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  1. You can't solve your clan member complaints or its strongly adviced against it whats wrong with checking logs to check who stole anything its always been that way and nobocy gives a shit about it these are just petty reasons to devouch in my opinion And hes a serjeant basicly a knight with leadership whispers lmao
  2. He only punched him once so it was an obvious accident that he died POSTING FOR ORC
  3. Loser
  4. As a quick guess your is only worth 15-20k maybe it was never a thing gettiing refunded for what you would have gained if i remember correctly not to long ago even i was killing a plate guy that had no weapons on him and i got randomed by some kid and dind't get refunded the plate either because i dind't own it so this should go the same way.
  5. If i remember you only get refunded what you actualy own and you dind't have possesion of the gold did you?
  6. Your GUID and name: Lord_Vhasj_Swann - 1132414 Reason for refund:spawned in the water Date & Time: idk got it on video so all good Did you take a server crash refund (if applicable): nein Link to the complaint (if applicable): Screenshot: Estimated amount: 158k the milanses plate(97300), the fancy gauntles(4560),plate boots(3500), royal sword(17000), steelshield(3000),morningstar(2300),heavy lance(960),charger(15000), winged great helmet(9200), 6 k money pouch
  7. ur my bitch shh
  8. moderated & for some reason it dind't link your name to your profile lmao and just do it fuck those losers
  9. no losers allowed
  10. Yikes this is a /devouch
  11. you where never allowed to ask somebody to dismount when you where not an outlaw its just once again the currect admins twisting the rules
  12. looks good @Proton is it swadia themed armor only?
  13. Justice has been served to the traitors and ignorant
  14. A backstab is still a backstab it doesnt mather where it is