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  1. Ok then Bawo kindly forgives you and I find no evidence for this report to be valid. Invalid. Locked and moved.
  2. Right then let us begin, " I was told in faction chat you were looting the money chest " 10:40:12 - *FACTION* Kingdom of Janni [Breskeck] Imortalised in outlaws stole from our money chest However 10:06:47 - Breskeck hit chest for 36 damage. 10:06:48 - Breskeck hit chest for 36 damage. 10:06:50 - Breskeck hit chest for 43 damage. 10:06:56 - Breskeck hit chest for 36 damage. 10:07:00 - Breskeck hit chest for 39 damage. 10:07:09 - Breskeck withdrew 5234 money from chest. You were set up Domoo which quite clever tbh. So I will be taking a refund for that fro Breskeck's bank. 2nd Point, the screenshot clearly shows you running around aiming a poisoned dagger near Domoo any sane person would kill you. and 3rdly 12:05:45 - Horse (Captain_Dommoo_Lorraine) attacked Imortalised dealing 0 damage 12:05:45 - Captain_Dommoo_Lorraine attacked Imortalised dealing 33 damage 12:05:57 - Captain_Dommoo_Lorraine attacked Amue_NKulu dealing 66 damage 12:05:57 - Captain_Dommoo_Lorraine <img=ico_swordone> Amue_NKulu While there is a bit of a time gap I would assume that's from blocks and shield hits during combat you were most likely hit as Domoo says dancing around them as a fight was breaking out. To be frank from what i've seen in the logs I have no reason what so ever to beleive what you are saying @Violanti/kira as from what I can see all morning you spent harassing the Lorraines constantly coming back again again after you died, just trying to gain minor reasons to make reports. I have been provided with evidence of you kill baiting in a screenshot and the logs and circumstances also suggest your guilt I will give you one chance to prove that it was all coincidence. @Violanti/kira for future reference you say you attacked Bawo because he aimed at you it does not matter who hit who first if you swung at him and missed your still the aggressor. The rules clearly state: Someone aiming at you (Screenshot needed). So always take a screenshot.
  3. Refunded 15k.
  4. @Buckwheat I apologise for the late reply I have been quite busy lately, your reasoning for the mass RDM was you were getting RDM'd so you did the same which is a stupid reason in itself but seeing as you have been part of the community a long time and have been a consistent player for just as long I will remove this ban now. 1 month exactly has passed since the ban, which is at least a long punishment. However if I see you involved in any other complaints about randoming you will not be given the same leniency again.
  5. Refunded the 150k.
  6. Ill have you know I'm Leadership just a heads up
  7. 1st of all Krea asks if he can help by stating "help?" its a statement not request. Secondly Logs that Enok has clearly shown show Aragon at the scene there was clearly a skirmish going on in my eyes. Also the fact that you didn't even die and are pushing for a ban in what I class as a light offence as there are always mishaps due to skirmish zone rule, is just ban mongering. Also Weezy I am not dealing with the complaint Enok is I am just posting my opinion to defend one of my members as you do yourself. I will not argue with Enok's decision.
  8. Can I just add why if it wasn't a skirmish zone why was that Clegane Commoner helping you against Arno?, like his screenshot clearly shows.
  9. I was in your favour to make his complaint invalid but then Speo stated he was riding in a circle in which you responded and agreed with which means he was no intentionally trying to bump you he was just riding in a circle giving you and your friend more than enough chance to get out of his way so why wouldn't you? Unless you were jumping in-front of his horse on purpose just to get a kill reason. In regards to someone killing you during the complaint I did not see anyone kill or attack you unless this happened while alt-tabbed but when I tabbed back in you were still in the same position... The one person who attacked you I slayed on the spot. You were also killed after the complaint by Speo for insulting him. I was going to believe your story until you said you saw Speo riding in a circle completely disregarding everything you previously said which would mean the whole story you gave me was a lie.... So why would I believe you over him? I had checked the logs no help had been called the only person bumped was your friend MrHodenmolch and yet fofo you were the 1st one to attack Speo. I made you refund Speo 5k for what I judged RDM and kill baiting. This is my case
  10. @PyrosZ Refunded 55k
  11. @Aurion The Recording would be much appreciated even if you PM it to me to review.
  12. As for the rest of the people involved in the other clips they have either been perm banned or were assisting faction members. So Ill be marking this as solved now everyone involved has been reviewed. Solved and Moved.
  13. Right I've left this a couple days just to see what would be said. I've previously stated you both were just as bad as each other and were both toxic and broke several rules over the several hour timespan including RDM and NRR. So to save the pair of you having this pathetic incident go down on your records I'm going to mark this as invalid. If you have a problem with this decision feel free to PM me. Next time you want to report someone keep quiet in global don't go back to them or even communicate with them, give the 1 opportunity to refund in global and then go to the forums to avoid this kind of situation.
  14. I'd like to add many Brandenburgs lost their armour as they put it in a chest to do a tournament I was in the TS as it happened.
  15. 9/10 more admin complaints on him than the rest of the the staff team combined not to mention the lannister bias