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  1. Ottoman Croatia was good. Hope we get you one day again. But a /vouch comes from your overlord.
  2. glue sniffer enough to join
  3. Then I'd say you really are expecting too much from this community. %90 are pure gaggle of glue sniffers and you can't have some proper events with minority.
  4. As a Georgian you should accept me, the last heir of Ottoman Empire, as your superior and rightful owner. Then you may have my vouch.
  5. I demand leadership of the Muslim side.
  6. Do not make accounts with random names, such as "Dave353234". Using a simple name, such as "Tommy" will not only make the forums look better, but will make it easier for another user or an admin to tag you into important topics that require your attention. Someone fix his name
  7. Almost as special as ggikec
  8. Two can play that game but first let me correct you. If you insult without a target everyone who saw that in their chat, gets a kill reason. For example; ''You are a stupid fatfuck'' <-- Everyone around me gets a kos if im not specifically talking to someone. ''You are a stupid fatfuck, Benji'' <-- Benji gets a kill reason.
  9. Just to clarify rules; If you insult without pointing it to someone, this gives kos to everyone on the server or around you. Depends on which chat you are using. Therefore your insult here giving them kill reason and making this scene a clog. Just because no one get banned because of this before doesn't means it was legit to do. People were just lazy to report it.
  10. Sure you can change it but also don't forget to change server name to DM_Phoenix. If anyone in admin team actually supported this rule to be changed; They should be obliterated asap.
  11. Sanguine taking over server cant you see!!
  12. I don't think he read the ruleset. He is a nice guy doe but got a long way to become an admin.
  13. I have no idea who you are but this app is pretty good. Still I can't really vouch for you till I rdm you ingame and see how you response to that. I think this app should stay up for a couple weeks to observe him.
  14. Who wants to come visit TW building with me next week??