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  1. You need to make sure that the others are as well.(Not solving)
  2. Adding 100k to Tavs bid
  3. It was from the previous complaint SENIOR admin Chris.
  4. Cappy is new to the team and the rule wasn't stated in the admin rules. It wont happen again. Locked.
  5. Get a grip. Hire another Stark to defend that spot and problem solved. The problem will be fixed the next time the map is put on. Invalid and Locked.
  6. Where did he say that? Shoutbox or a thread?
  7. @Vhasj I'd like to hear what Vhasj has to say.
  8. You linked the same screenshot twice.
  9. Alright checked it. Yeah you gave this account to HansE and it was proven then Avenger checked the IPs and they matched. I do not have the logs anymore but I will not be unbanning this account either. You can play on your main. Appeal denied.
  10. You can play on your main until I come back. I will check the ban history since I remember something but I want to make sure that it's the case before I unban the key. Will be back at 10pm at most.
  11. Flight was cancelled sorry for the late reply. So basically you want to have this key unbanned so that you can play on a second one?
  12. Provide a picture of the skirmish that you are talking about. If you use kill reasons that cannot be identified in the logs it is your responsibility to provide proof.
  13. Will deal with this when I come back tommorow night.
  14. Interesting. Here I am wondering why most of the community thinks that Bulgarians are half-wits and this complaint pops up. At least you cleared my mind. On topic the one that had to be punished is Weezy and he will be. I wont be overuling Christie's decision to deny your appeal since acting smart on an unban appeal doesn't really contribute to it. Complaint invalid and locked.
  15. Re-appeal on the 10th of January.