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  1. All right, @Bridge Troll , I agree with You in all the cases, less rules = more surprises and fun, it's ok, but... except that: "You can also not loophole the NRR rules with a kos. It is not allowed to execute a kos if you were previously killed by the target. It is crystal clear in the rules." It is NOT clear for many people, as I see.
  2. Nice to hear such deliberate and mature opinion. Next speaker, please....
  3. If to analyze player's behavior on PW server, it can clarify why KoS is in collision with RDM. Any attack on any player should have reason, its PW basics. When playing, any player knows in what situations he can be attacked: war, skirmish, or giving someone killreason (directly). If he dosn't know why he is attacked (he can't see another faction chat where KoS was stated), it will be considered as RDM. The server has rule for bounty hunting, bounties should be statet in global chat (and admin chat also, I m not sure of this), so the target should be aware of possible attack (killreason) on him. So, the same rule could be applied to KoS - if there will be a rule KoS must be stated in global chat. At least it will solve most cases of RDM accusation for being attacked by faction members who know about KoS, when target dosn't,
  4. Yes, I've seen it. Those clan "leaderships" often mistake their clan powers as admin powers, that results in bending and violation of rules, and disdain to pleb players. And, of course, tons of sh#t when such well-known "powerful" person got caught on direct rulebreak and banned. p.s If there IS reason for any person to be banned for rulebreak - this person should be banned!
  5. What is your suggestion: KoS (Kill on Sight) rule must be added to "Server rules", e.g. only faction lord can announce KoS, and only with some valid reasons - preferrably in global chat, so target should be aware of KoS on him. Why did you bring this up: Typical situation: Faction member killed (alone, no witnesses), then he cries in TS or faction chat: "KOS <killer name> (for killing me)". Is it really a valid kill reason for the whole faction? More like loopholing NRR rule with that doubtful KoS. If you look through complaints, you can see many (if not all with faction member accused) of RDMs explained as "you were KoS", so it is clear sign of people are confused with KoS - RDM rules. Anything else: