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  1. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Sak_2 The person(s) you are reporting: BlackGuard_Rek_Blackthorne The time and date of the incident: 21:00 - 27/09/2018 What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: I just entered the tavern he started off with illegal halt "halt sak show pouch" 2 demands then I halted and started typing that its illegal demand and he killed me without waiting 10 seconds after his illegal demand. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: logs (posting for Sak since hes banned) Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No,because he trashtalked ingame while I was trying to tell him politely later I asked his kingshand on steam and his kingshand did the same.
  2. the refund 1000k? 5v40 u wouldn't kill single one and u simple banmorger doing this, even if they log u wouldn't kill 40 ppl so lower refund for first if u want not be banned for ban morger, k?
  3. u understand that he was in the banner point and u would need to siege it due to being unable to open for u? It would take anyway 2-10 mins due to non-organized plebs like u to siege this.
  4. as u said by ur self 'hostile' is not =/- to insulting, it just gain kos if u insult someone but it's still not the same. + as said before it doesn't give KOS, for chocolatey individuals who cant read.
  5. insult does but if u specify name, u didn't even gived out proof that u we're near him or anybody so he can log if not any hostilies near him.
  6. cap attempt with no armor/wep ? xdddddd
  7. if he said only this and no name was given or weren't in any conversation it's not KOS, he didn't insult anyone and global cursing is not KOS'able (same shit for tywin report who had 'niggerish' faction name)
  8. my count for hours on M&B is barely moving since the only thing i play is on NW as 3pp, why u post me here?
  9. gif anime hair ):
  10. as far it's helping the report system will it be gaming on server delayed or will there be lags under gameplay from this?
  11. 1st plate from the left is shit, don't add low-res plates from 1429 : la guerre de cent or from floris/FII, try to select few high-res and the ones who will fit not just spam massively 'brigandines' from narf pack or any other mod plx
  12. release date planned?
  13. if u want more stable pw experience better add LOD texture's for buildings/walls and other grass/trees so it doesn't render 1:1 even if u look from far away (as far from files I only saw lod's for armors and weapons not sure if buildings are added but this is hitting the most of PC's cus of old game engine created for 32 bit pc's so u can't use more ram and it's still too much for pc to handle when u have all map rendered and players at the same time.
  14. was talking about this!SlciUZII!TadNLtZfL2wX3DQjC7EiN7I-NmB5uRQBI0oDu8wGZe4 the cinematic compilation pack in the main link is the worst thing u could play with, the only good retextures/enb is this GE 1.22 or ReShade, and that's all propably, dont add compilation due to the floor is rly shit, sounds of death and swinging or women battlecries are terrible, the only 1 sound changed of CC pack is horse riding, besides it's a worst pack to use mb with. if i good understand this topic is to make graphical changes to new 'pw' module not the current one we play, if not then still better not to use CC pack due of ugly textures.