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  1. why make a list when everybody hates you
  2. you didn't give any opinion, you just tried to straight up swirm in his bum
  3. using a gif of a j e w having a stroke is soiling your national beliefs arab
  4. He isn't just a friend of a pedophile, HE IS A PEDOPHILE. He offered little boys an unban way back in the day just so he could touch their leg and when I jockingly said that I was 12 once when I didn't really know him, he asked me for my facebook. DO WE REALLY WANT ANOTHER PEDOPHILE TO SOIL OUR COMMUNITY??
  5. this guy is as white as paint on a more serious note didn't you try to frame people and ask admins to unban people just because they did a favor for you along with a certain pedophile
  6. i think it would be best for both the community and yourself that your game stays broken toddlepip
  7. So you are applying for admin and you are not interested in the context of what admins are required for? Weird. As Tommy "fat tits" pointed out, you seem quite slow in the head, interpret it as you might but that is just a general observation. Your grammar is not on point and, and as I can gather here, you only want to reply on player complaints and such, which would make grammar your primary tool, wouldn't it? Of course, good grammar doesn't make a good admin, but having more positive traits is better than having more negative ones in the general setting. In my opinion, you just wouldn't be a beneficial candidate for the staff nor the playerbase.
  8. bored of me tickling your testicles? ;p
  9. haha! you've got a pretty nice sense of HUMOR friend /devouch for being an admin on the social justice paradise that was Nexus
  10. Reading bawo's statements makes my brain hurt cause he's illiterate lol
  11. Is it harakin or hakarin i can't tell
  12. i will give you my 1m if you erp with me
  13. Now I can fully understand why you can't find the server.
  14. try squinting
  15. denied feel free to reapply in a year