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  1. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: KingsGuard_Margar_Swann The person(s) you are reporting: Peterson_of_Visnograd The time and date of the incident: 15:00 - 31/01/2019 What you are reporting them for: Combat Log The full story: After chasing him and killing his horse- (he ran from a halt) - he logged out. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: logs should do it Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: Yes, 20000 Gold
  2. I dont remember this situation since you guys came to our castle frequently, for like 30 mins, looking for reasons to attack us. I am pretty sure there was a skirmish ongoing or you were set KoS
  3. Then also show me this screenshot, as I remember I peaced after your archer ( another guy who joined your faction) killed me.
  4. then show me another screen that you were just 4, this is just a lie. And even if you were just 4, you can't punish someone for losing against nakeds (which is a lie too, since you at least looted 2 tins before) I also never said, that we didnt know you were mining gold.
  5. You are talkin confused stuff mate, why are you even so obsessed with the numbers we had? Your first screenshot shows we are 3 yes, like I said. Why would it clearly show that? During the war on both sides people joined, like I said.
  6. This is me on my way trying to cap their castle. When you zoom in you can even see them having cut down our gate and going into Casterly Rock.
  7. and this is the part you keep on lying about. When I declared we were like 3 people, Matoflen (Heavy Cav), Sakura (Heavy Cav) and me (Seargent). You were the guys who gained numbers first, that is why you could push us back and I eventually peaced the war. I cant even call the banners since I am a Footman, but I recon you are Templar leadership.
  8. How you'd know it is this much gold?
  9. Did you even read the previous posts? And what do you mean with "Since you dont have any evidence of trying to capture the enemy, why did you even declare the war ? " When I declared I didnt know we wouldnt make it to the walls. Imagine: Someone declares a war, while going to enemie castle they are already outside at merc camp and kill all of the attackers. The attackers are naked now. You say one should keep on making attempts because its illegal otherwise, even tho its useless? Also I its kind of unsatisfying to see you dealing with this complaint as you played with them while they were outlaws today and assissted them when they kept on coming back to our Castle.
  10. I have a screen of me trying to get there yes, but I said I was on my way to there I didnt manage to reach the castle. After my attempt I peaced, because most of their faction was in Casterly Rock now.
  11. I wouldnt say proper Siege since in my Faction there were like 5 ppl in the beginning& Red Faction were like 4. I thought more of cutting down their gates and get that Templar Castle. And yes when we declared they just came out of the mine with their cart. Mine/ Merc Camp is just on the way between Casterly Rock and their castle. Further it was not just going back, when I got a Carthorse, they chased me while my faction members fought others of them in the field.
  12. What do you mean with trying to capture? As you can see in the previous posts, we didnt managed it into their castle. But I don't see why it should be an illegal war. We prepared for a Capture with a banner, but while making our way to Red Factions Castle ( it is literally the same way to Merc Camp ) we got in Possession of the cart, I can just repeat myself, who wouldnt say the premier goal was now to secure that gold first? Its not like we got the cart, sold the gold and peaced. No, we brought it back and went for another push (like logs will show fightings and my men dying) but cards had changed in the meantime and Red Faction had the upper hand now. I peaced because they were in our Courtyard and I didnt want my mates to be slain. (Do you wanna say we should have just leave our castle to make an attempt in this situation?)
  13. Then show me the part where I am lying. Shortcut is: thats true, but that is how every war works lol. I dont remember we captured Winterfell, but I wasnt Lord at this time anyway. Please tell me further how we "griefed all the castles" ? What you saying is quiet weird. First you said we gave you the "ez tin" now we stayed outside? Also why should I allow you to capture the castle, that is just illogical, even more when one considers the cart with gold was still there.. Sounds like you have a vendetta against Swann and you are the person making up thinks to get Swann Members banned.
  14. so it was a good decision to peace the war, since you managed to cap it even after I peaced. I dont understand the meaning of this. Why you start insulting, pretty much shows you gettin uncertain.
  15. When we declared, it wasnt hopeless. Some time passed during the process securing the cart and you also gained numbers. This is just a lie. We were all still around and noone was at Richfield. Saying that we gave you "ez tin", shows that you pushed inside and AT THIS POINT it was useless/hopeless to keep the war.