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  1. The only thing we sold was our silver. Because we were mining silver before they came. In fact, we send our serf to go sell the silver, then we warned them to not go on the boat, which they did, so i halted them and they've killed me. After that we said the KoS on Pawel (only Pawel) and we waited for our guy to come back to attack and that's it.
  2. Yes, I have never seen someone mentioning that KoS had an expire time, that's why it bothers me right now
  3. Ok you know what mister Pawel. I didnt know that SPECIFICITY of the rules which says that KoS is only available for 15 mins, i thought it was a bit longer, and I didnt notice the time passing by at that moment. I didnt rdm on purpose, i had no meaning of anything like that. (Plus the unfortunate headshot that your friend took from me was not on purpose too, he stand in the way, I was only shooting at you, not him, that's only RNG here)