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  1. Didn't un-bold the answers to the questions /Devouch
  2. I was in your favour to make his complaint invalid but then Speo stated he was riding in a circle in which you responded and agreed with which means he was no intentionally trying to bump you he was just riding in a circle giving you and your friend more than enough chance to get out of his way so why wouldn't you? Unless you were jumping in-front of his horse on purpose just to get a kill reason. In regards to someone killing you during the complaint I did not see anyone kill or attack you unless this happened while alt-tabbed but when I tabbed back in you were still in the same position... The one person who attacked you I slayed on the spot. You were also killed after the complaint by Speo for insulting him. I was going to believe your story until you said you saw Speo riding in a circle completely disregarding everything you previously said which would mean the whole story you gave me was a lie.... So why would I believe you over him? I had checked the logs no help had been called the only person bumped was your friend MrHodenmolch and yet fofo you were the 1st one to attack Speo. I made you refund Speo 5k for what I judged RDM and kill baiting. This is my case
  3. I apologise I didn't mean that you were saying these things I meant what you posted here about people posting political views etc in shout box, sorry if I made you think otherwise. @Spudgun
  4. I do agree losing your cool is not a good thing for an admin, but the examples given of why he's lost his cool and perfectly understandable, Iv'e seen people make personnel harassment complaint's for far less, some of the things that have triggered Lockdog in the past are damn right insulting and could even be considered racist and/or controversial. If you insult someone expect a retaliation. Insult someone's home or background they deserve the right to retaliate. The kind of things people like Spudgun are saying trigger Lockdog should not even be being said in the 1st place so it should not be a issue if it is being said it needs to be put to a stop now weather Lockdog becomes an admin or not. Allot of effort has been put into this application that needs to be considered and a valid counter argument has been provided for every criticism brought against him.
  5. RDM's me in courtyard as a doctor so can't hit him back, but otherwise nice guy and level geezer. /vouch
  6. 1st of all I have no association with Evilmay, 2nd I do not record sound as I am complying all my game play footage for a new video I'm sure you appreciate and TS can be manic so I don't bother. There was no evidence deleted apart from a GIF which showed exactly the same thing as a previous video already posted. I was simply preventing a flood of posts on a controversial complaint.
  7. I hid those posts as they were not contributing to the complaint, no more evidence was needed as a video of the entire situation had been posted several times, all that was being posted people complaining about the ordeal. It is a complaint for evidence not a discussion. Prawntron made the complaint he should be the one posting not everyone else.
  8. Omg have all my sheckles
  9. Seems legit /Vouch
  10. Now we need 3 ugly deformed witches to stick in there, unfortunately we don't have witches so were gonna have to have 3 edgy memer's. My suggestions: Neis Man Shrek Spudgun They must be permanently confined to the bog and give everyone edgy riddles to solve in return for gold.
  11. I don't usually reply to comments but if you actually read my post and not just my name you would know, I got a new job a week after getting my position. Which took over most of my time as I settled in to it I was working late and busy most other times however circumstances have changed now.
  12. He assassinated me once, I got angry. /Vouch
  13. Your in-game name: Captain_SorryCeaser_Ferelden Age: 20 Are you currently a member of a clan? Kingdom Of Ferelden What position are you applying for? Game Admin Have you ever been banned from from the server? I was banned once for combat logging for a day about 4 years ago Why do you think you should be an admin and would be suitable for such a position? (100-300 words) I have been playing PW about 4 years now maybe just under hard to believe. I've done everything from being a pub serf to leadership in clans and now I believe its time for me to move onto the next thing. I've got plenty of experience of all aspects of PW and my time about 5 months ago as forum staff while short, provided invaluable experience as to what s expected of a staff member and the hardships it contains. I got a new job at the time I left the admin team which was eating up allot of my time and energy, but now I'm settled in and have time to spare again so I can commit to being an admin once more. I decided to go for Game admin this time as I feel a more hands on approach would be better for me (I would still solve complaints don't worry ). I was offered Game admin during my forum staff time but turned it down then due to work. If the team believe game admin wouldn't be suitable for me I'd gladly retake Forum Staff role anyway. I've been on the receiving end of rule breaking and even been part of it (unaware/ unintentionally of course) sometimes so I know how situation's pan out and can be interpreted in different ways. Whatever people might say about this application. I challenge them to think of situations where I have proven to be a toxic/rule breaking/abusive player, they will struggle because I generally stay out of the petty side of things. I have seen the changes to PW over the years and been part of many game changing events, that will hopefully give me more insight over the server and how to effectively moderate it. Link to your steam profile: 0
  14. Swaziland veteran VOUCH