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  1. How does it feel to support the community for the first time?
  2. 1. Add greensleeves to the playable songs on the lute/lyre - absolute banger 4. Add some more non-armour clothing 6. Make horns far more expensive 7. Add horse vendors to all merc camps 4/10
  3. Video would be good if you can reproduce that problem. For the bloodstains and the apparent dark color problem: Are you using DirectX7 instead of 9?
  4. Ok. Now be silent.
  5. you made that yourself?
  6. Checking a refund request takes considerable more time than you apparently anticipate benji, unless you've never done them properly Anyways, I guess since PK finally releases the admins will be more active and therefore, at least temporary, removing absolute perm bans might be something to talk about.
  7. Your dribble is disgusting
  8. the whole point of fighting is to risk your own possesions in order to gain more than you had before. The thrill is that you either get out with way better gear and more gold or the opposit. Otherwise where is the motivation to create risky but also entertaining situations on the Server? Its not a disadvantage, it's a chance or a risk, however you want to see it. And I do not understand the point you made about clans sitting in their castles the whole day. If they use it, they have to pay for it no matter if they fight or not. Death should have a consequences, otherwise you could horde stuff all the time which exactly not what we want
  9. Something like this is already in the planning, but not specified so far. The online inventory has to be balanced anyways, for instance you have to pay with your in game money every week a certain amount of money, depending on how much inventory slots you have used up or a upkeep tax/cost depending on the item, respectively, good armor costs more money to have stored in the inventory etc. Or if you die there is a n% chance your online "manor" or whatever gets raided and you loose random items and so on. It certainly shoulded be a 100% proof safe for your items, otherwise it is going to be abused. All these systems are pretty nice ideas as long as they are tweaked and balanced enough.
  10. no, it's about all of them as I said.
  11. You need to be mentally healthy(not gay) to access it.
  12. I guess more smaller clans would be cool, but that would only work if the maps and all the stuff around clans would be adjusted to their sizes. For instance no point for max 20 men clans to defend a praven like or any sort of current city/castle, it's just no fun and you don't have the capabilities. There are more factors bound to this than just numbers.
  13. Two admins already confirmed that you combat logged, quite clearly proven by the logs. It does not matter a single bit at this point whether you did it intentionally, by reflex or whatever. The rules clearly state that you cannot logout during or directly after a hostile situation, which you clearly did. You did break the combat log rule. Not sure how many offences you already have on your history, but I imagine Burgundy is well capable of chosing a reasonable ban length that fits your history. Power Abusing: Not sure how? The complaint is still pending and he is actually watching your defense and awaiting evidence from the players you accused. Ignoring my defense: The evidence is overwhelmingly clear, whether you defend yourself, honest or lied, doesn't really matter here. Exaggerated punishment: Depends on your history, how often have you combatlogged so far? Also again, the complaint is on pending, just ask the admin for extra log parts if they support your defense? You didn't even do that, exsde. What I am really fond of is your arrogance to ignore the opinion of two admins, including an SA and just post an admin complaint anyways. Great stuff, keep it up.
  14. 0.6.1 Fixed ssl encryption layer for cdn and api server Only one exe for download, autoupdater get's downloaded Launch button will work reliable once the path is set correctly Necessary fixes for version 0.6.2: At one point the path can be set to an invalid location but only catches a log error and is not asking for manual validation of the path, find where and change Some ui bugs with centered/justified locations and sizes Systems with big font settings(blind little shits) cut the e in Update once it's flashing to indicate an required update