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  1. Regardless of you seeing it or not you put me in a death death situation where you'd get kill reasons either way its dodgy. Come on turin you know the rules regardless if 7 seconds is enough you clearly need to give anyone 10 seconds to comply with demands. You must give someone 10 seconds to comply with a demand (The only exception for this is "halt" where a reasonable amount of time, ~5 seconds, must be given for the player to comply). YES he attacked me at 19:48 but if you look at the screenshots i'm clearly leaving the area within the given time he even admitted I rode away at 19:41 & said ''where''. This is all simple to be honest, he told me to leave I turned around & started to trot off within 7 seconds of the demand, his friend halted me so I was forced to stop then mark attacked me for stopping for the halt.
  2. 16:19:34 - *LOCAL* [wertyuiklmnbvcfthjkuytrdscgn] baldy lave 16:19:41 - *LOCAL* [Baldylocks] where With respect he only waited 7 seconds to validate his leave demand not 10, I already turned around & started to trot away at the point I put ''where'' in the chat. You can see the ''where'' local chat in my second screenshot where I was clearly leaving the area. Regardless as you said I want to see what they have to say about the death death situation.
  3. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Baldylocks The person(s) you are reporting: wertyuiklmnbvcfthjkuytrdscgn, Sellsword_Sacho The time and date of the incident: 16:19 - 20/02/2019 What you are reporting them for: Loopholing The full story: This is a mix of rdm & loopholing. I walked up to a group that was protecting a set of gear, one of them told me to ''lave'' which is invalid since its not leave then corrected to ''leave'' shortly after, I started to back pedal away from the group, turned my horse around & started to trot off I was then halted by sacho but because I was still in the area wertyuik used that as a valid reason to start attacking me since I had to stop for the halt. It was a death death situation I stopped for the halt so they could kill me with the leave demand & if I left the area they'd have killed me for not halting. I do believe wertyuik didn't even give me 10 seconds to react to the valid leave not lave demand regardless of the loopholing on top of that. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Invalid lave demand which was corrected to leave shortly after: I turned around started to walk away, and while trotting away I put ''where'' in chat to clarify exactly where they wanted to to leave to then be halted by his buddy, since I stopped for the halt wertyuik started attacking: The screens more importantly show me leaving the area, which invalidates his killreason. The timing on the logs should clear this report up. Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  4. An admin of the said teamspeak can provide you with the server logs which will prove you lost connection couldn't be more simple. (I writen this without looking at page two fs)
  5. Proof of his third clog since this was a recurrence:
  6. Maybe you lot can produce recordings of your own to back up your case? The antonio kill is warranted, he aimed at swann members before the first swing was struck as the screenshot shows:
  7. Just like this report then ey? They didn't have keys, they asked for them, didn't get them so they broke the chest to look what was inside. Strawman argument, griefing could be a whole host of things, admitting your reasoning in global was a whole different level of stupidity, fair you can call it a raid but when you admit in chat the sole reason to destroy 95% of the castle was because it was swann property to make it hard for them later it falls under ''mass griefing'' & not to repair anything because you'd destroy it again just for the sake of it, it is griefing buddy :) You don't have to worry chief I wouldn't make a report for such crap anyway, just thought I'd prove of how much of a hypocrite you are hense posting it in this thread rather than a real complaint. The fact you give a shit about a random chest in the castle you nor your clan had any affiliation too after the siege is damming proof of how much of a sad cunt you are. Simply this was my chest & two of my members broke into the chest without my knowledge to check its content because I wasn't paying attention to handing out keys, nothing to do with filipo. This is pointless.
  8. What the scrennshots didn't show is he was constantly edging foward to run into the castle & join his friends, he spent the minute after me telling him to leave hugging the castle wall (as said previously I deleted the screens since it was late in the day) but in aemons video you can clearly see he is looking around to see if anyone would catch him running into the castle to join his buddys. Again if he valued his life he'd have left the area instead of spending 3 minutes waiting for the right timing to run in & help his friends in the siege. @Foxy
  9. He got told to leave while on the top of the ladder, by leave & never come back I meant the area hense him being killed for loitering right outside the castle gate. I didn't specify the castle because fighting was happening right at the gate at 15:24-26pm (the logs will prove this they tried to destroy our ladder by running out the front gate & rushing it) I wanted him out the area completly, yet he still stood around. This isn't a case of straight up rdm him standing where he stood is baity as fuck if he valued his life he'd have left the area as demanded.
  10. Oh dear Filipo at 1pm yesterday you came & smashed up all of hakr while we had a single serf in the faction & your intent was the make the castle as unusable as possible for when we logged on which is in itself griefing. You admitted over global that you did it because you don't like swanns & if he repaired the gates & chests you'd return to destroy them again how toxic can you get, bit retarded you're trying to take the moral highground while you're griefing yourself lol. Log proof: Log on to find 95% of the castle trashed by the reportee himself filipo, he called it a raid but do you normally say ''if you fix the castle ill come back to destroy it agian, just for the swanns'' or ''if you repair it I will break it again'' after a raid? I think not. Its blatent morning griefing to render a castle useless.
  11. Foxy find the log of me telling him to leave & match it up with his screenshots, he didn't leave its very simple. I given him a chance to leave the area we were fighting in he hung around the front gate of his clans castle which was under siege so he got gassed. I did have all kinds of screenshots but notice how late he posted the report by then I already deleted my days worth of screens from pk this report is fucked lol. My leave demand is props 2-5 mins prior.
  12. Foxy he was told to leave by me & he didn't leave the area can't get any more simple. My tags were HighLord_Josh_Swann I told him to ''leave & never come back'' or something along those lines. He was given ample time to bridge distance between us & the CI castle yet he just stood directly infront of the gate. You can also match him getting teamhit by a CI like I said previously to the same CI member hitting the ladder & being killed by me I think?! Those logs should be in a minute prior to his death I presume? Around 3:24pm. This will prove he was in the middle of an active warzone dispite being told to leave & never come back. Regardless to it being a warzone or not he was told to leave & never come back, him disobeying my demand resulted in his death.
  13. I'm not a childminder filipo I don't have eyes at the back of my head, you don't see me calling your leadership ''shit'' when CI members get reported they have no control over individual actions, hope you were trolling because that statement was plain retarded. Just like to point out I don't know who sacho is at all thats what I meant by ''two lads'' (bony & bobos) I ain't gonna defend some random cunt I don't even know & has zero affiliation to the clan.
  14. If a pub broke 1 lords chest & the money chest in hakr I couldn't report them for it, having the ability to destroy chests & steal loot is part of the game. Its considered griefing when you are doing it on purpose to render the castle useless, which they were not. This wasn't an ordered ''grief'' it has nothing to do with me simple as, I can't be held accountable for things I didn't order or know was happening in the first place. I was just told by bony this morning he asked in faction chat for keys & I didn't respond since I was busy elsewhere so he destroyed the chest in hope to gain items in the chest left by the CI, surely if the logs prove he was asking for keys it could prove he had no malicious intent to ''grief'' anything it was simply a swann member trying to gain entry into a locked chest. For the sake of the two lads it was a single bloody item chest & the money chest in there own castle hardly a mass grief was it, the poor lads obviously were expecting left behind CI tin in the chest. Bit of a bloody witch hunt this don't you think?
  15. nah bud you died cos you refused to leave you just stood directly outside the gate, we deffo didn't get anything mixed up lol. I used the 2 nakeds pushing as reference because they hit the ladder then you directly after or before which puts it into prespective of how close you were lurking regardless of being told to leave.