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  1. Right, unbanned as youve had enough time to think about what you did. Please re-read the rules etc and next time it will be ban permanently, with no chance of appeal.
  2. I like how none of the NAs like each others posts because there all a bunch of salty fags
  3. That can be arranged
  4. Please keep the thread clean and free of autism for now on or warning points will be handed out.
  5. Alright, well first of all I'd like to quickly say that I am obviously not the most mature person on PW, neither is @Scorpia and in the end we are all volunteers and I do believe that as we are volunteers we are allowed a little bit of freedom of expression when we make our avatars and such and someone having Hitler as their avatar, especially when we have had a clan preaching Fascism and singing Erika as they march on the server, is not a very fair way to discredit someone. I dont really see any reason to not give you a chance, seen as it takes about 5 minutes to revert any bad actions you may have taken, not that I expect you will unless its a mistake. All in all, /vouch for now but dont disappoint me. - Lord Benji of the Cringe, Lord of the 7 servers, Warden of the Left Wing and Second Heir to the Head Admin position
  6. The human mind cannot survive being roasted so much in only a couple of hours John currently
  7. You combatlogged about 5 times in the space of an hour, maybe you want to explain yourself?
  8. Solved on TS. Branok banned for Mass RDM by his clan. - 2 days.
  9. The one in the video.
  10. Can the member of Stark Leadership responsible please come forward so this complaint can progress?
  12. NA PW when I first played it 2.5 years ago.
  13. This thread is the source of House Cringe's power to deal swift justice on the realm that is EU_PHOENIX.