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  1. Your votes doesnt counts anyways
  2. I am not against horse archers my lovely macedonian vassal. I also would enjoy an op horse archer class like I do all the time on mercs. My point is; If it is going to be a permanent change, it should be fixed from the beginning and be more suitable for this mod. Damage, armors and health should be properly tested.
  3. Goood! You never know when you gonna need them xd
  4. Lower it and get more keys if u need bank limit. ty
  5. Inf and cav are the primary targers for horse archers, not the enemy archers. Without throwing weapons inf and heavy cav are totaly useless against horse archers.
  6. Can you transfer the refund from me?
  7. That was such an alliance joke
  8. Accepted. Add Henricus, Techno and I on Steam as well as the SAs so that we can sort out your introduction.
  9. Dropped by complainer. [automated message]
  10. One of Tav's admins, clearly!
  11. SORRY FOR OWNING ASSES OF 2 HANDERS SPINNING AROUND LIKE A FUCKING BEYBLADE but ofc for a fee -5k weekly- you can buy horse archer protection on mercs!!
  12. Only %10 of pw actually knows what melee is and even less can be considered as 'good'.
  13. Horse archers should have enough firepower to harass tincans, high riding for horse maneuvers but in return low health and almost zero power strike I think. One horse archer can be countered but when they gain numbers it becomes a pain in the ass.