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  1. Most banmongering comes from weaponised complaints tbh
  2. Yes now I will ban bait people just to watch the whole Lannister faction gathering 1000 wood to refund me
  3. why have you made a map of england
  4. wtf is this gay shit
  5. Semke while u are sometimes funny, u are kinda toxic asf xd
  6. english is hard
  7. When you have run out of arguments, start insulting. A grave sympton of the Tavington Syndrome.
  8. This. Fucking this. The Tavington syndrome.
  9. How is posting something on a public forum similar to getting Admin in another clans TS, destroying the entire TS and deleting all the perms and then trying to frame a different clan. Honestly, get a grip.
  10. This also happened about 3 or 4 times to me, seen as I had made a lot of Admin complaints recently I decided I would just leave it. But youve done it for me. +1 Ill try and find my logs with Pilgrim. He admitted it wasnt against the rules but kept removing it anyway, its clear that Tav is throwing his temper tantrum again.
  11. My PW queen is the better one
  12. Put this map up again Please, its a SICK MAP my dude, much Nostalgia as France.. Egoria..
  13. Running through an active fight to gain Killreasons by screenshotting them aiming is easy to see through the logs and through any evidence they would try and prove, running through a halt would literally be "Halt Ted".. Honestly how are you as an Admin even asking questions like this in public, ask a clarification to the HAs and SAs.