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  1. Is it harakin or hakarin i can't tell
  2. i will give you my 1m if you erp with me
  3. feisty my friend i'm just FUCKING REALISTIC
  4. the test for insecure virgins who think that the massive red dot on a square grid actually matters and represents them
  5. Now I can fully understand why you can't find the server.
  6. try squinting
  7. gl
  8. rowan's gay
  9. have you tried smearing a bit of vaseline on your willy and inserting it into the power socket
  10. A prophecy was foretold: "From this day forth, until the end of times, a sign of great deeds and the bashing of multiple faggots shall commence. They will not allow the man of colour to deny them of their privilege, they will not allow the immigrant to rob them of their home, They will not allow the cuck to tell them that there are more than 2 genders and they will certainly not allow the woman out of the kitchen." And so the White Company was found. if you want to join, contact me on steam [WC] Semke, the requirements are - 1. you must be white thank you for your time
  11. and remember - white lives matter
  12. i know a great way to torture yourself join house stark
  13. you must be fun at parties
  14. thank you for acknowledging us as a proper "clan" and putting us above lorraines in the list