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  1. That would be one more (or more than one?) script(s) for the server to run, server is laggy enough as it is, as for who has the highest number of kills in the war, it would almost always be someone from the spawnkilling squad. Faction side K/D could be fun for banter though.
  2. You're probably refering to the stat with the shield and medical cross in it, its the ironflesh skill, as far as I remember, sgt have 2 in shield skill while ftm have 1, thus easier to footshot ftms. EDIT: just took a look at the Pk class stat thingy and it doesnt even show the shield skill.
  3. Nice tag.
  4. You're one hell of a genius Bridge, thanks for all the work you're putting into it. Maybe add an entry for the number of time you've been teamkilled or the number of time one individual teamkilled? For banter's sake of course.
  5. Thanks for reworking it totally, launched pw to test it, seems to be working fine so far!