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  1. I did a good thing I never clogged in jumped in the water and died You halted me you basicly granted a killreason to my whole faction wich they gladly used it
  2. I donated for my bank limit so nein
  3. update you disbanded loser
  4. Does it trigger you that your king swore that he would disband a clan thats not even on the server yet? Dumb people just trigger me smh
  5. I mean allot of people got banned somehow and still got admin
  6. Ghetto cav ez
  7. Have you tried Cobex otherwise try Ftm_Tysark_Lannister if i can remember that correctly
  8. no please no
  9. Keep some old pw armours i like them to have some old stuff
  10. It has always been legal to demand somebody to turn around or not face the cell numerous peple have been killed for that and it has been there for ages so i don't know where you are comming from right now oh btw: POSTING FOR ORC
  11. @Techno This litrally shows that he wasnt paying attention and that he clearly dind't turn around because he dind't know he would write it cmn man soe commen sense please The quote is fucked df oh btw: https://gyazo.com/42c1bf040e6de1ab2af4bf2e8f781aeb https://gyazo.com/de8d7fe6c3a0e507fd509446c09f996c
  12. Posting for ORC 20:10:08 - *LOCAL* [ANGERY_ORC] Nicolas halt 20:10:12 - *LOCAL* [ANGERY_ORC] show pouch 20:10:13 - Sir_Nicolas revealed a money pouch containing about 3000 coins to ANGERY_ORC. 20:10:14 - [ANGERY_ORC] 1 sec 20:10:17 - [ANGERY_ORC] halting ur friend inside 20:10:18 - *LOCAL* [ANGERY_ORC] drop all 20:10:20 - Sir_Nicolas spawned pouch containing 3578 gold (IID: 3192). 20:10:23 - *LOCAL* [ANGERY_ORC] show again 20:10:25 - Sir_Nicolas revealed a money pouch containing about 0 coins to ANGERY_ORC. 20:10:27 - *LOCAL* [ANGERY_ORC] toggle helm 20:10:28 - ANGERY_ORC picked up Money Bag(IID: 3192) from the ground. 20:10:29 - ANGERY_ORC used pouch containing 3578 gold. 20:10:35 - *LOCAL* [ANGERY_ORC] come with me ur under arrest pussi boi 20:10:49 - *LOCAL* [ANGERY_ORC] get in ere 20:10:49 - *LOCAL* [Sir_Nicolas] how long?? 20:10:52 - *LOCAL* [ANGERY_ORC] forever 20:10:59 - *LOCAL* [Sir_Nicolas] ok now that wasnt very hard was it and il ask if he has any proof Edit: Last time i checked im fairly sure when people don't obey your command after 10 seconds that you can bash the guy orc gave him around +-30 thats 20 secs spare that he got i would have already killed the man in those 20 seconds. The killl was legit this guy reporting orc just donesnt know the rules he dind't see the command so he got killed for it use bit of commen sense thanks DAD