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  1. omg lannistur texture pack amazinkk!!
  2. You know i love you Ted but just a suggestion; Next time dont post logs to support your own complaints.
  3. 500 gold was for horse already. Your life is worthless.
  4. Gates didnt change any as i observed in years. You were never be able to go under it when its too low. If this was a 3 punches=kos , 1 isnt thingy i could of understand and laugh but this guy here simply trying to oversmart people and i no liek. Beside all these; If you came back from all those years, instead of reading rules why would you bother reporting a guy who got more admining hours than your warband?
  5. There is something i'd like to point out; 18:54:21 - *LOCAL* [MachineGunIt] i didnt know this i joined pw yesterday...
  6. I dont know if its possible but add a shitty aiming effect like on crpg and reduce arrows in a single pack then it all will be solved i guess.
  7. But seriously; I saw people blacklisted from infantry and cav. What they gonna do?
  8. Did i miss something? He doesnt have to stop nor wait for you to attack back. If you getting punched, punch back ffs
  9. Just listen
  11. You are also a subhuman who lives in a swamp but eh irrelevant. Your comments which i truly not wonder are also irrelevant so you can go and scream those at shoutbox then i wont feel bad while im ignoring you. #Erdogan4Life #OttomanEmpireIsBack
  12. Lorrainelerin amına koyim sana bişey olmasın ozan
  13. Or more liek dis
  14. He is engaged now Vala. You better step back.