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  1. Oh come on be serious. When have you for once as an HA of Nexus done something to alter gameplay with your admin powers?
  2. The last time wars were sponsored we got the shit so no. We wont play the game instead of you. We are here to enforce rules and that's it.
  3. Complaint invalid. I'll get you next time Evilmay!!
  4. Ard Skellig not Arg. Also cant wait for this to be finished.
  5. dekkers omg i cant take dese casels pls chenge again or we not joins erver
  6. Hello here are the logs. Will give Evilmay some time to respond. @Evilmay
  7. now this looks like your fb profile


  9. He was unbanned as soon as I banned him since we both talked and I made a mistake.
  10. From what I can see in the logs Tommy did nothing wrong. As for Proton and his replies here he will be banned until appeal since he has had his chance at changing. He promised not to be a twat and he broke it. Invalid and locked.
  11. Will pay the other half of the refund.
  12. Take 10k from my bank for the refund.
  13. When you retire again. In a week.