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  1. How does being right outside your castle show that I'm not attacking you? Are you retarded?
  2. I was in the siege tower outside of Vornneston when all of you guys logged off and the war was valid since we did cap castle black
  3. You guys had 12 people in your faction and if I knew you were calling your banners to go for us I would of stayed on to defend the castle just like I had done in the previous map. So don't go on as if you were going to make any legitimate attempt at all because it was very clear you weren't
  4. We waited for you guys to make an attempt and none of you guys came I'm not going to keep my clan online so you guys can just keep a pointless war. We waited several minutes for you guys to make an attempt and you guys didn't show up.
  5. Your in-game name when you were banned: Byzantine_Prince_Lucius Your GUID (not required): Why you think you were banned: Cart blocking Why you should be unbanned: I have acknowledged what I have done wrong in cart blocking and it will not be done again. Any other information that might be useful: no