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  1. Lag

    why don't we implement a pleb tax instead?? they have to pay 5 euros monthly unless they join a clan
  2. why make a list when everybody hates you
  3. yes you're trying to be witty and that's not working either
  4. yes even the forums are pinning the jewish star on you and your clan because you need to be gassed
  5. I can see why you would base yourself off of Scorpia since both he and your king faked cancer but that's not the point. I understand that you lack any form of common sense since you are basically telling me that banmongering on the forums doesnt exist. My "toxic behaviour" is fully warranted by the admins' uncapability of enforcing their own forum complaint rules and your annoying interferance in almost every other complaint.
  6. Although this is somewhat of a joke thread I will be completely honest and real with you here. You are a filthy weasel, dipping your slimy doritos riddled fingers through every crack possible in every single thread and every single complaint. Just because you haven't been punished for something, it doesn't mean that you didn't commit it, I don't know if your weak PW Phoenix forum fueled mindset can comprehend this but it is the complete and honest truth. I'm almost 99% sure that noone during phoenix history had been punished for banmongering, correct me if I'm wrong. If you aren't banmongering, prove me wrong, but I have a pretty clear basis to affirm myself that your entire clan hops on the opportunity to ban someone like your dad hops on a firm dick. Let's review the complaint again. Not only did your leukemia beriddled clan leader instantly denied any opportunity of a refund without even trying to communicate with me neither ingame nor on steam, you specifically dropped into the opportunity to stick your 10 feet long marginally overweight snot clogged j e w i s h nose although you had no solid arguments, proof or contributive statements, it was all dribble and then you resorted to petty arguments like a little child who was saying "oh he did it so i did it aswell". Of course I didn't stand for this and told you off, then you get the other half of your child brigade to attack me in a complaint which they had nothing to do with, afterwards the complainer hops on the opportunity to use my breakouts as a basis to deny a refund offer from me and this is a clean exposure of banmongering. I believe that the explicitly written statement "Admins reserve the full right to force refunds" is noted specifically for these type of situations, however, the admin who dealt with my complaint had no obvious knowledge of forum complaint rules and dealt with the situation with little to none common sense. I fully understand that simpletons like you will never understand that you are wrong and keep dribbling no matter what, but you, having the audacity to complain about hipocrisy on banmongering really pushed me off my comfy seat. It's very simple really, I am still surprised how you and your clan are still allowed to use this platform even though all the context and the facts are there, but obviously nothing will change.
  7. yes i agree my f a g friend, too bad the admin that was dealing with my complaint was an unreasonable cunt unlike ted the saint
  8. you two, this is a serious thread, take your toxic vendettas elsewhere!
  9. hello guys lets be honest, how many times did we have to deal with a banmongerer? fucking loads i bet, i'm going to show you some examples cause i'm bored and the seaside isn't as appealing at night to be fully honest with you it's just 1 example just look at this f a g g o t fucking toxic i know right, despite this leukemia ridden twats' spelling, i bet YOU, reading this post right now had to deal with this a hundred times. now for the people that do appeal to context and do care for change I have some lovely context for you I WAS PROVOKED AND UNJUSTLY DEALT WITH let us take a look at some of these provocative disgusting posts that should be dealt with accordingly and then let's take a look at the defense a very positive and progressive response, mentioned multiple times, expressed heavily and accordingly now once again, let us take a look at the provocative bunch of individuals and the punishment i had to so OH HARDLY endure i fucking cry every night let us be honest here, the people that are in this certain group together, sucking each other off, are a bunch of toxic banmongering individuals who only see fun and joy in the misery of others and i am oh so fucking miserable being banned on pw phoenix during my vacation, i see the admin to be a biased individual according to my 2 day ban punishment considering that the only ban i've ever had was due to sharing personal information, read your own fucking guidlines TA_WILLIAM I DONT EVEN HAVE ANY WARNINGS please share your positive and progressive opinion based on this discussion, express your progressive liberal thoughts on banmongering and remember, if this thread gets closed it is due to the bias and fascism of the ADMIN TEAM
  10. you didn't give any opinion, you just tried to straight up swirm in his bum
  11. using a gif of a j e w having a stroke is soiling your national beliefs arab
  12. He isn't just a friend of a pedophile, HE IS A PEDOPHILE. He offered little boys an unban way back in the day just so he could touch their leg and when I jockingly said that I was 12 once when I didn't really know him, he asked me for my facebook. DO WE REALLY WANT ANOTHER PEDOPHILE TO SOIL OUR COMMUNITY??