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  1. fuck outta here with that mercs bullshit
  2. gunzo is my friend ;)

    1. Orc


      hell yeah

  3. B U D D I N G G A M E R please help me leech
  4. i would like to ask an admin to prohibit ragnosos dribbling in my clan thread thank you
  5. you have to come in and ruin everyone's fun don't you
  6. the white company strikes again
  7. it did
  8. when are you removing tp doors
  9. hell yeah brother
  10. join here wip cant be arsed to put some gay pictures in the thread right now
  11. All of this progress unironically looks really good, I especially like the sound of the marshal feature, the new armor looks sexy and so do the textures.
  12. It's not attention whoring if it's the truth
  13. Clan Name: The White Company Banner Description&Details: lithuanian guy on a courser Banner Image (Optional):
  14. I just care about this, don't have any input about the other things. I want to know if the underlined bit is coming out from you or Avenger and I'm only interested in the Piotes situation. As i've mentioned, anti-piracy enforcement is barely there in Europe apart from Germany and maybe the UK. The whole point of me writing that statement is to find out under what legal circumstance is Avenger due to deliver punishment to people who mention the tiniest sliver of piracy and did anyone actually approach him under actual state policy or is this just a recently orchestrated witch hunt.
  15. It has nothing to do with where the site is hosted, it's just based on Avenger being German.