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  1. Do not mind Bohl. He is a bit out of touch with the world. The only reason why we cannot ban him is because last time we got contacted by the SFRP and they said that we cannot exclude weird people from our community.
  2. The decision was made by me. After consulting several members of this community and checking through all of your videos you just keep incriminating yourself. The ban will not be lifted.
  3. I was the one that gave him the go to ban you due to your recent complaints involving you baiting people into attacking you by aiming at them and then hoping that they cannot prove it. OP did nothing wrong and this will teach you a lesson on why you shouldn't abuse the complaint system.
  4. Added: NRR (No revenge rule): You may not initiate hostilities with your previous assailants unless in a war or skirmish. (You may return to help your faction members if the skirmish is still on-going, albeit you may not start the hostilities again. For example, if the skirmish is over you may not then go and attack your previous killers.) You may not attack your killers for saying 'No loot', however, you are allowed to loot even when told not to. You may initiate hostilities with your previous assailants if they're still breaking your faction's property after you respawn.
  5. Judging by the evidence that the Lorraines provided you clearly knew what you were doing. Let this be a lesson to you that banmongering and lying is a banable offense and next time you will think twice before making a complaint just so that you can extort someone. William did the right thing. Complaint invalid.
  6. Sorry but no.
  7. Didn't see that. Oh well. I am pretty sure that I talked to William about it some days ago and he even suggested it. Anyway it has obviously changed.
  8. Keep the PW brand and add the name Kingdoms to it example: Persisstent World Kingdoms. It will act as an advertisement of sorts for Avenger's mod plan for Bannerlord.
  9. I do not see a problem in how Nazi Doge handled the situation. What I do not understand is why would you whine when you are in the wrong? As Alf said he did you a favour. Complaint invalid.
  10. Alright to sum it up. The official statement is that we ask of you to try and keep any posts concerning piracy to a minimum. If any are seen throughout the forum they will be hidden and punishments will not be handed out unless it is done excessively. I thank the community for being active when it comes to things that they do not agree with. If you exclude 1 or 2 people and some posts this complaint and the whole problem shows that the community can approach us in a civil manner and it usually is the easiest way to solve problems that you are unhappy with. In the end when it comes to legal issues and Avenger decides that this is the way to keep them to a minimum then it will be enforced by the admin team in the appropriate manner. Piotes has been unbanned and Ted has been spoken to. If anyone has any more questions regarding anything related to this he can message me on Steam.
  11. Let me respond to this since Avenger probably never will. The whole story is. Piotes got banned at first by Ted for the whole piracy thing and after some discussion he was unbanned. Hours later we were talking with Avenger and that's when Piotes thought that it would be a good idea to insult Ted in his "apology" and was rebanned with Avenger enforcing the ban. Then Avenger decided that we will hide any posts concerning piracy due to some weird german law that supposedly means that the community has to report any piracy and punish people for it accordingly. Me and William did not agree to the harsh punishment that was issued at first and that's what led to Piotes being unbanned after Ted agreed with it as well. Also this whole thing concerns some legal issues that Avenger might have with the government and that's where me and William decided to just leave it to Ted and Avenger who obviously have more knowledge when it comes to legal issues like this. The only thing that I can ask is that you lot respect Avenger's decision to censor anything relating to piracy. He has done a lot of sacrifices when it comes to Phoenix and this community and people taking the piss on purpose is just making our work harder. In the following days I will try to speak to Avenger so that we can come to a official agreement and explanation to all this. I will repeat this again. The only reason Piotes was rebanned was because he decided to insult Ted after he was unbanned and the reason that he is being unbanned again is because we understand how frustrating it was to get banned for something such as this. Ted is not in the wrong and will not be held accountable for this. Just please try to keep it civil. Also Proton the only reason you keep being warned and restricted from posting is because of your inabillity to follow the forum rules. (Sorry if some parts do not make sense. I wrote this on my phone.)
  12. Alright. First of all I am going to say that Benji warned EVERYONE what will follow if anyone tried to join a clan illegally by just using their tags. Now. If Bawo indeed approved of this he is to be blamed as well but that I will not issue any form of punishment to him since the decision was yours alone. I myself hate 1v1 events on the server even though I have administrated on them quite a few times but when there is nothing going on having this kind of an event is nothing detrimental. From now on 1v1's will only be approved by either me or William and that would be under certain circumstances since it is not fair to anyone for the admins to interfere in the gameplay on the server and defend 2 factions from being back stabbed or whatever. However I will NOT be altering Benji's punishments in this case since you were given a clear warning and you decided to act against it. Now I cannot blame anyone except you for pushing it too far, can I? Benji did his job by the book and even felt sorry and issued a punishment that contradicted his previous statement(That anyone that did participate outside of Lorraine/Ottomans will be permanently banned) and he did it in favor of you. If you want the punishment to be changed then please message Benji on Steam and I am sure that he will help if you are being reasonable. Just understand that I cannot punish an admin for following the rules. I will repeat myself but again these kind of events will not happen in the near future and if they do happen they will be approved by either me or William. As for public events you can log on at the active times on the server and almost every day there is a organized event by the admins. Feel free to PM me if there is something else. Complaint invalid.
  13. Alright. After going through the logs Arteh obviously made a mistake. I have talked to him and he has more than realized what he has done. Your clan insulting an admin however is something which will not be tolerated in whatever case. Arteh is fairly new to the team and a mistake like this is something that I would expect. You will be compensated for your lost time on the server. However when I went through the logs I saw some comments and actions towards Arteh which are more than ugly, it's no excuses to insult an admin after he has made a mistake. This is not the first time your clan has acted like a bunch of kids towards the admin team and once you even did it on William. The next time I see someone insulting a admin(unless it's a joke between friends) and attacking him while he is on duty is going to be banned without any warning. Complaint is valid and Jacko has been refunded 100k for the inconvenience.
  14. An Irishman saying that someone is a rape baby.