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  1. When have I ever said that I don't know Haji? I disagree. It was Haji that robbed Isaac and thus the loot he gains from the robbery is free to be given to anyone he sees fit- unless you want to add to the ruleset that outlaws can no longer give items to non-outlaws? Haji did not join the outlaw faction on my account- he spawned in it- if Haji had specifically went outlaw to steal the cart, I could see how it would be considered loopholing. It's also worth pointing out this whole situation about me looting the cart is now only being brought up in this complaint- and not in the complaint that Isaac filed.
  2. Any further responses that make me repeat myself, I will ignore.
  3. As I said Berick. I did not recieve the items either. Do you read our full responses?
  4. ^ You're quite hyperbolic in my part at loopholing. Haji could've easily got another boat to the island. It was for one minute. He had all the time before to leave the island. You mention that you don't blame me for Peasant's mistakes yet you private messaged me saying: "You were partaking in the robbery by keeping him there until your outlaw arrived. I could have just called it Loopholing, but the punishment would have remained the same. You should also notice that the punishments are pretty light, due to it not being that clear of a case. ." Again Berek. He was held captive for one minute on the island and had all the time prior to leave. Neither me nor Haji were corraborating with MoreThanAPeasant's arrest. I did not get any loot in the end. I simply mounted the cart horse whilst Harwyn was dismounted as we all know how glitchy horses are on boats. Later on Haji mounted the cart horse and Haji was eventually killed on the horse after a NRR halt from Korsusz- dealt with in another complaint. Also Berick - The complaint you used as an example to reinforce your case was marked as Invalid.
  5. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: WCC_Aylidonz* The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin: Berick, Game Admin The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely): 19:20 What you claim the admin has done: Wrong Decision / Unjustified Ban The full story My complaint is based on Berick's verdict on: To give everyone some context, when I was on the server I spawned in the shop faction and asked if the players "TopKick" and "MoreThanAPeasant" wanted to go gold mining as the server was quite tranquil. We took a boat and arrived at the gold mine where the two outlaws: HarwynTK (serf) and bestplayeruinnitxd (guard) were already mining- and thus had a boat. I had the idea of asking Haji who was already in the outlaw faction to come and rob the serf so I sailed one of the boats to the shop, Haji jumped on and I sailed back. During the time I was away in the boat, the player MoreThanAPeasant illegally arrested Harwyn, but once Harwyn had screamed at him saying it was illegal, he corrected himself and said that Harwyn was not actually arrested anymore - in essence: He can go where he wants. MoreThanAPeasant had also halted the outlaw guard and successfully killed him. Once me and Haji had arrived, Haji asked Harwyn to dismount politely, he did this and I mounted the cart. Harwyn (A.K.A Isaac, A.K.A Ftm_Ramsay_Lannister) made a report on me, Haji, TopKick and MoreThanAPeasant for loopholing. Berick's first response to how he perceived this as loopholing was: I don't see how MoreThanAPeasant illegally arresting Harwyn on the island was my fault, and how it could be considered loopholing on my end as I did not tell MoreThanAPeasant or anyone to detain or even interact with HarwynTK. In Berick's response he says about without my help Haji would not of made it to the island- so what? As Haji said in the defence, If he had robbed Harwyn, he would've done it without any help from me or any other faction members. It's like saying doctors are not allowed to heal outlaws as it's "helping" them to rob people in the regard they are harder to kill. We then get onto the issue of Haji's request. 20:14:08 - *LOCAL* [Haji] Harwyn, if you would kindly dismount for me. Berick ruled in the complaint that this was a valid demand, and not a polite request. However, if Haji had killed Harwyn for not dismounting with this "demand", I bet Haji would be punished for not having a valid demand. As we explained in the complaint, imperative grammar was not used and thus to me it does not seem like a demand. If Haji had said something along the lines of "Harwyn, dismount now." or "Harwyn dismount or die." that would be a demand. I doubt many people (if any) would attack someone for hearing a request like Haji's in-game. Let's move on to Berick's second response. Berick claims that we keep Harwyn arrested until "our" outlaw arrives. As I said earlier in this post, I did not tell MoreThanAPeasant to arrest, halt, or interact with Harwyn (although I did tell them to halt the outlaw guard) and yet I have the harshest punishment. The MoreThanAPeasant guy's arrest went along the lines of: MoreThanAPeasant arrested Harwyn at 20:12, and then realised he had broken the rules at 20:13 and said that Harwyn was not arrested, meaning in essence Harwyn was free to move. He should've taken the other ship to sail off the island as 20:13 onwards he was essentially free to go (this makes Berick's response to me loopholing incorrect). Of course this arrest was illegal as no one owns the gold mine, however in Berick's justification for me loopholing he says: "So you keep him arrested until your outlaw arrives". He was arrested illegally and his freedom to move was taken for a grand total of one minute. It does not take one minute to go from the island to the mainland, back to the island in a boat in one fucking minute. It was not my intent to hold Harwyn on the island and I did not instruct anyone to do so. I have already made the arguement above for why this "helping the outlaw" arguement is bullshit in the text above. Berick claims it is loopholing becuase Harwyn was being held captive (for one minute). I don't see why Berick had banned me for two days for "loopholing" when this is his justification for loopholing- I had nothing to do with Harwyn being held captive. I have essentially been banned for 2 days for using a boat to pick up an outlaw. After we had posted yet again another post defending ourselves and challenging Berick's arguements he replied with: So he just ignores all our arguments that disprove his justification for loopholing and makes a ban with no explaination on how we are loopholing, with consideration to our arguements posted. I agree with Berick on his ban for MoreThanAPeasant however for the bans on me and Haji- I believe they are totally unjustified. He bans me for 2 days for "Loopholing/Illegal Robbery". I then messaged Berick on the forums asking why I had been banned for "Illegal Robbery". His Response: This just shows how oblivious Berick was to the situation in that he thought I had illegally arrested the Harwyn guy. All I had done was use a boat to sail an outlaw to an island- and yet recieved the harshest punishment. I informed Berick that he was wrong about me doing the arresting which led to his final message to me: So again, Berick re-evaluates his justification of loopholing by saying I was now loopholing because I ferried Haji to the island, where I knew the location of a serf. By this logic, offering an outlaw a free horse and saying "There is a tincan in Praven, go rob him" is also loopholing as you are providing transport for the outlaw as well as a location. In a similar complaint I found, Hans states that spefically going outlaw with the intent to rob a cart is loopholing (which I agree), however Haji was outlaw from the start and spawned in the outlaw faction. I can defintely undertand how it would be loopholing if I had done something such as outlaw Haji, specifically so he could rob the cart. I may edit this post with more I have to say in a bit. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example): Above.