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  1. Krain is banned 5 days for his 3rd rdm offence, however since his first offence was quite some time ago, it's not the full 7 days.
  2. you told me in-game that you wouldn't know luxtor, which is clearly untrue. It's not about your name btw as this is your only argument. You are either using the same router as Luxtor or you are sharing your gamekeys.
  3. Is there a way this can be solved without a need for punishment? You cannot compare a combat log to an illegal war. They are both offences and they are both handled differently. If Starks and Lannister cannot come to a conclusion, this will be decided on the admin meeting. I'll leave this open for you to debate, in a civil manner please.
  4. Thank you for applying as an admin. While your application seems to be done with good effort, we currently don't see you fit for an position with us in the admin team. Therefore we deny you application. You may reapply in the future. Kind regards, Bridge Troll
  5. @Ellis did your pc suffer from a total meltdown or is it fixed ?
  6. you just needed to put in an arangement of characters. Pretty strange that you suddenly don't remember that major bug in pw.
  7. The logs don't show any hostile interaction between the death of Klaus and the new hostility towards him by Krein: Last hostile interaction by Krein: Klaus was killed: New hostility It appears as if the skirmish actually has ended for around 2 minutes and then Krain attacked Klaus again, which therefore would be rdm. Is there now any additional evidence that could be presented?
  8. Michael is currently on a Leave of Absence. Be patient as your unbaning process could take minimum a few days.
  9. You had 2 alt accounts and used them to rdm on the server. There is literally not a single reason to unban you at the moment.
  10. You were trying to crash the server as the known magical string bug still existed.
  11. Unbanned until further notice.
  12. Harassment This is going to be the last and final, friendly reminder to all of you out there who feel the need to put unnecessary and personal stuff onto any phoenix platform, which again includes everything that relates to this community or might be traced back to this community. If you display/share references related to personal information, like pictures or memes, where the targeted person did not explicitly gave permission to present them, you will be punished. I hate to be the one who is going to stop your fun, but it is getting out of hand and I am sick and tired of banning players because they apparently "didn't know" or have any other excuse present. If you cannot control yourself, don't be surprised if you are banned, starting at 5 days for first offence. Regards, Bridge Troll
  13. If you feel offended because of stuff like that, close the game. We're not the internet police. Listen to that for extended advice on how to handle being offended on the internet:
  14. quoted from the phoenix news: So, in conclusion, if you fail to provide evidence on the complaint within 24 hours or if you do not say on the complaint that evidence is about to presented, it is your own fault.