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  1. I explained in which case such a rule might be added. I have not argumented over the topic nor have I said whether this will be deemed necessary or not Kiddo.
  2. Might wanna read again how I phrased my post before you spew autism on this topic.
  3. As with many rules regarding such, in most parts, "clan-behavior", a rule get's added when it tends to get out of hand towards loopholing and/or disrupting the server's atmosphere.
  4. @Evilmay Tommy is KOS for you until his charger is gone.
  5. sir i get baned and nobody admin aske me what hapends?? im will be rmd killed 10x times from guy Kobe Bryant and all is ok

  6. Have a look at the performance topic. Changeing the core affinity of the mb_warband process does not change anything. Someone who has disassembled a lot of the original engine functions from the exe pretty clearly stated evidence that only 2 cores are used natively by the game. Adjusting that after launching the program won't change anything for the application itself. The options you have is: reset your rgl_config file downgrade your performance settings install the 4GB page file patch since it is a x86 architecture application Other than that, also review the settings in your current driver software, the amd or nvidia profile settings for the game can still heavily influence the performance. Also, do not just reinstall your game. It's better to fine a solution to share with everyone instead of just ignoring it, including the fact that this might re-occure.
  7. Wouldn't it make more sense to spawn with full "doctors health" then, like 3/4?
  8. loopholing does not enable roleplay and allowing such loopholes does harm the server, in fact most public players left the server because clans abused such loopholes. And now there is a cry fest "ohh whaaaat? Where are all the pubs gone? I was so nies to them" Spare me, thanks.
  9. Ye, no. As long as people, including you, tend to loophole the rules and then be surpirsed if they get punished, aka "ohh noooo, unjust! bias! show me the rule, show me the rule!!!111!", nothing will change. And ye, just to point out, this is the same situation. Now as loopholing behavior is still continued to be used on purpose, there could be no possible logical reason to remove rules that disallow such behavior. This topic alone shows your intent to use those loopholes again. Lastly, as already explaind, these rules should fix loopholes. Removing those rules will not reenable you to use those loopholes, you will still be punished for loopholing.
  10. Hey Bride,what is now are my unbann apply Diened?

  11. Please use the given template
  12. Great topic from a great and rule conform playing individual. A bit pretentious don't you think...
  13. Luxtor, I don't want you to post an unban appeal ever again, m'kay? Stick to the rules and do not screw it up! You're unbanned.