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  1. Did you activate the stats?
  2. few minutes
  3. Hi! Where can i apply???????????
  4. Watch me getting 1k kills in half hour now!!
  5. Lannister bias even here
  6. How can you still fail to block? I can give you autoblock if you want.
  7. None will bet on you person with shit on his stick
  8. 2v2 shielders are much more better to watch&play. Go for it
  9. If I horseblock during a siege; Can I get a big bonus?? Like 3x of enemy numbers or something?
  10. Calm down, you won't even notice it.
  11. @Ossi TED HATES YOU
  12. So PW will be like mercs now. People will clog just to save their KD. Also shit wars to increase KD. We are doomed if this happens.
  13. Your father is your brother
  14. shitshot