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  1. /vouch fuck germans except bridge troll and enok
  2. what the fuck is this shit
  3. Ok I offer 60k!!!!
  4. Just saying he bought it for 1.5 mil, dont let him profit lol
  5. too long
  6. ImperialGuard_JH_Lorraine was fighting with our faction members when he went to the roof and jumped off to Gyles below, after speaking to Bridge Troll for clarification, because JH was in combat as of the time he jumped off it would be counted as our kill, Gyles then proceeded to loot the kill in what is presumed to be 30 seconds which gave us our kill reason on Gyles. ~ Speaking as Duke_Markas_Saxony
  7. The word im thinking of begins in T and ends in D
  8. You can clearly see by the logs that Kevin kills you after 10 seconds are given, this is a fault of Yuuko, which will be talked to not Henry or Kevin. Also "These other logs" if cappy provides evidence of this I will believe it and then we will deal with those.
  9. May I ask why the report is on Henry and Kevin if Yuuko is the one who hit you @Harald(Aleria)
  10. fuck off you fucking french fuck
  11. Valdemel doesnt have seeds outside as far as I am aware And Cart Horses
  12. Cappy come on TS please, we need to talk about something
  13. ^ Just to add to BridgeTrolls thing about refunds, um, the parties receiving it can contact me