GUID: 2404736) has left the server. 16:34:53 - <img=ico_headshot> SS_Kevin_Von_Holland 16:35:30 - [Ftm_XerXes_Lorraine] Well fuck, out for lunch. I hate my mum 16:35:33 - Player Ftm_XerXes_Lorraine (GUID: 1365049) has left the server. 16:35:33 - <img=ico_headshot> Ftm_XerXes_Lorraine This shows that both saw the enemies and/or were clearly aware of the hostile situation they were in. While logging out is allowed in war, it still is not allowed when enemies are around as it sets you into a direct hostile situation. Ftm_XerXes_Lorraine banned 2 days and wiped for clog. SS_Kevin_Von_Holland banned permanently.