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  1. There you go mr otto sir
  2. Your in-game name when you were banned: NonceBrigadeCommander Your GUID (not required): Why you think you were banned: A complaint on me. Why you should be unbanned: We sorted a refund in game, i was going to give it to him today once he was online as i had to log out after we arranged it. I believe it was 120k. Any other information that might be useful: No sorry, possibly logs of our arrangement?
  3. You are joking right? Your guys CONSTANTLY kept nrring as soon as they spawned. I could get at least 3 of them banned. Im sorry but if your guys are constantly breaking the rules and im fighting one of your faction members then you run at me with a weapon im obviously going to kill you. Also it wasnt a skirmish with swanns, it was with swanns and beauforts. Mainly beauforts because swann didnt even enter your castle.
  4. Thats the worst idea ive ever heard, imagine a clan trying to defend in a 100 v 40 and they cant even get out of spawn because they get instantly killed without a spawn shield. It would completely break the already (and used for many years) established tactics and mechanics of PW and PK.
  5. Okay mr otto sir i shall rephrase. You were insulting us in global constantly, granting me a kill reason. Just because you hid for the war because you were too scared to lose pixels doesnt mean my kill reason vanishes.
  6. Lol what i didnt even realise i did that, im more than happy to give him a refund.
  7. The fact you have 3 reports up already shows how much of a ban mongerer you are. You were bitching in global chat for like 30 minutes constantly so I had a kill reason on you. Thanks and goodbye!:)
  8. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: NonceBrigadeCommander The person(s) you are reporting: Serjeant_Chinkilla_Swann7 The time and date of the incident: 16:00 - 02/01/2019 What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: He randomly shot me after kicking me multiple times and said 'Now thats rdm' in chat. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Logs Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  9. I agree, the only admins ive seen in game for absolutely ages are foxy and otto. Events hosted by admins would be a great addition and give people content which dont include wars which currently are the only thing to actually do with the lack of input from the higher members of staff. Private admin apps would help aswell as the amount of cancer people recieve simply because they are disliked by a clan is unreal. VOTECHEESE
  10. You insulted me my son after your first death which wasnt even done by me
  11. Yeah we were skirmishing, then you respawned and insulted me granting me another kill reason.
  12. Please ban this guy forever, he actually seems like living cancer.
  13. You were halted. Dont claim you didnt see it because we were RIGHT next to you. Not lying on a complaint are you?
  14. Im sorry but I think the defendant here should be banned/punished for kill baiting and loopholing no?