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  1. no lol? you're the one reporting me, burden of proof is on you
  2. You insulted me my son after your first death which wasnt even done by me
  3. Yeah we were skirmishing, then you respawned and insulted me granting me another kill reason.
  4. Please ban this guy forever, he actually seems like living cancer.
  5. You were halted. Dont claim you didnt see it because we were RIGHT next to you. Not lying on a complaint are you?
  6. Im sorry but I think the defendant here should be banned/punished for kill baiting and loopholing no?
  7. There were no VGs anywhere near you and the halt was completely legal, dont lie in a complaint. Thats a bannable offence.
  8. It was a clear skirmish zone, even in your screenshot you can see TONS of fighting.
  9. Also you need proof you had sultans.
  10. A 100k refund for being halted? Are you insane?
  11. If you are going to complain about that, I will also post a complaint showing you breaking both doors of iron abbey when you are only allowed to break one. Stop crying just because you lost.
  12. You died to one hit of a bastard sword, clearly you were naked and natty was mistaken. Why not accept a refund? I feel like a forced refund or a warning should be given out MAX, he quite obviously lost nothing and natty had no way of knowing he didnt see the chat logs.
  13. I believe hes already banned? Hes not been on teamspeak either so I cant offer any help in this case, plus I believe hes been kicked from beauforts now anyway.
  14. You are in the same fucking clan. What is this about?