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  1. Wait so now you want to limit the old 1-4 ladder points on a castle to just one or two that are easier to break? You also expect Admins to enforce this rule that you cant buy more than two Ladders? Bloody hell. Good luck with that.
  2. You understand doing this would mean you'd have to have the Player limit lowered considerably? Imagine now instead of having 3 or 4 set points on each castle you can now have 2 clans put up 6 different ladders at aids points. Not to mention the fact that I can put up a ladder outside of a war and put Archers on top of an unreachable spot.. say the Top of the Montibeil Keep? Have fun capping with 5-10 archers up there. Its a fun concept, I understand the reasons and I like more things to do but I do not believe it is efficient or possible to have every castle with his own independent fiefdom. It would lag the shit out of everything and mean we'd have to lower a potential 5-8 castles down to 3-5 at the very least..
  3. They don't want to enable monetisation for features such as blocking the use of high tier armours or spectating behind a paywall. When a donator donates for a guaranteed slot no one is denied any features or blocked game mechanics. One thing thats iffy is the full paywall that just would not function on Warband entirely lol
  4. It has already been tried and tested. The Warband engine cannot handle it and a faulty launch can fuck up all the hard work William's team has put into it. Alls it takes is for pubs to play on a laggy shit fest for a couple of hours to never come back.
  5. I would implore @William to make a public poll much like this one on the issue of 250 players. Not a meeting where a majority of the server couldn't/didn't attend. I really do not see how this issue differs to things that have been polled before and can be decided by a few people who have a vested interest in cramming more players into the server. I would rather play a server with 150 people who all enjoy the experience over 200 people with mediocre lag and especially over a server with 250 to the point where myself in the UK get 50-80 ping compared to my usual 20-30.
  6. Im only asking because 250 Player slots are completely absurd and just cause immense amounts of lag. I saw one post on the Taleworlds Forums that said over 100 players the specs needed to be stable become ludicrous in terms of price and power need. 200 is already a glitchy unstable and generally uncompetitive clusterfuck. 250 will ruin the experience completely.
  7. Where have you wrote about this before now?
  8. Prolific unbans of people like Bawo should just be done on a case by case basis. I think another "Ban Amnesty" week is the best solution to be honest. That way people who are interested can have a chance at an unban and we can reduce the amount of people who would destroy PK for "fun". While I believe that a "Mass Unban" should constitute everyone being treated similarly, people like that have been given way too many chances to redeem themselves and thrown it out of the window the first chance they get.
  9. I do not really see the point of not doing refunds for peoples expensive items such as Plate Armour. Right now I just sense laziness, which is really a minute factor given the supposed amount of Admins you currently have and the fact that Refund Requests take only a few clicks when correct evidence is given. But then again, given that some complaints on the forums now take over a month to solve I can see that logging on to the forums and looking into a log file takes multiple days of man-hours, Bare minimum. I also believe a full database wipe should be in effect (Bans and Warnings) even for prolific people such as HansE, Bawo and others so that the new mod has the potential to give everyone a fresh start with no biases to peoples old character. It would increase starting population and would probably result in a few new clans reforming and forming out of these players. The more clans/plebs the better. Fair enough a lot of these plebs will have to be gassed but that can be solved with forum complaints, as it usually is. Otherwise, I am looking forward to a fresh start on the mod you guys have created for us virtually for free. Thanks <3
  10. That happened to my last computer. I think its an early sign of CPU/GPU failure.
  11. Pretty sure they are making it so horses can go through tp doors.. ,2 chargers can soak at least 1-1.5 waves of a 6 man killbox so that will fuck up any tp door camping fashion conscious individuals
  12. More like tav <3
  13. 2 mil is more than enough for any normal player lol, just buy tincan forever
  14. Is the current max 1 mil or 2 mil? *Edit: Mine is 5mil from being Admin so I dont actually know