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  1. Its not actually an Admin rule to give 24 hours for things that are "blatant" or "obvious" such as Combatlogs or even RDM complaints it's just seen as good practice to allow a player 24 hours to reply. They will probably make it a rule now like it should have been beforehand anyways...
  2. You didn't earn a fucking penny yourself you Oligarch person with shit on his stick
  3. start everyone with a bank over 500k with 500k, anything lower gets transferred. newer players start with 200 until 1 month in after that put it down to 100 starting
  4. That doesnt show an actual amount though.. someone could just drop the same nugget over and over.
  5. all wealth should be equally distributed
  6. Just add a prompt when you first join the game telling you that if you don't know the server rules you should click on a prompt in the menu by pressing Esc. This menu would have simple prompts like "Rules", "Halting", "Wars" and much more which are can be basic to advanced explanations on the different fundamentals of PW and the way it generally plays. I would happily volunteer to write some of these if the Devs need people to do it. There's also a neat guide here which can be easily copy pasted or used.
  7. I'd be happy to write out a base crafting refund for each item if it's actually going to be used.
  8. Just set a base price for Iron to be universal on all maps and other materials. For example if Iron Ore is universally 1,000 then a Iron Bar is 500 and a Short 250 respectively. If an armour takes 3 short Iron Bars to make then make crafting refund 750 and only reward when its 0-20 etc. It sounds complicated but it really isnt.
  9. Feature Name: Chat Sanitization. Removing ^ as a key that can be typed or used or just outwrite banning its use/removing it by making it give back an unrecognised token etc Detailed description of your suggested feature: As much as I love breaking the chat on PW (uh 0h) it really shouldnt be a thing brought into a new environment or mod. ty
  10. Alright, gassing this thread. Incoming Warning points for all!
  11. This mod allows you to "buy" boats.
  12. Thought he had done it, he obviously hadnt. You came in game when im off-tags asking for help and I told you to fuck off because I dont want jerusalems inside Vorn. You attacked me so me and other members killed you. If I dont respond on TS after you poking me and im playing in-game dont be impatient and come in game looking for me or poke me again its clear im busy or doing other things. In my eyes the only thing I did wrong was say "Fuck off" which my language is always strong anyways but I was pissed off anyway so I apologise for the first insult but please stop being so self-entitled. As soon as I found out Cheese hadnt refunded you yet I fixed the problem.
  13. Any idea how much this would effect FPS? If at all?
  14. The whole point of Outlaws is to be a bunch of disorganised twats, why would they need their own Faction chat?
  15. I'll do something in the coming days to test them. If you want to volunteer to "test" a Plated Charger feel free to msg me.