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  1. Whats the point in automating the game? Imagine if instead of having to worry about defending your castle you just place twenty auto-aiming archers on the walls LUL
  2. Dont change Ladder HP of your own castle this time thanks
  3. Por favor, baje de este juego e ir a matar a ti mismo gay folla, El mundo persistente necesita una raza blanca pura para gobernar, ¿cómo podemos producir hombres fuertes del futuro cuando los homos se follan entre sí
  4. Lag

    I really think we should just put the Max pop back down to 200, or even to 180. The original reason for putting it to 220 is because the "Server could handle it." I argued against it but to be honest, the 220 player lag back then is like the 140 player mark today. Its horrible. I know that a lot of clan members and clan leaders will be like "Oh but how can I fit all my members into the game now (((((((((((" well call banners a little earlier. Im personally willing to sacrifice an extra 40 players on at max players for a significant decrease in lag for the other 180 or so players. We are all here to have fun after all.
  5. Alright then apparently you need CAPITALS to convey your points, Ill have to ask you to Calm down sir, I understand this game means a lot to you! " You may not issue a demand resulting in a die or die situation. " A die-or-die situation is a situation where the victim has no option but to die, things such as "Halt" and "Leave" at the same time count this way. In order for this to not come up as a complaint every single fucking second of the day, the Admins use a little thing Humans are gifted with known as COMMON SENSE which means that you follow the most recent demand so theres always an option for the victim to live and comply. >Halt Ramsay (Ramsay halts) >Show Pouch to me (Ramsay shows pouch to Player 1) >Autistic player #2 says show pouch aswell (Ramsay shows pouch to Player 2) >Drop All (Ramsay drops his pouch) >Follow me (Ramsay starts following) <--------------------- This player doesnt have a kill reason because he FOLLOWED the demand which was issued, the most recent one. This is a case similar to yours, please for once in your life use your brain. >Leave (Ramsay leaves as demanded.)
  6. Its blatant common sense that you follow the most Recent demand, regardless of who it is giving it. Just because one idiot out of the almost 250 or so concurrent players we have on Phoenix cant understand the rules doesnt mean a clarification is needed for them, lmao.
  7. Not to mention the fact he stayed on the server for hours after he was banned and proceeded to break rules further under the knowledge he was already banned so it wouldnt matter. (What ive been told.)
  8. Most banmongering comes from weaponised complaints tbh
  9. Yes now I will ban bait people just to watch the whole Lannister faction gathering 1000 wood to refund me
  10. wtf is this gay shit
  11. Semke while u are sometimes funny, u are kinda toxic asf xd
  12. english is hard
  13. When you have run out of arguments, start insulting. A grave sympton of the Tavington Syndrome.
  14. This. Fucking this. The Tavington syndrome.
  15. How is posting something on a public forum similar to getting Admin in another clans TS, destroying the entire TS and deleting all the perms and then trying to frame a different clan. Honestly, get a grip.