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  1. Stalingrad Putingrand Leningrad Volvograd Kekistan
  2. I Will come back to PW just to REMOVE kebab Serbia strong!!!
  3. Monti is OP as fuck!! Legit why the fuck would you put a cave tunnel in the castle gates 0_0 You can just gas all the raids by just holding that cave tunnel with 2 people and 1 pike behind them.So the only way to properly raid is to build a ladder but pleb factions can't cuz none goes MS.
  4. ALAN you shit at HOI 4
  5. Alright thanks for your opinions guys.I shall remake some of the castles which have almost the similar designs
  6. You got any screenshots or a video cuz the logs wont help you so much
  7. Still salty about the complaint and your gear DISGUSTING.
  8. So what you want all the castles to be arabic/Khergit that would be boring as fuck.A variety of castles makes the map unique and more fun to be played also this is a game not real life so something different might look cool.
  9. N Thanks for your opinion and yes the map is still WIP but expect more details soon.
  10. Hello phoenix community.Today I represent you The 'Suez',my first pw map. These map is focused on a Persian and its old greatness Empire!!! There are a lot of things to be done in this map but before i keep working on it i would like to hear some opinions about it. Lots thanks to Proton as he was helping me make it till now!!!! Some screens: !!
  11. Great Map!!!!!! The castles and the terrain looks epic also I love the texture pack you are using it makes it looks more real and medieval . Keep on the good work!!!!!!
  12. Damn that's good