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  1. why is the link redirecting me to kronus i want to join puta madre
  2. how's your lisp friend
  3. is this the attitude of an a dmin towards his superiors or what????
  4. wait i have to purchase a ticket? i dont even have 5k textbook fascism
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  7. refugees from the middle east
  8. is this the virgin subhuman that made rohan
  9. hello there your friendly internet millennial here resurecting dead memes
  10. i would gladly make one, only if my pc didnt suffer from lack of fps deficiency syndrome
  11. who is this cute virgin lesbian and how tight is her pussy
  12. excuse me but did you just advise him to ignore my constructive criticism? why would you need more swamps in this map if you allready have one very swampy ass from spending all of those hours on pw
  13. looks like you lost your headphones friend nice to meet you too !
  14. i will use my highly explicit sign language when i tear her virtual panties off
  15. hey guys i'm back ! can you please ask chris christie to respond to this thread please much respect for the guy ! !