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  1. Otto missed a small detail which I would've as well. In the complaint's full story Gustav says that he complied to Grego's demand which means that he did not comply to Pedro's demand or he did not see it which he hasn't proven. Thus Pedro's ban was a mistake and he has been unbanned.
  2. A combat log is a combat log. This doesn't excuse it and isn't prove-able in any way. Nazi Doge did nothing wrong.
  3. Due to the nearing launch of Persistent Kingdoms we have decided to give most of the banned players a fair chance so that they can try out the new mod and hopefully show that they are ready for a new chance. What does it mean? : Starting from the 16th of May and ending on the 23rd of May we will consider every appeal from people that have been banned until appeal or permanently and we will be more lenient when it comes to unbanning them. Please bare in mind that certain players that went out of their way to intentionally harm Phoenix and people within this community repeatedly still have no place on our server.
  4. A person who openly jokes about it and only weaponizes it because of a mood swing cannot be counted as a victim. I have nothing against Bawo and usually I am the first to fall for his '' I am a changed man'' line but he never changes.
  5. Instead of acting like a imbecile you could've posted and explained. The logs are clear that you randomed and Exotic did nothing wrong.
  6. Added: Demanding: You are allowed to tell somebody to open a gate but it doesn't grant you a kill reason if he fails to comply. Added as a precedent(Not in the rules) after being discussed in the admin meeting: Theft of bolt/arrow carts/bags is considered interfering. It is unreasonable to tell someone to go back to their castle and open the gates
  7. can u stop posting so i don't get about eight hunderd notifications whenever i enter the forum thank you


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      Just unfollow me you spanish gypsy.

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  8. There are more than enough places on the forums like the off-topic area where you can joke around. I really do not get it why you would make a admin complaint when you are obviously in the wrong. William did nothing wrong.
  9. First of all it was a single warning point. Then the forum rules clearly state that if you are not involved you do not post on a complaint. I understand that they are not enforced on all complaints but that is simply due to lack of time or attention. For example complaints with 10 pages just become a pain to solve. Usually those types of complaints get left by admins for weeks just because nobody wants to read through 10 pages of useless dribble. In my eyes Saptor did nothing wrong and just enforced a rule.
  10. Let us first give credit to Techno for solving the most cancerous complaint since the start of 2018. Now. The Lorraine side already said that they did random them and that made them lose their silver. I understand as to why they would not want their carts back due to concerns that Lorraines already stole a proper ammount of nuggets from it. However when it comes to refunds we only refund the actual value of what is lost and not future profits. Techno did nothing wrong and with the history that Tippso has I would be content with the punishment that was issued. Complaint invalid. If you have any further questions feel free to PM me.
  11. The only complaints solved on TS are those that involve harrassment or ones that are between clan leaders. I doubt that a RDM or a CL complaint has been solved on TS.
  12. The decision was made by me. After consulting several members of this community and checking through all of your videos you just keep incriminating yourself. The ban will not be lifted.
  13. I was the one that gave him the go to ban you due to your recent complaints involving you baiting people into attacking you by aiming at them and then hoping that they cannot prove it. OP did nothing wrong and this will teach you a lesson on why you shouldn't abuse the complaint system.
  14. Added: NRR (No revenge rule): You may not initiate hostilities with your previous assailants unless in a war or skirmish. (You may return to help your faction members if the skirmish is still on-going, albeit you may not start the hostilities again. For example, if the skirmish is over you may not then go and attack your previous killers.) You may not attack your killers for saying 'No loot', however, you are allowed to loot even when told not to. You may initiate hostilities with your previous assailants if they're still breaking your faction's property after you respawn.
  15. Judging by the evidence that the Lorraines provided you clearly knew what you were doing. Let this be a lesson to you that banmongering and lying is a banable offense and next time you will think twice before making a complaint just so that you can extort someone. William did the right thing. Complaint invalid.