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  1. a bigger N O
  2. That's why I want it only with whitelist to a few chosen people in every clan. Yes but you don't deserve to be KG just by playing PW anyways. This might actually add some 'fear' effect to elite classes. When you see a KG you'll know he actually got the advantage like as it should be or an elite cav class who is able to ride plated chargers etc etc
  3. Güzel olmuş tebrikler
  4. As I remember FW had some special classes like marshal now my idea is to improve and adapt it to current PW. What I want is special classes and armors for each class and a whitelist system for it. For example every clan got an Archmaester; There must be a special whitelisted training for this class, heals better, faster or maybe able to wear better armor than common doctors. Same for a specialized kg class which got better fighting stats and able to wear kg armor(which will need 18str for example while sgt or maa training got only 15str). Also a special armor&horse for maa. Trick is to make them whitelisted so only limited people will be able to train them. This will add some colour to clan rankings and make actually being good in your class means something. I’m open to improvements of this wonderful idea.
  5. I want to run around and scream fuck you! Do this pleasee
  6. I did read rules many times but this didnt stop me from breaking them. Sorry...
  7. Something similar already suggested as I remember
  8. Once I tricked a new spawn to give me all his gold on his bank Damn it was a fine day!
  9. Maybe just increase their prices? They are only effective against tincans, during a skirmish I prefer my sarranid cav sword with me or a spamitar. But still they cost around 3x of blunt weapons. A high price increase for maces can make them only buyable for big wars and make it less attractive during day time.
  10. I also want to report Ted for searching through my logs and finding my rulebreaks!! Bad bad idea.. Consider yourself lucky if your punishment stays same after this.
  11. If archery gonna get nerfed by attack speed and damage and cav shouldnt get a buff.
  12. Last thing we need is immortal ghetto lancers.. Buff heavy horses instead
  13. Siktir git
  14. Don't you have better things to do? Seriously wtf
  15. Looks nies for now